Livible works closely with you, family members, move managers active living communities to take the stress and physical effort out of your transition.

You have spent your lifetime building memories, many associated with cherished possessions. Meanwhile, storage in active living communities is often limited which can create uncomfortable situations where you or your family members need to choose to keep or get rid of something, especially during the moving process.

From inventorying items to carefully packing and moving them to our secure warehouse Livible makes it easy to keep and have effortless access to your photographs, clothes, documents, personal effects, keepsakes, decorations, crafts and collectibles. We can store all your items so the decision about what to do with them can be on your schedule. Should you decide there are it items you wish to sell, donate or share, Livible can take care of all of those details on your behalf.

We can assist you with:

  • Inventorying

    Track all your items with photos

  • Storing

    Keep the items that are important to you

  • Selling

    Sell items you no longer need

  • Donating

    Donate items for a tax benefit

  • Staging

    Quickly get your house ready for sale