Some 2018 move out dates for Seattle area colleges:

Seattle University – June 17
UW – June 9

We pickup the stuff you need to store for the summer, during term or when you’re studying abroad and safely store it for you. We come right to your door and when you need some or all of your stuff we redeliver it right back. That’s way less work for you and your parents and big savings compared to using self-storage or other options. It takes only minutes to schedule your pickup using our web and mobile apps. You can also call (206) 971-2471 to schedule or just to ask questions, parents too.

Schedule My Pickup Now

You schedule your pickup day and one hour time window (such as May 12 from 2-3pm) and we’ll be there. It’s easy as we’ll do all the work. A typical college student pickup takes 15-20 minutes. Here’s what you need to do to get ready.

Here's how livible works for you

  • 1. You schedule pickup (web, app, phone)
  • 2. We put tracking labels on your stuff (photos too)
  • 3. We pickup & store it in our secure warehouse
  • 4. We redeliver as needed (some or all your stuff)

After we pick up your items they are carefully transported to our secure, climate-controlled warehouse. Then we monitor your items 24/7 to ensure they are always safe and sound. You can also view your items on the web or our mobile apps at any time to see how they're doing.

See how we compare to typical self-storage