We help make the transition to a senior living community easier and much less stressful. We work closely with family members, senior move managers and senior living communities. We are also strategic partners with the #1 senior move manager WayForth.

Seniors have spent their lifetime building memories, many that are associated with their possessions. Forcing them to part with these items, in an already stressful and emotional time, usually results in tears and often in anger. Storage in senior communities is very limited so how Livible typically helps is to make it easy to keep and have effortless access to their photographs, clothes, documents, personal effects, keepsakes, decorations, crafts and collectibles. We remove and store their items so the decision about what to do with them can be deferred until later. This has a very calming effect for all family members.

The process is easy. We come to the seniors home to label, describe and photograph each item then transport it to our secure warehouse. It’s easy to see what has been stored on our web or mobile apps. We also provide a printable listing including photos. The senior, family members and caregivers can use our web, mobile apps or call us at (844)-LIVIBLE (548-4253) to schedule pickup or delivery of one or more items. That makes it especially easy for remote family members to help out.

In addition to being easy and convenient, Livible is also very affordable. Get an Instant Quote to find out your guaranteed cost. You only pay for the storage space you actually use and can cancel at any time. Plus you will save 15% compared to traditional self-storage. And when the senior is ready we also help transfer items to family members, then sell and donate what remains.