If you are in any of our full service storage areas, we make selling stuff on OfferUp even easier! We pick it up so you get it out of the way immediately. We post it on our OfferUp account. We store it until it sells. We deliver it to your buyer. We send you the net proceeds. Let Livible eliminate all the work for you.

We also make it way easier for your buyer, especially for furniture and other large or heavy items, as they don’t have to pick the item up and move it to their place. That saves them time, effort and money! It also provides a new, anonymous option for sellers who don’t want to share their personal information or address with strangers.

One of the most popular ways to use the Selling Stored Stuff option is the virtual garage sale. Livible comes and picks up all the stuff you want to sell plus any items you want to store and, voila, your garage is empty! We’ll even take away donated items.

If you are already a Livible customer just complete the form below and we’ll take care of it for you. You set the price and choose whether to include the delivery fee to your purchaser in the price or have them pay it. There is no cost for this ecosystem selling service for Livible customers other than our standard fees for pickup, storage and delivery. We pass on the OfferUp fees so it costs you exactly the same.

Not a Livible customer yet? Get an Instant Quote of what it will cost you to have your stuff picked up, stored and then delivered to your purchaser when it sells. Ready to go? Take 2 minutes to Sign Up.

Enter the label number (eg, 100 500 999) of the stored item you want to sell.
Enter the name (eg, K2 Apache Recon skis - 173cm) of the stored item you want to sell.
Enter a description (eg, good condition, purchased in 2015 and only skied on about 15 times) of the item you want to sell.
Enter the list price you want for the item you want to sell.
We'll offer your item for sale at the list price you set above. If we get an offer below that let us know the minimum you will accept. We won't publish this.
When your item sells, Livible will deliver your stored item to the purchaser (within your service area) for our standard fee ($18 plus $0.59/cubic ft). Pickup is not an option. You can either include the delivery fee in your price so you receive the net proceeds or show the delivery fee and the ask the purchaser to pay.
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?