Take your self out of self-storage and save 15%!

Livible has helped thousands of self-storage customers move out of their units so they could enjoy the safety, ease and convenience of our full service storage. We also guarantee you'll save 15%!

The most typical way to become a Livible customer is to move out of a traditional self-storage unit. Let us do all the work for you!

We’ll meet you at your unit, label and photograph all of your items, then transport them to our secure warehouse. If you can’t or don’t want to meet us at your unit we’ll do it all for you. Either way you will immediately get a complete listing of all your stored items that’s available on the web and our free mobile apps.

Here’s how it works:

1. Meet at your unit or authorize us to unlock it2. Livible will photograph, pickup, and store your stuff3. We’ll deliver your stuff back to your door whenever needed

We guarantee you’ll save 15% from what your spending now too! Just provide us with your current self-storage bill and we’ll reduce it 15% and then keep it at that rate for as long as you store your stuff with us. That’s right, no increases, which is much better for you are we’re sure you’re fed up with the increases self-storage pushes out every other month.

Livible is a month-to-month relationship so you can cancel at any time without penalty. We really want your business so here’s another incentive: we’ll pickup your items for free and store them for $1/item for the first month so you’ll save even more! It’s really easy to get started, just take 2 minutes to sign up and schedule pickup using the address of your self-storage facility. Don’t forget to include your unit number. We’ll take care of the rest!

Move Out of Self-Storage and Save 15%

Have you seen a Livible vehicle and team at your self-storage facility and wondered why your neighbor was moving out? Here are their top reasons:

Awesome service has made Livible is the #1 Full Service Storage provider in:

Boston, Portland & Seattle

Coming soon to the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and more cities!

Easily store your stuff with pickup & delivery to your door

Livible is safer, easier, more convenient and will save you 15% compared to self-storage. Get your Guaranteed Estimate to learn your exact cost and savings. And there's no sales tax either!

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