We provide your residents with an easy, convenient and affordable option for short-term or long-term storage. This helps you alleviate onsite storage limitations, increasing the usable space and keeping your residents happier. Livible is also a great solution for renovations. Best of all there’s no cost or effort by you.

We make it easy for you with handouts for your move in kits and free storage boxes you can give to your residents. Our local team will regularly check in with you to replenish supplies or followup with any resident referrals. Our professional, bonded staff will respect your security and loading dock policies.

It’s simple for your residents. Livible picks up everything including bulky furniture items likes beds, desks, and couches. We categorize and photograph every item so the can see exactly what they have online. Your residents can use their own boxes or we can supply them with our plastic, reusable boxes. Then when they need their items back, they use our free web or mobile app and we deliver their one, several or all their items to their doorstep.

Your residents have two easy ways to get started. If they want to find out exactly what Livible will cost for pickup, monthly storage and delivery they can get a Guaranteed Estimate. Their second option is to select the size of traditional storage unit they think they need. Either way Livible only charges for the storage space actually used each month so your residents will always save 15% or more compared to traditional self-storage!

Select A Storage Unit Size

Here's how livible works for you

  • 1. You schedule pickup (web, app, phone)
  • 2. We put tracking labels on your stuff (photos too)
  • 3. We pickup & store it in our secure warehouse
  • 4. We redeliver as needed (some or all your stuff)

After we pick up your items they are carefully transported to our secure, climate-controlled warehouse. Then we monitor your items 24/7 to ensure they are always safe and sound. You can also view your items on the web or our mobile apps at any time to see how they're doing.

See how we compare to typical self-storage