Storage Pricing

Livible is easier, more convenient and will save you 15% compared to self-storage. Get your Instant Estimate to see how affordable we are. And we stand behind it with our No Surprise Guarantee.

Automatic Volume Savings

Total Cubic FeetMonthly StoragePickup or DeliveryNew Customer Special
<99$1.29/cubic ft$15 + $0.49/cubic ft$6 average (6 items)
100 - 199$0.79/cubic ft$15 + $0.49/cubic ft$18 average (18 items)
200 - 299$0.69/cubic ft$15 + $0.49/cubic ft$35 average (35 items)
300 - 399$0.59/cubic ft$15 + $0.49/cubic ft$52 average (52 items)
400+$0.49/cubic ft$15 + $0.49/cubic ft$70 average (70 items)
Total Cubic Feet<99
Monthly Storage$1.29/cubic ft
Pickup or Delivery$15 + $0.49/cubic ft
New Customer Special$6 average (6 items)
Total Cubic Feet100 - 199
Monthly Storage$0.79/cubic ft
Pickup or Delivery$15 + $0.49/cubic ft
New Customer Special$18 average (18 items)
Total Cubic Feet200 - 299
Monthly Storage$0.69/cubic ft
Pickup or Delivery$15 + $0.49/cubic ft
New Customer Special$35 average (35 items)
Total Cubic Feet300 - 399
Monthly Storage$0.59/cubic ft
Pickup or Delivery$15 + $0.49/cubic ft
New Customer Special$52 average (52 items)
Total Cubic Feet400+
Monthly Storage$0.49/cubic ft
Pickup or Delivery$15 + $0.49/cubic ft
New Customer Special$70 average (70 items)

If you need storage for 6 or more months our New Customer Special is free pickup and the first month of storage for only $1/item.

Pickup and delivery fees do not include packing and unpacking. One of our Personal Packers can do it for you for $35/hour.


Why we price differently than other storage unit companies

Storage pricing may vary based on your location. Visit our Seattle, Boston, or Portland pages to learn more about your options in each city.


Consumers were very blunt that they don’t like the way the self-storage industry does business. We listened so Livible takes a very different approach.  We don’t make you call us or give us your email just to find out what it costs. We don’t make you pay for storage space you’re not using.  We don’t automatically increase your storage unit pricing every couple of months. We don’t make you sign a one year contract and instead let you cancel at any time without penalty.  With Livible there is no fine print.


Before you sign up you can get an Instant Estimate  of exactly what Livible will cost. We back it with our No Surprises Guarantee. It will also show how much you will save compared to self-storage.


Pickup and delivery is $15 plus $0.49/cubic foot handled. You know the exact price each time you schedule an order, not an estimated number of hours that’s always low. You are responsible for packing and unpacking your stuff. If you don’t want to we can send you one of our Personal Packers who who will do it for you for $35/hour.


Monthly storage is based on the total cubic feet you store (see chart below). The more you store the lower the rate – automatically. If the amount you have stored increases or decreases so does your billing – automatically.

Your first month you can save even more!

If you need storage for 6 or more months, our new customer special includes storage for a month and free pickup for only $1/item. An item is a cardboard box, plastic storage container, piece of furniture, bike, mattress or box spring, piece of luggage, pair of skis, etc. Our new customers average is 35 items and 200 cubic ft so it typically costs $35 for the first month and then $139/month for storage thereafter. There is no minimum, you can cancel at any time.

Full Service Storage is now available in:

Boston, Portland & Seattle

More cities coming soon.

Easily store your stuff with pickup & delivery to your door

Livible is easier, more convenient, and saves you 15% compared to self-storage. Get your Instant Estimate to learn your No Surprises Guaranteed cost and savings. And there's no sales tax either!

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