Renting a self-storage unit now? Tell us what you’re paying and we’ll reduce it 15% and transfer the contents for free.

Know the size of self-storage unit you need? Tell us the size and we’ll show your approximate cost.

Know the items you need to store? Tell us the items and we’ll show your exact costs. 


Your online inventory lists the cubic ft of each of your items. You pay for the total cubic ft you store each month. If your needs change so does your cost. The more you store the lower the rate per cubic ft you pay.

Actual Cubic Ft StoredMonthly Storage RateSelf-Storage Reference$1 New Customer Special
99 or less$1.29/cubic ft5' x 5' unit$6 (average of 6 items)
100 - 199$0.79/cubic ft5' x 10' unit$18 (average of 18 items)
200 - 299$0.69/cubic ft5' x 15' unit$35 (average of 35 items)
300 - 399$0.59/cubic ft10' x 10' unit$52 (average of 52 items)
400 or more$0.49/cubic ft10' x 20' unit$70 (average of 70 items)
Actual Cubic Ft Stored99 or less
Monthly Storage Rate$1.29/cubic ft
Self-Storage Reference5' x 5' unit
$1 New Customer Special$6 (average of 6 items)
Actual Cubic Ft Stored100 - 199
Monthly Storage Rate$0.79/cubic ft
Self-Storage Reference5' x 10' unit
$1 New Customer Special$18 (average of 18 items)
Actual Cubic Ft Stored200 - 299
Monthly Storage Rate$0.69/cubic ft
Self-Storage Reference5' x 15' unit
$1 New Customer Special$35 (average of 35 items)
Actual Cubic Ft Stored300 - 399
Monthly Storage Rate$0.59/cubic ft
Self-Storage Reference10' x 10' unit
$1 New Customer Special$52 (average of 52 items)
Actual Cubic Ft Stored400 or more
Monthly Storage Rate$0.49/cubic ft
Self-Storage Reference10' x 20' unit
$1 New Customer Special$70 (average of 70 items)

Need 3+ months of storage? Our Three Month Special is free pickup and your first month of storage for only $1/item.

If you don’t want to pack or unpack your items one of our awesome Personal Packers will do it for you for $36/hour.