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About Woodstock

An historic neighborhood by SE Portland standards, Woodstock is home to Reed College, many lovely residential areas, parks and retail stores. Additionally, this growing community offers some spectacular restaurants, pubs and cafes and family-friendly activities.

Woodstock is a popular place for families, professors, and students. Home to the notably progressive liberal arts school Reed College, whose gorgeous sprawling campus is covered with colorful trees in the fall and cherry blossoms in the spring, Woodstock is known for its youthful exuberance, liberal mindedness, progressive politics and quirky charm.

Reed College Woodstock

Although the actual parameters of the area are somewhat contested, Woodstock is generally thought to be bordered to the West by Sellwood and the Rhododendron Gardens, and to the East by Foster/Powell, regardless Woodstock is snugly situated in the heart of Southeast Portland.

Fun Facts

Portland has a reputation of being a little… well, weird. That reputation is bolstered by one of our city’s most peculiar proclivities – the Portland Horse Project. Even if you’re a resident of Portland you might have never heard of the Project, but you’ve probably seen its labors nonetheless!

portland horse project woodstock

As it happens, back when horses were still used for transportation in place of cars, there were brass rings put into the streets around Portland for riders to tie their mounts to while they did other things. Nowadays, you might just find the outcome of one Woodstock resident’s art project which amounts to tying tiny plastic toy horses to these rings all over Portland.

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Getting to Woodstock

Woodstock Map

Although the actual parameters of Woodstock are somewhat contested, the area is generally thought to include Reed College to the West and span until Foster/Powell to the East. SE Holgate Blvd is the Northern Boundary with the southern boundary somewhere around Milwaukie.

Things to do in Woodstock

To Eat

Otto’s Sausage Kitchen and Meat Market is the favored lunch spot for Woodstock locals, offering delicious ranges of sausages with all the fixings, and hearty freshly prepared sandwiches on fresh baked bread made with local meats, cheeses and spreads.

Otto's Sausage Kitchen Woodstock

Across the street, First Cup Coffee House serves up the area’s best coffee along with a mouthwatering selection of locally made pastries, sandwiches and other treats in a cozy atmosphere complete with outdoor seating. Grand Central Bakery is another great spot for breakfast or lunch, with or without kids, and provides Woodstock with delicious breads, baked goods, soups, salads and sandwiches of every variety and for every taste.

The Portland-made grocery store, New Seasons Market, newly opened a location on Woodstock and offers the area a wide variety of local and mainstream products, along with the best produce Portland has to offer. With a fun rooftop bar popular with college students and locals alike, New Seasons has added to an already thriving and vibrant community.

For somewhere a little less organic to grab a meal and a drink, hurry over to the Lutz on Woodstock for the best burger in Portland and a diverse crowd mixed with college students and old regulars.

Lutz Burger Woodstock

Or give the Delta Café next door a try, and be sure to check out their legendary mac and cheese.

For some great family-friendly pizza, Woodstock’s Pizza Roma is a fantastic addition to the area. Offering up wood-fired pies and massive flat screens for sports fans, this pizza joint is a local favorite. The El Gallo Taqueria is another Woodstock local favorite, where simple Mexican classics are wonderfully prepared with locally-sourced ingredients, or check out Super Torta for unassuming counter-service of great food. Tom Yum Thai Cuisine is popular among families and college students for its big portions, delicious food, and relaxed atmosphere.

The Back to Eden Bakery’s food cart offers fantastic vegan and gluten free pastries sure to please even those without dietary restrictions. Or for another sweet treat, head over to Cloud City Ice Cream and try one of their many wonderful seasonal flavors.

To Do

Woodstock Park is a large green space in the middle of Woodstock complete with picnic areas, play equipment, dog park and sports facilities. Grab some sandwiches from Otto’s and wander over to enjoy an afternoon under the trees.

Woodstock Park

The Rhododendron Gardens offer a wonderful chance to take in beautiful sites not found anywhere else in Portland, with the Moreland Golf Course just beyond for those looking to play a few holes should the weather permit.

Or spend a pleasant afternoon strolling or cycling through the stunning residential streets of Woodstock. Historic homes and stately mansions peak out from leafy canopies along quiet streets, exhibiting some of Portland’s most well-known Victorian and Craftsmen architecture.

To Drink

The Double Mountain taproom also offers some great pub grub and local brews in a laid back setting. The Lutz Tavern is the area’s most beloved bar, attracting many Reed College students and professors, as well as local regulars.

Lutz Tavern Woodstock

Woodstock Wine and Deli offers upmarket beer, wine and liquor along with gourmet snacks and soups – they also do fantastic tastings.


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