Livible full service moving is secure, convenient and affordable. It's an easy, painless process, complete with pickup & delivery to your door.

Moving is another core service Livible provides. Currently we are only allowed by statute to provide in-city moves within greater Boston, Portland and Seattle. Many customers, especially downsizers, use a combination of moving and storing so they can maintain access to needed items when they reduce their living space.

Moving is provided on an hourly basis as follows:

  • one mover with van – $69 / hour
  • two movers with truck – $109 / hour
  • additional movers or packers – $36 / hour
  • additional van – $39 / hour
  • additional truck – $46 / hour

All furniture requires two movers. Maximum moving distance is limited to 20 miles and in-state. Two hour minimum for all moves.

We’re happy to provide a detailed “No Surprises Guaranteed” estimate so you know exactly what it will cost and won’t get any surprises. Please contact us at or Toll Free 1-844-548-4253.

Now serving:

Boston, Portland & Seattle

More cities coming soon.

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