We make storage easy!

With Livible labels you'll never misplace items or spend hours digging through boxes!


Livible labels includes our free mobile apps or web version. It's way better than conventional labels. Here's how it works:

1. Affix Livible label to box.
2. Name, describe, and attach pictures to label.
3. Quickly find items when needed.

Livible labels gets you organized with minimal effort! Now you can quickly search on your device to find whatever you're looking for instead of opening boxes until you find it. Use photos and folders to make it easier. Now you'll know exactly what's in your attic, basement, garage or self-storage unit! You can even print a list for inventory or insurance purposes. Watch this short video to see how it works.

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Free Labels

Sign up for a free account and we'll give you two free labels to try out. You print them yourself.

More Labels

You can immediately buy and print 10 labels for $5 and 30 labels for $10 in the app or web. Packages of 20 pre-printed, tear proof, waterproof, adhesive labels are available for $9.99 from leading self-storage operators and retailers including Amazon.

Totally Private

Your information is totally private. We can't even see it and won't use, share or sell it to anyone.

Cloud Storage

Your information is securely stored in the Amazon cloud. You can access it anytime from any of your devices or the web. That also means you won't lose it if you change your device or misplace your list.

Insurance List

Email yourself a list for your records or for insurance purposes. It includes name, list of contents, folders (eg, decorations) and locations (eg, basement).

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Or call us at 1-800-983-2729.

* only available in Seattle and Portland.

Monthly Cost Cubic Feet Livible Self-Storage Savings
By-the-item various $1.29 per cu ft not offered yes
5x5 Unit 100 $79 $93 15%
5x10 Unit 200 $139 $163 15%
5x15 Unit 300 $179 $211 15%
10x10 Unit 400 $199 $234 15%

Automatic Volume Savings

Total Cubic Feet Monthly Storage Pickup or Delivery New Customer Special
<99 $1.29/cubic ft $15 + $0.49/cubic ft $6 average
100 - 199 $0.79/cubic ft $15 + $0.49/cubic ft $18 average
200 - 299 $0.69/cubic ft $15 + $0.49/cubic ft $35 average
300 - 399 $0.59/cubic ft $15 + $0.49/cubic ft $52 average
400+ $0.49/cubic ft $15 + $0.49/cubic ft $70 average