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$15 plus 0 cubic ft @ $0.49 per cubic ft

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0 cubic ft @ $0 per cubic ft



$15 plus 0 cubic ft @ $0.49 per cubic ft

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*Here's how our No Surprises Guarantee works - Your costs for Livible are guaranteed as displayed for the specific term and items you selected. We can do this as our pricing is based on the cubic feet picked up, stored or redelivered. That includes a fixed rate for pickup and redelivery, instead of unpredictable hourly rates. If your actual term or items (type or quantity) are different, your billing would reflect that instead of what you selected. Pickup and delivery fees do not include packing and unpacking. Our Personal Packers can do it for you for $35/hour.

**Here's how our New Customer Special works - If you need storage for 6 or more months, you will save even more your first month. For only $1 / item, you get your initial pickup and one month of storage. If you select our New Customer Special and then end up storing your items for less than 6 months you aren't eligible and we will retroactively bill you the list price for your initial pickup and first month of storage.

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