Give the gift of space!

Give your friends, family and colleagues something they really need: more space! They can use it to entertain, host visitors, make room for other gifts or for living!

Choose from one of 2 gift options:

$49 Gift

Examples of 20 cubic feet of items: a chest and two pieces of luggage; five medium boxes; a paddleboard or a car carrier; a double mattress and bedframe, etc.


$99 Gift

Examples of 50 cubic feet of items: a loveseat, two medium boxes and artwork; a bike, tent and two sleeping bags; a kayak and two sets of golf clubs; a coffee table, carpet, upholstered chair and table lamp, etc.

$49 Gift


20ft³ for 6 months

$99 Gift


50ft³ for 6 months

We'll send you a gift of space certificate for your recipient. To purchase The Gift of Space please click on the button below and we'll contact you or call 1-800-983-2729.

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