Take back your space with an Effortless Garage Sale

Let Livible do all the work for you!

You want your garage or spare room or basement back and have some stuff you’d like to sell but are daunted by the effort to do it. Relax, we’ve got you covered! We’ve helped hundred’s of your neighbors do this with our “Effortless Garage Sale”.

We come right to your place to pickup your stuff. We label, photograph and describe it then take it to our secure warehouse. Don’t want to pack your own boxes? No problem! Our Personal Packers will do that for you for $35 / hour.

The stuff you want to sell we post on our OfferUp account at the prices you set (list and minimum). You’ll be anonymous, we’ll deliver the items to the buyers and send you the proceeds. You can include delivery in the cost of the item which is a big benefit for furniture and large items. We’ll also post a link to your stuff on various garage sale websites to help you sell it.

The stuff you want to store we keep safe until you need it back. It’s a couple of clicks or taps or a quick call and we’ll deliver it back to your door, usually the next day. Full service storage rocks!

The stuff you want to donate we take to our partner Savvers / Value Village. Someone will appreciate your generosity and it won’t end up in a landfill.

It’s effortless for you as we do all the work. You’ll be able to see all your stuff on our web and mobile apps. A lot of customers also call it an instant garage sale as we quickly take everything away so you can use your space right away.

Livible is very affordable. Get an Instant Estimate of exactly what your effortless garage sale will cost you. There is no fee for selling  your stuff, you just pay Livible’s regular pickup fee and storage until it sells. Depending on your choice, either you or your buyer will pay our regular delivery fee when it sells. It takes only 2 minutes to schedule your effortless garage sale using our web or mobile app.

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Full service storage is easier, and more convenient than self-storage

We come to your door, do all the work (even packing for an extra fee) and store your stuff in our warehouse. When you need something, we bring it right back, usually the next day. You can do it all with a few clicks on the web or in our handy app.

Our storage on demand process

  • 1. You schedule pickup (web, app, phone)
  • 2. We put tracking labels on your stuff (photos too)
  • 3. We pickup & store it in our warehouse
  • 4. We redeliver as needed (some or all your stuff)

Full Service Storage is now available in:

Boston, Portland & Seattle

More cities coming soon.

Easily store your stuff with pickup & delivery to your door

Livible is easier, more convenient, and saves you 15% compared to self-storage. Get your Instant Estimate to learn your No Surprises Guaranteed cost and savings. And there's no sales tax either!

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