Organizing your items using Livible labels and our free web / mobile apps is an easy DIY project for most people. If you need assistance we recommend the following organizations:


Storing your items is Livible’s core service. Our uniformed employees will come right to your door to pick-up your items. Then we’ll transport in our vehicles to our ultra-secure warehouse. When you need one or more items back we bring it back to you, usually the next day. And you will only pay for the space you actually use.


We have donation partners in each market. You can schedule a donation of any stored item from the web or mobile apps. We are also happy to deliver your donated items to any charity of your choice. Coming soon we’re adding a new “donation run” service that will allow you to schedule pickup of donated items that we’ll take directly to the charity.


We’re adding an exciting new feature to allow you to share the items you have in storage with your friends and family. It’s really easy to do so, similar to the way Dropbox works, allowing you to easily invite them with their email address. Livible will handle the delivery and pickup of your shared items, including billing them for pickup / delivery. You will be able to see which friends or family have the items you’ve shared.

Look for it in an upcoming release of our web / mobile apps!


We are adding an exciting new feature to allow you to swap your stored items with other Livible customers. You’ll post the stuff you want to swap and see what you’re offered in exchange. It’ll be very fun and Livible will make it super easy by transferring ownership (and responsibility for ongoing storage and pickup / delivery) once both customers agree.

Look for it in an upcoming release of our web / mobile apps!


Interested in earning money by renting out your possessions? Following in the footsteps of Airbnb, Zipcar, Car2Go, and others, we’re adding an exciting new feature that will allow our customers, including rental businesses, to easily rent out the items you are storing. Livible will do all the work for you including the delivery / pickup of your rented items and billing your customers. You will be able to see where your items are and who you’ve rented each item to.

We’re interested in working with existing or new rental companies with a variety of products from camping gear to party supplies to tools. Please contact us if you’re interested at or call us Toll Free at 1-844-548-4253.

Look for it in an upcoming release of our web / mobile apps!


Interested in earning money by selling your possessions? We’ve added an exciting new feature that allows our customers to easily sell the stuff they are storing on OfferUp. This is especially helpful for difficult to transport furniture items. Items are posted on Livible’s OfferUp page so buyers won’t ever know your name or address. Livible also handles the delivery of your sold items. You’ll know exactly what delivery will cost so you can include that in your price or just let sellers know what it will cost.

We are always looking for great partners! Please contact us at
If none of the ecosystem options work for you, please consider using a responsible disposal partner. We recommend 1-800-GOT-JUNK?