Daylight Storage Time

Winter is coming so it's daylight storage time!

The season is changing so now’s the time to store all your summer stuff – clothes, shoes, decorations, sports gear, outdoor furniture, tires – until you need them next spring. You won’t be using them anyways so let us take them away and give you more Livible space! You’ll feel like your place got bigger!

It’s easy and affordable so what are you waiting for? Here’s some examples of what it costs to store each item for a month:

The prices above assume you are storing less than 100 cubic feet in total which corresponds to a rate of $1.29 / cubic foot per month. If you store more stuff your rate automatically declines to as little as $0.49 / cubic foot for 400 cubic feet or more.

Take advantage of our New Customer Special: it’s only $1/item  for the first month’s storage including free pickup! There is a six month minimum.

You have two easy ways to get started. Find out exactly what Livible will cost you for pickup, monthly storage and delivery by getting a Guaranteed Estimate. Your second option is to select the size of traditional storage unit you think you need. Either way Livible only charges for the storage space you actually use each month so you will always save 15% or more compared to traditional self-storage!

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Awesome service has made Livible the #1 Full Service Storage provider in:

Boston, Portland & Seattle

Now available in the San Francisco Bay Area. Coming soon to Los Angeles, Washington DC and your city!


We take care of you and your valued items!

Livible provides storage with pickup and delivery to your door. You only pay for what you use. You can cancel at any time without penalty. It's safer, easier, more convenient and you'll save 15% compared to self-storage.

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