When it comes to winter storage, people are often at a loss for what they should transition out of their homes, garages, and closets and how to properly store those items so they’ll be in great shape next season. Some also believe that seasonal storage is a waste of time, money and energy since you’ll just be needing the same stuff again next winter.

However, the majority of people could really use some extra space in their homes and garages, so the idea of storing your winter items during spring, summer and fall is a pretty great way to give yourself and your family a bit of breathing room in the warmer months. Figuring out how to store winter clothes in a small space is a tough question to answer unless you consider full service or self storage options!

We’ve created a guide to winter storage including information on how to best store your winter items to ensure that when winter rolls around again next year, they’re still in great condition!

Winter Storage Items

  • Winter Snow Sports Equipment
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Winter Clothes
  • Winter Tires
  • Hockey and Ice Skating Gear

Storing Winter Sports Equipment

Okay, I’ll admit this seems like a pretty obvious one! But when you think about it, there’s a great deal that falls under the heading of ski equipment. You’ve not only got the actual skis and snowboards which are notoriously awkward to store, but there’s the helmets, boots, bindings, poles, goggles, ski jackets, snow pants, gloves, liners, long underwear, ski socks, and ski rack for the car.

storing winter items

There’s clearly a lot of stuff that you could store. That means there’s also a whole lot of space you could free up in your home or garage! Wary of storing your skis because there’s a possibility of a spring ski holiday in your future? Using on-demand storage services means pick up and delivery only the items you want.  That way, you won’t have to worry about trekking out to a creepy storage facility if you get invited to on a ski trip!

How to Store Winter Sports Equipment

Investing in gear bags is a good idea if you’re storing ski and snowboard gear for the off-season. Gear bags -protect them from damage while in storage. Luckily, these bags are offered from a range of prices, so you can pick what best suits your needs and priorities.

Before you packing up your winter sports gear, give them a thorough wipe down with some cleaning solution. Then be sure to towel them completely dry. Snowboards also need to be waxed after being cleaned to ensure they are in great shredding condition next winter.

Storing Holiday Decorations

Unless you relish keeping Halloween decorations and Christmas lights up all year round, you probably end up with boxes of holiday decorations at the end of the season. If you have an attic, basement, or garage to store them you might think that’s the best you can do.

But wouldn’t it be even better to have that space for things you’ll actually use? Like bikes, kayaks, bedding, and camping gear? Or even more pantry space or the room for an extra fridge?

There’s no sense in cluttering your home with holiday decorations that won’t be used until next season. That’s why storing them is a fantastic idea! Livible is great for storing decorations. Not only do we accept (and offer) storage boxes, we store a huge range of other items! Anything you can think to store, we’ve got your back!

storing holiday decorations

Do you have one of those “witch flew into a tree” Halloween decorations that resists packing and storing in a compact way? No problem! Maybe you have stacks of menorahs that you only bring out during Hanukkah? Again, no problem because we can store them!

How to Store Holiday Decorations

Strings of lights, garlands, wreaths, and all extremely fragile ornaments are super vulnerable to damage. Especially if stored improperly. That’s why packing them up with care is an important step. Figuring out how to store holiday decorations generally comes from trial and error. We’ve figured out that attics, garages and basements are not definitely ideal places for storing holiday decorations.

holiday decorations storage

Storing your holiday decorations in a storage facility is a great idea for decluttering your home for the warmer seasons. Seasonal storage gets decorations out of the way, and you can control how they are preserved. Check out this video for a great DIY lesson on how to store your holiday lights tangle free, or try one of these awesome DIY Christmas ornament storage and organization ideas for some inspiration!

Winter Storage for Clothes

There are some winter clothing items that you can easily wear well into the spring, you can check out our 5 Tips on Transitioning your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring post for some ideas. What about all those bulky items you just can’t make work in the warmer seasons? Well, storing them is a great way to make room for lighter spring and summer wear!

winter clothing closet storage

Items like parkas, ski and snowboard jackets, pants and accessories, and snow boots are a good place to start when it comes to winter clothing storage. Cozy scarves, gloves, mittens, and hats aren’t going to be of much use in the spring and summer either.

Darker jeans, pea coats, leather jackets and boots are also unlikely to make an appearance as things start heating up. These items also tend to take up a lot of valuable real estate in closets. Consider storing these items until the weather is chilly again. That way, you can make room for lighter spring and summer wear.

How to Store Winter Clothes

Storing winter clothes is thought of as a bit of hassle. That’s mainly because people have trouble finding ample space to store their items in their homes. Or, because they’re storing them improperly and the clothes end up moth-eaten, covered with mildew, or otherwise damaged. These issues sometimes converge and clothes are stored improperly because there isn’t enough space to store them correctly.

Helpful tips on how to organize winter clothes and properly store winter clothes generally mention that the first thing you need to do to protect against damage is to thoroughly clean all of your clothes before you start packing them away for storage. Oils and perfumes can end up damaging your clothes when they sit on the fabrics for months on end. So, making sure your winter clothing is clean and dry is step one.

If you’re wondering how to store coats and jackets, we’ve got the answers! Coats and jackets should be stored on wooden hangers and arranged in breathable garment bags which can be hung in the storage unit. Winter clothes like wool sweaters can be stored by stacking them inside plastic containers once cleaned and folded.

When storing winter woolens, separate each one with a sheet of tissue paper to preserve the fabric. It’s a good idea to put the heavier sweaters on the bottom and keep the lighter ones for the top of the bin.

storing winter items

How to Store Winter Shoes and Boots

When you’re storing winter shoes for long periods of time, you’ll want to clean those too  – inside and out. Deodorizing and disinfecting with shoe cleaners on the inside removes oils and odors that linger and increase over time in storage.

Shoe trees are also a great idea. They help keep the shape of your leather or suede winter boots. Once you’ve cleaned the shoes, put them in a shoe bag or box. This helps to stay organized and keeps them clean and separated from fabrics they might deteriorate.

Winter Tire Storage

Winter tires are really only needed in the winter, so storing them for the remaining months is a wise choice.

How to Store Winter Tires

Tire experts recognize that storing winter items like your winter tires in the sun is a bad idea because they will deteriorate quickly. Instead, you’ll want to clean your winter tires thoroughly with a tire brush and store them in individual plastic bags – like those you use for lawn clean up – and tape them shut.

storing winter tires

The idea here is to keep as much air out as possible while your tires are being stored. If you don’t like the look of the tires in lawn/garbage bags with tape on them stacked in your garage, think about a storage service instead.

Storage for Hockey and Skating Gear

Like other winter sports equipment, hockey and ice skating gear is unlikely to be of use in the warmer months. A fantastic option for those pressed for space or who like starting the New Year clutter-free is storing items until the following winter. Skates are often a tough thing to store. They tend to tack up a lot more space than you might think in garages, attics and basements. Keeping them in a storage facility is a therefore a pretty good alternative!

winter storage

How to Store Hockey and Ice Skating Equipment

Storing ice skates is tough because the blades are vulnerable to rust and erosion while sitting in storage. To combat the possibility of rust and other damage, you’ll want to get rid of as much moisture as possible and prevent the incursion of any moisture in the future.

Blade experts recommend storing your skates in a skate bag, and making sure you wax them and clean them before storage.

When it comes to storing winter items and equipment, your home and garage just don’t make the cut for quality of care and convenience. Fortunately, Livible full service storage does! We offer pick up and delivery of your items, and can drop them off whenever you want. Whether you’re looking for optimal winter storage for storing winter items like sports equipment or for storing holiday decorations, all you need to do is sign up to get a free Guaranteed Estimate and use our app to schedule your first pick up!