If you’re a city dweller, you probably understand the unique experience that is apartment living.

Like anything in life, apartments have their pros and cons. Say hello to more affordable rent and hassle-free maintenance, but goodbye to spacious living space and total privacy.

However, there are other pain points behind apartment living, especially if you’re an animal lover. It’s rarely an easy task to find apartments that welcome pets—and those that allow dogs can be the hardest to track down.

If you’re a dog lover and you know you’ll be living the apartment life, it’s essential to choose a dog breed that’s well-suited have for apartment living. Simply put, choosing the wrong breed can equal disaster and heartache for both dog and owner.

Are you ready to find your perfect apartment companion? We’ve compiled a list of several of our favorite dogs who thrive in small space—and the top ones may surprise you.

Here are our top dog breeds to get while in an apartment:

welsh corgi

Cardigan or Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The corgi is a perfect “compromise” for apartment dwellers who don’t want a stereotypically tiny dog. Both Cardigan and Pembroke corgis are usually friendly with people, kids and other dogs. Also, despite their small stature, corgis carry a “big-dog bark,” which adds an extra level of apartment security.

Corgis are herding dogs so they require more exercise and control than many people realize. Without proper training or an outlet for that energy, you might see their instinct to nip at heels or herd your kids or other pets kick in.

However, corgis are also incredibly loyal, sweet-natured and easily trainable. They noted as one of the most well-behaved breeds—a great trait for keeping an apartment nice and tidy. Also, as long as they get their exercise, expect to have a friend who’s always happy to cuddle on the couch.

american eskimo

American Eskimo

Though “Eskies” can be slightly standoffish towards new people, they’re extremely attached and affectionate towards their owners. They’re also incredibly smart and love attention.

American Eskimos come in standard, miniature and toy sizes so the right one exists for any space. If you’re living solo, these energetic dogs can be great companions on hikes, road trips and other adventures. That being said, issues can arise when they are neglected or undertrained.

As sled dog descendents, American Eskimos also flourish when they feel like they’re part of a crew. If you’re a small family living in a small space, this trait makes Eskies the perfect dog to join your pack.



Don’t be fooled. Just because these speed demon dogs can run doesn’t mean they aren’t wonderful apartment dogs. Believe it or not, Greyhounds are known as one of the most relaxed, low-maintenance dog breeds out there. Let’s just say, they love to be lazy!

The breed also has a long, proud reputation as “the Dog of Kings.” A quick Google search will pull up countless references to Greyhounds as loyal companions to noblemen, artists, poets, and important figures throughout history.

Thanks to their independent nature, Greyhounds are loving, but won’t beg to be coddled. They’re also trainable with a sweet nature making them less apt to ruin your belongings.

Long story short, if you want to feel like “the King of your (tiny) Castle,” the Greyhound might be the perfect pup for you.

shih tzu

Shih Tzu

Ah, the Shih Tzu. These tiny fluff balls often find themselves at the butt of jokes in the dog world because—let’s be honest—they aren’t the smartest breed out there. However, if your dog’s intelligence isn’t high on your list of doggie desires, then few breeds are better for an apartment than the adorable Shih Tzu.

Obviously, their small size helps their cause. This tiny breed generally weighs between 9 to 15 pounds which allows them to find comfort anywhere—even in small studio spaces.

Shih Tzus are also very affectionate and playful. They were bred in China specifically to be relaxed, low-maintenance, indoor pets. So, if you’re looking for a lap dog who’s happy to lounge on the couch with some Netflix, the Shih Tzu might be your perfect fit.



At first glance, many people assume that Whippets are simply smaller versions of the Greyhound. However, though this breed is a direct descendant of the sleepy giants—they also descend from the more hyper terrier breeds.

Still, Whippets do make fantastic apartment dogs. Though they are prone to bursts of intense energy, Whippets enjoy stretching out in their cozy apartment. If exercised regularly, they can thrive in small spaces and can be really fun companions when out on-the-town.

A few extra points to give the Whippet when it comes to apartment dwelling: For one, they rarely bark. They’re also independent and more than happy to take care of themselves while you’re working—as long as they get a good walk at the end of the day.

shiba inu

Shiba Inu

If you’re looking for a loyal companion who’s happy to relax alone all day, but can’t wait for a weekend packed with adventures, look no further than the Shiba Inu.

The Shiba Inu originated in Japan and is one of the oldest dog breeds on the planet. Those wilder instincts do often make these independent, curly-tailed pups tricky to train and aloof towards strangers. It’s why you’ll often hear Shibas as having a cat-like personality.

However, Shibas are also loyal to their owners, incredibly adaptive if you’re a regular mover and diligent about keeping clean (another nod to their feline tendencies). Also, at around 15 to 25 pounds, they’re the perfect size for any sized home.

Like humans, every dog is different. Therefore, let this list serve as a guide towards finding your perfect pup—not a rulebook. Also, always do your research and due diligence before adding a new member to your family. By bringing home a pet, you’re promising to take care of it—for life.

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