When you decide to downsize, declutter, renovate, or combine your home with a partner, you might end up with several items that don’t quite fit in your new space. Going for a new look or compromising stylistically with a partner can result in a surplus of things you don’t want around and, in these scenarios, continuing to pay storage fees might not be the best option. The answer? Selling stored stuff with OfferUp.

Instead, selling your unwanted items could be a profitable and rewarding way to rethink these various scenarios instead of letting them be a drain on your expenses. But how do you even go about selling your stored stuff? Below are few tips on making the process of selling stored stuff much easier!

Read on to find out how to get rid of storage unit stuff and how to sell storage unit contents in a virtual garage sale!

Choose Your For Sale Items

The first step to selling stored stuff is choosing the items you no longer need. Make sure to look for items that other people will find useful and worth buying. While one man’s trash might be another man’s treasure, realistically not every item you’d like to sell has an actual market and figuring out the difference comes down partly to common sense but also to objectivity.

selling stored stuff virtual garage sale

When you’re trying to figure out which items you’ll want to sell, we recommend taking this time to make a few other important piles: Keep/Store, Sell, Donate and Toss.


These are the items that you might not need right now but that you’ll most likely need in the future. Or those items you might need if your current circumstances and/or living arrangements change for whatever reason. Although you might be selling some of your stored stuff, you might also consider changing your current storage if you don’t have quite as much as before.


Consider donating some items to charity or thrift stores in your area. Or, donate to charities or foundations that you are passionate about. Homeless shelters and children’s centers are often looking for donations of all kinds, so check them out!


Okay, some things don’t need to be kept by anyone, these are the ones you should think about throwing out!


Your high school soccer trophies might mean a great deal to you personally. However, it’s pretty unlikely anyone else is going to see their value. Harsh – but true. If you come across an item you’re unsure about, check online to see if similar things are being sold. Which leads us to the next step, pricing your items.

Price Your Stored Stuff

Once you’ve figured out what to store and what to sell, you’ll need to determine how much your items are worth. The best way to do this is to look up the current retail price of that item in brand new condition. Then look on sites like Amazon or eBay for its price in used condition.

price your stored stuff

Next, determine if the condition of what you’re selling is closer to the retail product or the used product. If your item is only very lightly used, set a price only somewhat lower than that offered retail. But if your stuff is well used but still in good condition, consider pricing it quite a bit lower than retail versions. This can help increase your chances of selling.

With all this info in mind, decide what price to sell your items. Remember that you can change the prices later if no one seems interested at first. If you’re selling your items in a garage sale, you’ll want to label each one so customers can easily find the price.

Choose Where to Sell your Stored Items

Once you’ve determined and priced the stuff you want to sell, you’ll have to figure out where to sell them. Selling out of a storage unit isn’t an option. So, you might be asking, what happens if you leave stuff in a storage unit forever?

Nowadays, you can either sell stored stuff in person or online. A garage sale is probably a good option if you live in a residential area or one with a lot of foot traffic. selling stored stuff offerup

However, this takes some extra time and effort compared to online selling. Also, not everyone has a garage or yard to sell their stuff from. Organizing and advertising a garage sale can also be tough because you need to fit it into your schedule. Keep in mind that you can’t ever leave the sale unattended.

If you decide instead to sell your items online, you can do so on Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay. But make sure to keep shipping prices in mind, as this may be an extra cost on your part. Moreover, a service like Craigslist often necessitates meeting strangers to exchange items. Take a minute to consider how comfortable you are with that sort of scenario.

Advertise Your Stored Stuff

Whether selling stored stuff online or through a local yard sale, you need to do your share of advertising to get people to see and buy your items. For a local approach, post signs around your neighborhood with clear directions to your sale and timing for the event. Putting signs in high traffic areas increases the likelihood someone might see one.

selling stored stuff virtual garage sale

You can also advertise your sale by using online sites that offer free advertising. Alternatively, you can go further and use paid newspaper ads to bring people to your yard sale. When you sell online, the advertising often comes down to how you describe the item you are trying to sell. Try to be as clear as possible and take good pictures to draw in as many potential buyers as possible.

Definitely take advantage of Facebook and your personal acquaintances, whether or not you choose to sell your stored stuff online or in a local yard sale. Facebook provides a platform to notify your friends of your sale. Additionally, you can connect with local buy/sale/free/trade groups to advertise to wider audiences.

Consider Selling Stored Stuff on OfferUp

In addition to Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay, OfferUp is an excellent option for selling your stored items in a virtual garage sale through your Livible account. If you are in our Boston, Portand or Seattle full service storage area, we make selling items on OfferUp easier for you!

offerup virtual garage sale

What’s a virtual garage sale?

What is OfferUp? OfferUp is quickly becoming the leading online marketplace, where you can buy and sell items anonymously. That means without the creepy possibilities similar sites like Craigslist offers. Also, OfferUp was created for the tech world. So, the interface is beautifully image-heavy with a strong commitment to the best user experience available.

Here’s a quick comparison of several online marketplace options you might consider. At Livible we believe OfferUp is the best of these services. That’s why we partnered with them to make selling stored stuff so much easier!

Comparing Online Selling Options

 Average Percent Taken by Referral FeeBuyer or Seller oriented?Custom Store OptionLocal Sales Only?User InterfaceUser Verification
OfferUpNone, however 7.9% is added if item is shippedBothFollow Seller OptionNoExcellentYes
eBay10% dependent on account detailsSellerYesNoGoodYes
CraigslistNoneBoth, but scams frequentNoYesOkayNo
Amazon6-20% dependent on account detailsBuyerYesNoExcellentYes
Bonanza3.5% per saleSellerYesNoGoodYes

We pick it up so you get it out of the way immediately. We post it on our OfferUp account. We store it until it sells. We deliver it directly to your buyer. We send you the net proceeds. We do all the work and you stay anonymous.

Selling your stored items if you’re already a Livible customer can really be that easy when you use the Selling Stored Stuff service. Not a Livible customer yet? Get an Instant Estimate of what it will cost you to have your stuff picked up, stored and then delivered to your purchaser when it sells.