A mattress is an investment, therefore storing one that isn’t currently being used just makes good financial sense. It might seem weird to store a mattress, but actually if its properly maintained, a mattress can survive for more than a decade! It turns out, asking where to store that extra mattress is as important as how to it.

The reason why people are sometimes wary of storing a mattress in a storage facility is that they’ve heard horror stories of ruined items and wasted money. In reality, these stories typically evolve from the failure to use a mattress storage bag and properly store a mattress. They are less about the storage itself than the method of storing. That’s why we’ve put together this list of helpful tips to show you how to properly store a mattress!

In addition to how pricey mattresses are, we all know how hard it can be to find the perfect one that manages to meet all our individual requirements. But if you end up with an extra mattress, there’s no need to toss it and have to start all over again when you need a new one – just follow these mattress storage steps!

Wondering how to store a mattress long term? Or maybe looking for extra mattress storage ideas? Use the steps below as a guide to learning how to properly store a mattress!

1) Clean your mattress thoroughly  

Before you put your mattress into storage, you must thoroughly clean it. It is important to store a mattress clean in order to reduce odours and prevent further staining. The best way to do so is to sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress and let it soak up the odours. Later thoroughly vacuum the mattress and repeat the process on both sides.

cleaning mattress storage

Additionally, you might think of spot treating any existing stains with a stain remover. Not only will this prevent you from having to do it when you take it out of storage, it will improve the appearance of the mattress should you decide to sell it later on.

2) Get a Mattress Storage Bag

Never store a mattress unwrapped! That’s a rule. If you’re storing a mattress only temporarily, you can use regular plastic to wrap your mattress and secure it with tape to ensure a tight seal. However, if you are going to store a mattress for a longer period of time, we recommend purchasing a breathable mattress storage bag. Make sure to come back to it and air the mattress every few months and wrap it up again.

mattress store cover

Unwrapped mattresses are vulnerable to a whole host of nasty issues – from bugs to mildew. Rather than leaving a mattress in storage uncovered, make sure that you’ve properly and securely wrapped your mattress in a breathable mattress storage bag.

Covering a mattress properly when it is in storage will go a long way towards ensuring its longevity. When you come back to air the mattress out you’re giving the mattress a chance to breathe a bit, which is important for keeping it dry and clean for long periods of time.

3) Research Mattress Storage Ideas for Your Space

When it comes to where to store an extra mattress, unfortunately you can’t just put your mattress away anywhere and expect it to be well preserved. You can store a mattress in a garage or in an attic, but odds are it will deteriorate quickly. A mattress left in the garage is not a great option for long term mattress storage, or any length of time more than a couple days.

steps properly store a mattress

So, if you’re asking how to store a mattress in a garage, or how to store a bed frame or even how to hide an extra mattress – what you really need is a secure storage space with no moisture or temperature changes, so consider getting a temperature-controlled storage unit.

This might sound like overkill but honestly, it should be something the storage facility is willing to accomodate. Afterall, if the storage facility isn’t temperature controlled, you might as well save your money and store the mattress in a damp basement or shove the mattress in your garage.

steps mattress storage

Self-storage facilities aren’t known for having a great atmosphere, so you might be reluctant to trek all the way out to check that they are storing items properly and with the respect they should. You could always check online reviews to see how others have experienced the facility to avoid a trip, but that might give you a skewed idea of how the place actually operates. Either way, try to do a bit of research to make an informed decision if you can!

You could also try a full service storage option like Livible which takes care of all the packing, transporting and storing for you and delivers it back to you whenever you need it.

4) Transport your mattress carefully

If you’re planning to store a mattress away from your home, let’s say in a storage unit, you will need to transport it over there. When it comes to mattress storage steps, this is pretty annoying one.

Always move a mattress in a truck and keep it covered while doing so. Don’t even think about tying the mattress on top of your car. It might seem like the best or easiest option, but there are so many things that could go wrong – from rain or snow to someone tossing garbage out of the car in front of you – that it just isn’t worth the risk.

If you strap your mattress on top of your car and drive it out to the storage facility, you’re also risking the very real possibility that the mattress will simply slide off your car! This could result in an accident or at the very least some difficult and time-consuming process of retrieving the mattress from the road amid other cars.

5) Lay the stored mattress flat

Wondering how to store a mattress in a storage unit? You may have read that storing your mattress sideways will save you lots of storage space and, even though that is true, it’s actually the last thing you should do when storing a mattress. To properly store a mattress, make sure to always lay the mattress flat in the storage unit or at home storage space.

If you’re wondering how to store a memory foam mattress, the same mattress storage steps apply. Meaning, don’t store a foam mattress on its side either.

Basically, all those coils and things inside the mattress get completely out of whack when the mattress is stored on its side, which is why you’ll want to lay it flat. With a foam mattress, the structural integrity is ruined and it won’t regain its shape. To properly store a mattress you’ll want it to be as flat as possible.

Check out this post for some at-home mattress storage ideas for the lucky few with enough extra space to store spare mattresses.

6) Don’t cover the mattress with other items

While you definitely want your mattress wrapped in a protective mattress cover (these generally cost around $20) you don’t want any other items covering the mattress in storage. If your unit is very full, you might consider packing it with everything else and placing the mattress on top of the other items.

properly store a mattress storage steps

Covering the mattress with other items in storage will damage the structure of the mattress and make it unpleasantly lumpy when you remove it from storage. If the mattress will be laying directly on the floor of the unit, put some sort of tarp down to keep the damp out as well.

7) First Properly Store a Mattress – Then Air it Out

It is important to know how to freshen a mattress that has been in storage even if you have taken all the steps to properly store it. The best way to clean a mattress after storage is to sprinkle some baking soda on both sides to absorb any odours and then vacuum up the excess powder as you did when you originally stored it. You can also use fabric cleaner to disinfect a mattress further.

It’s also a good idea to air your mattress out before you use it again and to try and work out any lumps or bulges that might have formed.

properly storing mattress

Remember, all these mattress storage steps also apply to how to store a box spring, how to store a foam mattress, and how to store a mattress topper. Following these tips on how to store a mattress and box spring will protect your mattress for months and years to come.

Planning to store your queen mattress or box spring? Done! Trying to figure out how to store a mattress in the attic? Definitely get a mattress storage bag, and use our Guaranteed Estimate calculator to find out what Livible will cost for your mattress storage. Using these mattress storage ideas to learn how to properly store a mattress is even easier with Livible!