Moving In? Here are 5 Things to Consider When It’s Time to Share Bed and Board

For couples who are ready for a more serious commitment, moving in is a great way to be together without having to set a specific time and place. You will be spending time with your significant other more than you ever have, which, as much as it is a good thing, is a big challenge. When you consider moving in with your special someone, be aware that many adjustments will have to be made to live in peace and harmony. Here are a few things you must consider when it’s time to move in together!

1. Look for the new place together

While you maybe have your wish list ready and you already discussed with your partner what you do and don’t need in your new place, you still have to look for it together. It is important to dedicate some time while you’re both out of work to searching for your new apartment. As much as you think you know what your partner wants, you cannot possibly know everything they will dislike about a place. Therefore, to avoid making the wrong choice, make sure you both agree on it first.

2. Consider how much storage space you have

You may be used to a lot of space in your closets and around the house, but that is about to change. When moving in together, couples often bring most or all of their belongings with them which later clash together and form an ultimate mess. To avoid the frustration of having lack of space, measure your storage space in the new house and calculate how much stuff you can fit on it. Then go on a de-cluttering spree and get rid of everything you don’t really need to bring along. Or perhaps, you can try Livible!

3. Share the housework fairly

While moving in is a great solution in terms of budget savings, you have to consider the housework and all the hassle that comes with it. While sharing chores 50:50 might sound fair, it actually isn’t. The housework should be split according to a number of hours each of you work per day. If one works three to four hours while the other works six or more hours, it is only fair for the less busy person to take on more chores around the house.

4. Plan your finances

Now that you are living together, you are going to be splitting the bills or paying them according to your plans. However, when you look for a place to move in, make sure to consider all possible fees besides the utilities. Look for furnished apartments instead of unfurnished ones and always ask whether there will be any additional costs. Properties with utilities included in the rent are another great way to save some budget.

5. Enjoy your time together

You have finally come to that point where you can be together all the time. So, why not make the best of it and enjoy every single moment!

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