Tanya’s recent move from townhouse to house

Our Operations Director Mike had a chance to talk with Tanya after her recent move from townhouse to house.

How was your experience?

Our experience was perfect! I was able to choose a one hour window when I needed containers dropped off or picked up. I was sent a text before each delivery and pickup with an exact time when the driver would arrive. This was great! This moving process is so chaotic it is super awesome to get a head’s up when someone is on their way. We also donated some things to Value Village when my containers were picked up. This was a nice bonus saving me a trip!

What was the best thing about our service?

I love how easy it is to schedule a drop off or pick up with your app. This can be the hardest part, just getting a hold of someone to try and schedule something. But the app made it clear what times were available and it was easy to choose one. I wish every service were this easy to schedule!

What could we do to improve?

It would be really great if you could share your possessions. It would have been nice if my husband could have had access to update the contents as well.

Did anything surprise you?

I was surprised how easy Storrage was to use! The app is great! I really liked how easy it was to set each container with contents. Also you delivered exactly what you said you would. I really loved being able to trust the online claims made about your service.
I think it is a great idea and have already recommended Storrage to friends. We plan on using Storrage in the future!

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