Marjorie shares with us how her family found ease, convenience and savings using Livible and how they prefer it to traditional self-storage. Here’s her story.

Tell us about yourself:

I am married to a lovely man, second marriage for both.  I work full time as a systems analyst.  Outside of work I love walking around the city, thrift shopping, and getting together with family and friends. When my husband and I moved in together several years ago, we decided to rent a house large enough to accommodate our combined 5 kids, all in various phases of transient life (college, etc).   Not only did we combine lives, but we also combined all of our “stuff” as well as a lot of our kids’ stuff! In 2013 we decided it was time to downsize and went from 4000 SF to 1300 SF.  Even after giving away or selling a significant amount of our belongings we still had too much to bring with us to our condo, so we ended up putting a lot of it in a traditional self-storage facility.   After months of having to drive back and forth to the storage place whenever we needed something, maintaining spreadsheets to keep track of what was stored where, we heard about Livible (then Storrage) through Terry Drayton who is a friend of my husbands.  That was IT!  We moved everything out of the expensive and inconvenient self-storage location and sent it all to Livible.

What do you think are the key benefits of using Livible?

  • On demand storage rather than having to make multiple trips to self-storage facility ourselves. This is a huge stress and time saver!
  •  So much more cost effective than traditional storage
  • Being able to easily keep track of our belongings using the app
  • Being able to more easily donate unwanted belongings

In a few sentences, could you describe your experience using the Livible boxes, the app and the driver?

The app is amazing!  It is so easy to schedule pickup and delivery and it is so much easier to keep track of our belongings!  (We always include a photo with the description.)  The blue Livible containers are sturdy and hold a lot, and the driver was absolutely amazing!  He was on time, cheerful and extremely flexible when we ended up having more than our original estimate.

What did you put into Livible containers?

Too much to list!  Linens, books, shoes, dishes, electronics, and clothes, to name a few. We also sent some things packed in our own boxes, as well as furniture.

How did Livible make your move-out easier?

When we put our condo on the market (relatively short notice) we had to seriously de-clutter it to get it ready for open houses and showings.  In a 3-day span we were able to get Livible containers delivered, fill them up and send them temporarily to Livible.  Our realtor could not believe what a great job we did and so fast! Once we closed on our new house we were able to arrange to have our belongings delivered, some to our new house, and some to our kids’ apartments, as well as donate a bunch of unwanted things to Value Village.  The fact that the app allowed us to create multiple folders to track things made it extremely easy to arrange for delivery to multiple locations. 

Would you recommend Livible to your friends and family?

I have and will absolutely continue to do so!

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