From Pokémon to NickToons, Nineties Kids had childhood really good. However, these now millennial adults can pull in more than memories thanks to fabulous decade. After all, this generation not only loves their toys and their nostalgic—they also have the cash to pay for them.

That’s why a surprising number of items treasured as kids are worth serious money today. Whether you were a Super Nintendo fanatic, the girliest of American Girls or never missed SNICK, there’s a ‘90s toy out there you’d shell out serious cash for.

Or, if you’re looking for a little extra dough, why not dig into your storage, dust off those old boxes, and possibly find a toy from the ‘90s worth a Charizard-sized fortune.

nickelodeon time blaster

1. Nickelodeon Time Blaster Radio and Alarm Clock

If you were like most Nickelodeon-obsessed ‘90s kids, this clock radio is a must-own. Not only does the look reflect brand we all love, but it’s also a fully functional AM/FM radio and alarm clock. Today, they sell for about $80 depending on the condition.

Aside from Stoop Kid leaving his stoop or Kel declaring his unending love for orange soda, what else could bring you straight back to the slimiest, strangest decade?

guts snes

2. GUTS Video Game for SNES

Do you have it? That is, the guts to pay $500 for the GUTS Super Nintendo game? While used versions of the game fetch around twenty bucks, mint condition copies can bring in Aggro Crag-sized prices.

Surprised that a kid’s game show debuting back in 1992 costs so much? Just think about how timeless GUTS’ premise is—three kids compete head-to-head to determine who scales the Aggro Crag, a man-made mountain wrought with obstacles. Consider it a step up from pillow forts.

So, why didn’t GUTS initially get the credit many gamers say it deserved? It didn’t have anything to do with the graphics, but the control issues. Nintendo Power openly praised the former but criticized the latter citing awkward play.

Apparently, future generations have past the issues and instead found value—and lots of fun—in GUTS the video game, which has led it to become one of the most sought-after in Super Nintendo history.

flintstones nintendo

3.The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak

This obscure Flintstones Nintendo scroller pulls in huge prices for cartridge collectors. Released exclusively as a Blockbuster rental, collectors should expect to pay at least $800 to add this to their collection. Mint condition versions have reached as high as $1,500!

Apparently, the value isn’t just about exclusivity. Savvy players discovered this prehistoric game has a higher entertainment factor that wasn’t initially appreciated. Now that word’s gotten out, The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak stands as one of the rarest 8-bit Nintendo games.

my little pony

4. Sweet Scoops Mail Order My Little Pony

What ‘90s girl didn’t own a My Little Pony—or thirty. Though most plastic ponies were so popular that their worth now stands at next to nothing, a few limited edition characters fetch incredibly high prices on the collector’s market.

One of the most exclusive models is Sweet Scoops, a purple pony with a pink mane who was available only by mail order. If you were lucky enough to hold onto a Sweet Scoops, you can expect to sell her for around $850. Her value goes even higher if she still has the included collectible charm.

mcdonalds toys

5. McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

Who didn’t pester their parents for a Happy Meal, especially when there was an awesome toy promotion? Today, a few of those tiny toys are now worth significant cash in collector’s circles.

Happy Meal toy that’ll fetch a pretty penny include nearly anything Disney such as 101 Dalmatians and The Lion King. Even a single figure has some worth, but complete sets are often valued in the hundreds.

Another lucrative item are the iconic glow-in-the-dark Halloween candy buckets. At the time, they were a fun, festive container to get our burgers in. Now, some are worth more than $100.

deadpool comic

6. Deadpool Debut Comic

Deadpool—aka Wade Wilson—is experiencing a serious resurgence thanks to the uber popular Marvel movies with Ryan Reynolds. That’s likely a major reason why this foul-mouthed hero’s debut comic collects as much as $1,250 on the market.

Released in 1993, Deadpool #1: The Circle Chase, written by Fabian Nicieza and Joe Madureira has become one of the most sought after items for comic book lovers.

mighty max

7. Mighty Max Skull Master

While Polly Pocket made a bigger impression back in the day, it’s Mighty Max—the version of the miniature playset aimed at boys—that boasts high values today.

Though not every Mighty Max playset will get you a cool return, the Mighty Max Skull Master will. Originally based on a TV show, the toys themselves massively outshined the cartoon program.

Just take one look at the Skull Master and you’ll get why. This multi-tiered, testosterone-fueled expansion brings dainty to an entirely new level.

gameboy color

8. GameBoy Color

In the ‘90s, Nintendo Game Boys were all the rage. From playing Tetris in the back of the minivan to first generation Pokémon, every kid needed this handheld gaming system.

However, in 1998, the system’s coolness factor skyrocketed when the Game Boy Color was released—this iconic grayscale system finally evolved into a translucent-bodied toy of the future. Until production of the Game Boy Color ceased in 2003, tech-savvy kids clamored for this hot gadget.

Today, a Game Boy Color in great condition can fetch around $200 with high-quality unopened versions hitting up to $3,000.

lisa frank

9. Lisa Frank

Expect an instant neon pink and purple elementary school flashback by taking a look at any Lisa Frank product. Though plenty of Lisa Frank gear like stickers, folders, notebooks are affordable, a few sought after products—like this ridiculously adorable tiger cub Trapper Keeper—are valued between $50 to over $400.

It may sound excessive, but just think how perfectly it’ll go with your new Lisa Frank clothes? That’s right. In another modern callback to our unending love of the decade, this ‘90s style icon still collaborates with brands like Reebok, Hot Topic and Glamour Dolls.

So, did you throw away any of these ’90s toys or maybe you have them hidden away in a storage locker or attic? Now is the time to find out!