Purses are one of those accessories that seem to resist any sort of confined storage. No matter how you stack them in your closet, they end up looking totally messy and cluttered. Hanging them can be great, but there’s never enough space on each hook for all the straps. Purse storage doesn’t have to be hard, though! We’ve put together this list of creatives ways to store your purses to help you out!

Whether you’re looking for DIY purse storage ideas or handbag organizing products you can purchase, we’ve got you covered!

1. Store Clutches in a Lid Rack

Different types and sizes of purses require different storage methods. Clutches can be organized in a lid rack really easily. The lid rack is great for storing purses because it keeps them contained while providing great visuals of items. Using a lid rack is a great DIY twist on a kitchen product.

how to store organize purses

2. Use a Clear Purse Organizer

While there are certainly plenty of DIY methods to store your purses, there are also some great products designed with purse storage in mind. Take this clear purse organizer from The Container Store.

how to store organize your purses

3. Special Occasion Purses

Begin your purse storage mission by differentiating between your “everyday” handbags and your “special occasion” purses. Special occasion purses are fancier or trendier items that you really only use once in a while. These are handbags for, well, special occasions. Because you don’t need to access these items everyday, consider storing them in your closet.

A great special occasion purse storage idea is to put these bags in boxes within your closet. This keeps them safe and organized until you need them again! Organization gurus at The Container Store have tons of purse storage bins to choose from, like the one pictured below!

organize and store your purses

4. Everyday Handbag Organization

While you can store your special occasion purses out of sight, for the handbags you reach for daily you want easy access. Using the back of your closet or bedroom door is a great option for storing everyday purses.

Depending on the size of your purses, you can use over the door organizing products specifically designed for storing purses or those for other products. Shoe organizers can work great for clutches and other similarly small bags.

5. Organize Purses on Hooks

You can also organize your handbags by hanging them from hooks. We’ve written elsewhere on the merits of wall storage for tiny apartments and other small spaces. Basically – we’re big fans of using available wall space to store a number of items. Wall storage is great because it is hugely functional and doesn’t use up valuable floor space.

purses organized storage

Depending on how many purses you have, you might be able to get away with just a single row with a few hooks spaced apart. Otherwise, you could use several rows to hang your handbags. For optimum storage, hang the bags with shorter straps from the upper hooks and the longer straps from the bottom.

6. Hang Handbags from a Towel Bar

By first installing a bar you can use hooks to then hang your purses. This is a simple solution and can be incredibly versatile. All you have to do is find some hooks to slide along the bar. You can even find bars that don’t require you to damage your walls. Find some here!

7. Store your Purses on a Coat Rack

Although coat racks are primarily made to store and organize coats, you can also store handbags and purses on them. If you don’t have any other space available, a coat rack is an excellent option for storing your purses. Not only do they provide a ton of storage without taking up a lot of space, you can move the coat rack around as it suits you.

8. Store and Organize with a Purse Tree

A purse tree is an excellent option for those looking for storage options specifically designed for purses and handbags. This spiral purse tree is a good way to store handbags in a foyer or in an otherwise unused corner space. The spiral design allows for maximum storage with minimal space by staggering the handbags.

creative purse storage organize

9. Check out More Ideas on YouTube

There are tons more creative ways to organize and store your purses online. YouTube is an excellent resource as you can quickly figure out what you like the look of and what you don’t think works. Here’s a great video to get you started!

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