It’s weird that there’s such a thing as Spring Cleaning but nobody talks about how much we all need a Winter Cleaning day too! And with Winter Cleaning Day comes Winter Organization!

Every year when winter rolls around, there’s this panic that isn’t at all helped by the fact that school has just started back up and the holidays are in full force. That means more schedules to juggle and more stuff in your home.

Winter organization is essential for a happy holiday experience for you and your family, and for making sure that nothing important falls through the cracks during this busy time. Winter organization is also a great way to prepare yourself and your space for the New Year.

So, start your spring cleaning in winter and get off on the right foot with these 9 clever ideas for winter organization!

1. Declutter the Year’s Stuff

The first thing you’ll want to do when starting out on your winter organization mission is declutter your home. The amount of stuff we manage to accumulate over a year is honestly, startling. But there’s no better time to take stock of what does and doesn’t need to stick around then the colder months.

You’ll be spending more time in-doors as the temperature drops, which means you’ll be confronted with you any clutter in your home. Decluttering your home in the winter is also an important tip because it allows you to free up some room for holiday decorations, relatives, and gifts.

decluttering winter tips storing seasonal items

If you’re asking how to start decluttering your home or are unsure the best way to declutter, check out a few of our other posts on the KonMari decluttering method, Swedish Death Cleaning, our Marie Kondo inspired printable declutter your home checklist, and the 19 Items you can get rid of ASAP to declutter right now!

2. Organize Your Closet Seasonally

Wondering how to store seasonal clothes? There’s something to be said for not having a ton of bathing suits, tank tops, and lightweight dresses crowding your closet when all your really need are a few warm sweaters and turtlenecks.

winter organization seasonal storage

There’s no reason why you need to keep your whole wardrobe in your closet year round. In fact, organizing your closet to match the season is a fantastic tip for decluttering your home and keeping your sanity in the winter months!

If space in your home is limited, or if you live in a tiny apartment, consider a full service storage option like Livible. Which offers pickup and delivery of your items whenever fits your schedule. This type of on-demand storage allows you to easily rotate your wardrobe to free up space and fit the demands of seasonal weather.

Here are few clothing items you might consider storing until the temperatures warm up:

  • Bathing suits, beach cover-ups and towels
  • Tank tops
  • Summer dresses and skirts
  • Shorts and lightweight pants
  • Flip flops and sandals

Putting clothes in plastic containers is a good way to prep them for their time in storage facility. Or for at home storage if you have extra space. Storing clothes in the basement or storing clothes in a garage provides less protection for your clothing. But storing clothes in vacuum bags can help guard against moisture! Overall though, our advice on how to store things in a damp basement is basically, don’t.

3. Clear Out Spring/Summer Sports Gear

This is actually a big one that people often forget when they begin to organize their homes for winter. There are plenty of season-specific sports and activity paraphernalia that you’re most likely not going to be needing in the winter. These items also tend to take up a lot of valuable space in whatever at-home storage and organization areas you might have.

Here are some ideas of seasonal equipment and gear that you could store until next Spring or Summer:

  • Wakeboards, waterskis, inner-tubes, etc.
  • Kayaks, canoes, boats
  • Sprinklers, Slip-n-Slides, outdoor games, etc.
  • Beach towels, umbrellas, and chairs
  • Inflatable pool toys and pools

Like your spring and summer clothing, you can easily store your seasonal sports equipment with Livible. When things starting heating up again simply rotate out your winter gear with the spring and summer items.

seasonal storage tips

Livible only charges you for the space you actually use. That means you don’t need to worry about calculating the new costs for storage when you swap out items. We do that all for you free of charge!

4. Declutter and Organize Your Holiday Decorations

Okay, we know this one might not sound too fun but stick with us! It’s actually a great tip and winter organization for your holiday decorations has come a long way in terms of form and function!

organized holiday decorations

One of the trickiest parts about winter organization are the beloved by space-hogging holiday decorations whose placement and storage are notoriously finicky. Not only are many of the items fragile, but some of them, like a Christmas tree or some festive collection of figurines, take up valuable space in your home.

Here are a 5 steps to winter organization for your holiday decorations:

  1. Declutter. Sentimentality might get in the way of serious decluttering when it comes to holiday decorations. Figure out if there are some that are either too worn out to be kept in the rotation or some that you just haven’t pulled out in years (for good reason).
  2. Fix. After you’ve decluttered you might find you have a small pile of “to be fixed” decorations. Don’t just transfer that pile to a box and forget about it. Instead, take the time right now to fix what you can. Be honest about those you are unable to mend. For truly beloved decorations consider enlisting the help of a professional to have them repaired.
  3. Use or Store. There’s a lot that you might not have the space to use and decorate your home with right now. But you might decorate your home with those items in the future if your circumstances change. Maybe you’ll end up with a bit more space. It’s easier to figure out which decorations you want now vs. the ones you’ll want in the future if you’ve first separated the usable from the unusable. For those items you can’t part with right now, consider Livible full service storage. That’s on-demand pickup and delivery whenever fits your schedule.
  4. Shop or Build. It took some effort to get here but this is where the meaty part of winter organization comes in. You need to know what and how much you’ll be organizing before you can shop or build the containers to organize it all! Now that you know you have X amount of tree ornaments to store after the holidays, you can determine which size of box you should either DIY or buy.
  5. Label. This is a biggie when it comes to winter organization and holiday decorations. You don’t want to be hunting around an attic or self-storage unit when the seasons change again, so label your containers as clearly and with as much detail as you can. Livible actually provides you with a digital inventory of your stored items with scannable labels. That way, you can keep track of what is where and request delivery or pick up of specific items right from your phone.

5. Organize Seasonal Bed and Household Linens

One way to maintain the quality of your linens over time and make yourself and your family as comfortable as possible year round is to switch out bedding seasonally.

Flannel sheets are thick comforters are fantastically cozy in the winter months, but stifling and uncomfortable during summer heatwaves. Consider going through the bedding and other linens in your home and organizing them based on the season they best suited for.

winter organization tips

If you don’t have wintery bedding, consider purchasing some to save yourself money over time. Seasonally-specific bedding saves spring and summer items from deteriorating from too many washes over the year.

Additionally, if you have any holiday specific pillows or blankets – like Christmas or Hanukkah themed throws or decorative cases – consider storing those during the spring and summer. This helps make room in your linen closets or other in-home storage areas.

6. Organize and Store Seasonal Kitchen Items

Until you take the time to go through your shelves and cabinets, you might be unaware how many kitchen items are seasonally-specific. Barbeque brushes and tongs aren’t generally used much outside of warmer months. Same goes for winter holiday themed cookie cutters and decorating kits that aren’t needed in the spring and summer.

winter organization holiday decorations

Is the only time you ever use the massive roasting pan and rack in your kitchen when you cook the turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas? Why not store that incredibly bulky item during the warmer months and use that space for kitchen items you actually need room for! Here are few other kitchen items you might not need around past the holidays:

  • Christmas or Hanukkah themed mugs and plates
  • Silver utensils or fancy plates only used at holiday gatherings
  • Holiday themed dish towels and oven mitts
  • Festive cookie cutters and decorating kits (with food dye)

winter organizing holiday decorations

7. Winter Coat Storage and Organization

Winter coats are “winter” specific usually because they offer more protection from the chillier elements. That means, of course, that they take up way more space than their lighter spring and summer counterparts. This also means that they tend to take quite a beating when it comes to wear and tear in their terms of use. The best storage for clothes depends on these factors!

winter clothing organization

Exposure to harsh weather conditions like snow, sleet, freezing rain, and hail deteriorates Winter clothing quicker than other outerwear. Bulky and prone to needing replacements, winter coats are a great place to focus your winter organization quest.

First, check that everyone’s winter coats from last year still actually fit them. Next, figure out if any are looking worse for wear or in need of some serious repairs. After that, determine who needs what. If the coats are simply too small, you could donate them to a children’s charity in your area. Winter coats for kids are always needed.

Here’s a video from HGTV showing some DIY winter closet organization hacks you might also consider:

If you have one main coat closet make sure you have the right amount of sturdy coat hangers for each coat. Also, have a few spare hangers on hand and in the closet for guests. To prevent mildew and other damage,  dry the coats out before storing them in a closet. Especially if that space doesn’t allow for ample air circulation.

8. Winter Boots and Accessories Organization

For organizing your outerwear in the winter and decluttering clothes, there’s several specific things you’ll need to consider. Winter weather is often damp as snow melts and rain pours. This means muddy and wet boots often clutter entryways and closets and lead to messes and damage to their surroundings. That’s why at the top of every winter cleaning checklist are muddy winter boots!

winter boots organization seasonal

Winter organization can help to lessen the damage caused and space usurped by seasonal clothing and shoes. Organizing boots, scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, etc., makes your home a cozy and calm space to enjoy in the colder months.

Winter Organization Guides and Products

DIY boot storage is a great option for those in need. So is buying an organization system for winter boots that allows drainage to keep everything dry and clean. Gloves and mittens are often made unusable once they’ve lost their mate. So, keep them organized using a shoe organizer in the closet! For more DIY decluttering winter tips for organization and storage, check out this great winter organization list!

9. Wrapping Paper Organization Tips

Wrapping paper is another one of those frustrating space-stealing seasonal necessities. Luckily, it can be easily organized and/or stored! Staying organized keeps your holiday season stress free and gives you some much needed additional space.

winter organization wrapping paper


There are tons of great ideas for storing winter or holiday themed wrapping paper, like this winter organization post by HGTV or this one by Good Housekeeping, check them out and see which ideas best suit your specific needs!

Bonus Winter Organization Tip – Consider Storing Seasonal Items with Livible Full Service Storage!

Winter organization is crucial. But, it’s often neglected or rushed once the holidays and school are in full swing and time is valuable. For winter organization, on-demand full service storage options like Livible makes storing seasonal items at your leisure and following these decluttering winter tips even easier!