Christmas decorating is tons of fun, and living in a tiny apartment shouldn’t mean you have to sit it out! While decorating for the holidays in a small space can be a bit overwhelming, we’ve made it easier with this collection of festive ideas. There are tons of ways to add some joyful Christmas spirit to your space, no matter the size!

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1. Deconstructed Christmas Tree

There are plenty of Christmas tree purists out there. We get it. However, when you’re short on space the last thing you need is a massive Douglas Fir taking up your tiny apartment’s most valuable real estate. Enter, the deconstructed Christmas Tree. This modern (and space-saving) take on the Christmas classic can take several forms. For example, you could make a Christmas tree with any number of wall art decorations. From simple minimalist lines mirroring the classic shape, to more realistic renderings with branches.

25 christmas decorating ideas tiny apartment

2. Tiny Christmas Tree

The aforementioned deconstructed Christmas tree might be the right option for some, but others could be looking for something a bit more traditional. The answer? A tiny Christmas tree for your tiny apartment. Before you dismiss this option because a tiny Charlie Brown-esque Christmas tree is just too depressing, check out the picture below! There’s no denying that is a festive and jolly Christmas decoration anyone would love to gather around.

christmas decorating tiny apartment

With the tiny Christmas tree you can go with plastic or real. The choice is up to you! If you decide to go the genuine tree route you’ll get to experience the delightful Christmas-y scent in your home. However, if you prefer plastic, you can always light a few festive scented candles to get the effect!

3. Garlands Galore

Genuine tree garlands can be a stunning Christmas decoration regardless of the size of the home. Not only do these wonderfully pungent additions generate instant festive vibes, they take up minimal space in the process. Pretty great, right?

Don’t be shy with these babies. You can arrange them beautifully in a range of locations and iterations. Just be sure to keep in mind that as the needles dry you’ll need to sweep them up. If pine garlands aren’t your thing, read on! We’ve got plenty more ideas where that came from!

4. Paper Ring Garlands

Paper garlands are an especially great option if you have kids around for the holidays or if you like some DIY decorations. It’s super easy to make these ring garlands and they add a great dose of Christmas cheer to any home!

Simply slice some red, green, and white construction paper into 1 1/2-2″ wide ribbons along the shorter length of the paper. Then, bend the ribbon into a circle and secure the flaps with some tape. Take an alternate piece of colored paper and loop that ribbon in the middle of the existing circle. Secure with tape. Continue on for however long you desire, alternating colors.

5. Decorate with Festive Fairy Lights

Fairy, or Christmas lights are terrific option for those short on space and looking for some festive cheer! Because you can string them up along walls, by windows, or from ceilings they don’t take up any space. In addition to their festive vibe, twinkly lights make for a lovely cozy atmosphere. You can use white fairy lights or red and green Christmas lights. Either way, you’ll love how indoor lights in a tiny apartment make all the difference!

christmas decorating tiny apartment

6. Swap for Seasonal Pillows

If you already use throw pillows on your couches, beds, or chairs consider swapping these out with festive seasonal pillows. The idea here is to decorate with functional items. You would already have those pillows out and taking up space, so why not switch them out for Christmas themed alternatives? This is a small change that adds up to make all the difference in a small space.

7. Switch to Festive Linens and Throws

Using decorative pillows in place of regular ones is a great way to add some Christmas flair to your tiny apartment. But if you don’t usually use throw pillows or don’t have the space, you could use the same idea with other linens! From cloth napkins and tablecloths to throw blankets, sheets and towels you have ample opportunity for space-saving Christmas decorations!

christmas decorating tiny apartment

Remember, these don’t have to be totally on the nose Christmas themed! It might be a little overwhelming for guests (and you) if you have a Santa on every available surface. We aren’t talking a sled and reindeer on your sheets, but maybe take Christmas colors as your decorating guide instead. Greens, reds, golds and silver can be used to accent our space beautifully. This way, the Christmas spirit is alive but not overpowering in your small space.

8. Add a Festive Door Mat

Door mats don’t really scream Christmas, we get that, don’t worry. At the same time, a cheery holiday doormat is an excellent way to welcome guests without taking up much needed space!

9. Rotate Artwork Seasonally

Much like swapping pillows, linens and other functional items for festive alternatives, you can rotate your artwork according to the seasons. This sophisticated idea for Christmas decorating in a small space might take a while to fully put in place, but it’s well worth the effort. It’s easy to swap out existing artwork for more festive alternatives. Think: snowy hillsides, autumnal foliage, festive retro designs, etc.

christmas decorations

10. Use Window Decals

Another fun and kid-friendly option, window decals are a cheap Christmas decorating trick to bring some Christmas cheer to your tiny apartment. From snowflakes and frost, to reindeer and Nutcrackers, there are tons of fun decals to choose from. Because they are easily removed without damage or sticky residue, window decals are safe for kids and renters alike!

christmas decorating tiny apartment

In fact, the more kid-oriented varieties are also a super easy and cheap way to entertain kids during holiday parties or dinners.

11. Decorate With Wreaths

Here’s the thing: Christmas wreaths don’t just belong on the front door. In fact, festive wreaths can be used to decorate tons of otherwise empty spaces! Put a fun Christmas wreath on the fridge, closet door, bathroom door, or a bland wall. And don’t forget about windows! A beautiful wreath in a window adds Christmas cheer without taking up space.

tiny apartment christmas

12. Hang Ornaments from a Chandelier

Christmas trees are wonderful but they take up a ton of space. If you can’t fit a tree but really miss the ornaments or baubles try hanging some from a chandelier! This creates a stunning addition to any small apartment and takes up zero space. If you don’t have a chandelier, you can add ornaments to any light fixture for this special effect.

13. Decorate With Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes – whether cut out from cardstock or printer, or construction paper – can add some lovely and cheap Christmas joy to your small apartment. If you hang the snowflakes from string affixed to the ceiling, you can really utilize the space you do have. With a sky full of pretty snowflake decorations no one will notice your limited space!

christmas decorating tiny apartment

14. Give Your Chairs Some Christmas Decorating Flair

We mentioned the many merits and uses of wreaths a few points back, but here’s another! Hanging small wreaths from the backs of chairs makes super fun Christmas decorations for a small apartment. Add even more festive spirit by hanging the little wreaths from bright red, green, gold or silver ribbons.

christmas decorating tiny apartment

15. Use Tons of Candles

Candles are great way to add atmosphere to any space. Luckily, candles come in a variety of colors, scents, shapes and sizes. While you’ll want to hold back on using too many scented varieties, go crazy with mismatched Christmas colors in a variety of sizes. But don’t let your candles sit around naked! Tying “rustic” string around the middle, or gathering a small garland at the base adds some holiday flair in a flash.

tiny apartment christmas decorations

16. Bring Out Holiday Photos

What’s the point in stockpiling tons of photos from Christmases past if no one gets to see them? Take this as an opportunity to swap out your everyday photos for some with holiday cheer! Not only is this a totally space-savvy decoration tip, it’s also a conversation starter for guests to enjoy.

17. Decorate with Presents

Often wrapped gifts begin to pile up in early December. Rather than wrapping them in a random assortment of paper, consider using the wrapped gifts as Christmas decorations. If you’ll already have them sitting out and taking up space, why not turn them into decor? Depending on how you choose to style your home, you could wrap the gifts with over the top festive vibes or maybe a more rustic feel.

christmas decorating tiny apartment

18. Bring the Outside In

If you don’t have the space for a tree, you can easily decorate your home with branches. Tree branches can be placed on mantles, in the middle of a table as a centerpiece, or in tall vases instead of flowers. Branches add the same Christmas scent and lovely green color, without taking up a whole ton of space. Depending on the branch and vessel, you can even hang ornaments!

christmas decorations

19. Pine Cone Trees as Christmas Decorations

Another tree-like option? Douse some big pine cones in green paint and place in a tiny pot or candle holder. If you’re really feeling like upping you DIY Christmas decorating game, fashion and attach a star or some ornaments! You can make these additions with paper, cardboard, or anything else you might think of! A sprinkling of glitter can rev up the Christmas spirit even further!

These mini Christmas trees can be placed on desks, tables, side tables, in bathrooms or window-sills. Wherever the Christmas spirit takes you!

20. Use Mini Trees

Like the idea of mini pine cone trees but not DIY inclined? We’ve got your Christmas decorating covered. Check out how cute these mini trees (pictured below) are? Who needs a massive tree in when you have these sweet Christmas decorations dotted around your home!

christmas decorating tiny apartment

21. String Glittery Garlands

Garlands are the tiny apartment dweller’s best friend for Christmas decorating and the holiday season! Pine, paper and now shimmery plastic or metal, all garland types can be used to decorate for Christmas. It’s fun to go for a mix of different textures and colors, and adding a pretty string like that pictured below is a breeze. While silver is great complement to paper or pine garlands, it is equally stylish on its own.

christmas decorating tiny apartment

22. Add Pops of Festive Color

Branches, as mentioned, are a cheap and easy way to bring Christmas to your home. In addition, by adding some cranberry or holly branches you can also add pops of lovely festive color to your arrangements! Although you might need to go to a home decor store to buy the ones pictured below, they are a simple Christmas decorating hack.

christmas decorating tiny apartment

23. Decorate Your Mantle

If you have mantle in your tiny apartment be sure to use the extra space it provides for Christmas decorations! Candles, garlands, stockings and photos are just a few of the many things you can use to decorate your mantle.

tiny apartment

24. Indulge in Edible Christmas Decorations

So, this might not technically count but it’s a great way to increase Christmas cheer without sacrificing on space. Not only do holiday goodies add to the wonderful Christmas aromas in your tiny apartment, you can enjoy them visually and gobble them up!

christmas decorating

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