We come to you or your loved ones’ home and pick up everything that needs to be stored including furniture. We usually work with family members and often in conjunction with realtors. Storage in assisted living is limited so Livible makes it easy to keep and have effortless access to the photographs, clothes, documents, personal effects, keepsakes, decorations, crafts and collectibles that are full of memories. We also make it easy to remove and store family items so the decision about what to do with them can be deferred until later.

We tag and photograph each item, so you can see what you have on our web or mobile apps. Whenever you or your loved one need one or more items delivered back we bring them right to the assisted living facility.

You, family members or caregivers can use our web, mobile apps or call us at (844)-LIVIBLE (548-4253) to schedule pickup or delivery. That makes it especially easy for remote family members. In addition to being easy and convenient, Livible is also very affordable. Get your Guaranteed Estimate of cost and the savings compared to self-storage or just select the storage unit size you need by clicking below. With both options you’ll only be billed for the storage space you actually use and will save 15% or more compared to traditional self-storage.

Select Your Storage Unit Size

Here's how livible works for you

  • 1. You schedule pickup (web, app, phone)
  • 2. We put tracking labels on your stuff (photos too)
  • 3. We pickup & store it in our secure warehouse
  • 4. We redeliver as needed (some or all your stuff)

After we pick up your items they are carefully transported to our secure, climate-controlled warehouse. Then we monitor your items 24/7 to ensure they are always safe and sound. You can also view your items on the web or our mobile apps at any time to see how they're doing.

See how we compare to typical self-storage