Making storage easy for you!

Now you don't need to waste your time and effort going to a self-storage facility! Let Livible full service storage do all the work for you including pickup and delivery to your door. Get started by choosing the storage size you need or by getting an instant quote.

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How Full Service Storage Works

  • how livible works 1. You schedule pickup (web, app, phone)
  • how livible works 2. We put tracking labels on your stuff (photos too)
  • how livible works 3. We pickup & store it in our warehouse
  • how livible works 4. We redeliver as needed (some or all your stuff)

Making storage easy for you!

Get your Guaranteed Estimate of exactly how much Livible will cost. You'll also see how much you will save compared to self-storage, usually 15% or more. Plus we only bill you for what you actually store and there is no sales tax.

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Need storage for 6 months or more? Our new customer special is a great deal with free pickup and your first month's storage for only $1 / item.

Happy Customers

Customers really love our service, especially their drivers. Here's what they say:

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Your items are only a click away!

Use the web or our mobile apps to manage your items and schedule pick ups and deliveries.

Awesome service has made Livible is the #1 Full Service Storage provider in:

Boston, Portland & Seattle

Coming soon to the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and more cities!


Easily store your stuff with pickup & delivery to your door

Livible is safer, easier, more convenient and will save you 15% compared to self-storage. Get your Guaranteed Estimate to learn your exact cost and savings. And there's no sales tax either!

Select Storage Unit Get Instant Quote