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Here is how your costs would break down with Livible:

First Month


New Customer Special*

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Redelivery Fee


All of your items

  • Appliances
    microwave icon
    mini fridge icon
    stove washer dryer icon
    refrigerator icon
  • Beds
    bedframe icon
    headboard icon
    single mattress boxspring icon
    double mattress boxspring icon
    queen mattress boxspring icon
    king mattress boxspring icon
  • Boxes
    medium box icon
    extra large box icon
    wardrobe box icon
    luggage icon
  • Furniture
    artwork icon
    table lamp icon
    end table icon
    carpet icon
    desk chair icon
    bookshelf icon
    coffee table icon
    chest icon
    upholstered chair icon
    loveseat icon
    dining table icon
    couch icon
  • Sporting Goods
    sleeping bag icon
    2 person tent icon
    ski snowboard icon
    golf bag icon
    Bicycle icon
    car carrier icon
    paddleboard icon
    kayak icon

*Here's how our new customer special works - You save even more your first month as it includes free pickup and one month of storage for only $1/item. Livible has no minimum but if you store your items for less than three months you aren't eligible for our new customer special. Instead you would pay the regular prices shown above for monthly storage and the initial pickup would cost the redelivery amount.

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