Bellevue, WA

The satellite city of Bellevue, Washington has rapidly become home to many large businesses and residents, growing to be the second largest city center in all of Washington. This change started back in 2008 when the suburban area was redesigned to have a more urban feel while holding on tightly to those aspects that make it a great city to establish a home in. The city has been ranked in the past as being the #1 place to start a business, and has been the corporate home to many large name brands such as T-Mobile, Nintendo, Microsoft, Expedia, and Bungie.

Not only have many businesses been grown in Bellevue, but the city also holds ties to many famous athletes. Successful stars such as Russell Wilson, Chuck Swirsky, John Olerud, and Tim Lincecum have roots in Bellevue, giving the city an even more amplified legacy to boast about. 1953 is when Bellevue, which is French for "beautiful view”, was aptly named, and officially born. Bellevue started out as a smaller, more rural area, however by as early as the 1920’s people in the area were predicting it to be one of the cornerstones of the state. The city was given high standards to live up to, but Bellevue has clearly stepped easily into the shoes set for it.

In the 2010 census, 122,363 people were said to be calling Bellevue home. As over 145 businesses have started right in the heart of the city, it's clear why Bellevue has risen to be an important part of Washington state. It isn't all just work with no play, however, as Bellevue also holds host to several different cultural experiences and attractions. One of the largest being the Bellevue Arts and Crafts fair, an exciting event that started way back in 1947.

The city is full of different artistic sights and festivals to experience, including the Bellevue Sculpture Exhibit in the Downtown Park that draws in thousands. Another place to check out is the Bellevue Arts Museum, a center with a rich history of struggles and success. Just walking around Downtown Bellevue will give you a wonderful look into the culture of the city, as well, with over 130 different public art displays to see. Families enjoy visiting the KidsQuest Children's Museum or attending one of the many shows performed by the Theatre at Meydenbauer. Aside from these amazing cultural experiences, the shopping and dining scene that Bellevue has to offer are equally rewarding. One of the crowning jewels of the city in this aspect is The Bellevue Collection, a massive mall featuring over 250 stores and over 45 different dining options. This, though arguably the grandest, is only one of many different shopping centers that the city offers.

Placed only 10 miles from Seattle, Bellevue is ideally located and offers a quieter place to set your home, either permanent or temporary, without isolating yourself from the rest of Washington's wonders. Many other cities and sights are close by Bellevue so experiencing the state can be done easily with the beautiful city of artistic wonders as your home base. It shares in the city experiences thanks to its thriving economy and several different locations for shopping, yet keeps a firm grip on the very thing that makes Washington a favorite place in the USA – intimacy. Despite the changes over recent years that have turned Bellevue into the huge business center that it is now, the city has managed to keep a hold of its friendly roots, and still allows for several residents and tourists to feel at home and laid back in the seaside city.

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