Price Guarantee

Livible is easier, more convenient and you will save 15% compared to self-storage. There are no minimums or maximums, you don't need to guess how much storage space you need or commit to whatever unit size is available.

Start Saving

The more your store, the more you save!

Automatic Volume Savings

Total Cubic Feet Monthly Storage Pickup or Delivery New Customer Special
<99 $1.29/cubic ft $15 + $0.49/cubic ft $6 average
100 - 199 $0.79/cubic ft $15 + $0.49/cubic ft $18 average
200 - 299 $0.69/cubic ft $15 + $0.49/cubic ft $35 average
300 - 399 $0.59/cubic ft $15 + $0.49/cubic ft $52 average
400+ $0.49/cubic ft $15 + $0.49/cubic ft $70 average

Your first month you’ll save even more!

We really want your business so our new customer special includes storage for a month and free pickup for $1/item on your initial order. An item is a cardboard box, plastic storage container, piece of furniture, bike, mattress or box spring, piece of luggage, pair of skis, etc. The new customer average is 35 items and 200 cubic ft. which costs only $35 for the first month (you can say your first "wow" now) and then $139/month thereafter. There is no minimum, you can cancel at any time. If you store your items for less than three months you are not eligible for the special and will be billed the list price for the discounted and free services that were previously provided.

Monthly Cost Cubic Feet Livible Self-Storage Savings
By-the-item various $1.29 per cu ft not offered yes
5x5 Unit 100 $79 $93 15%
5x10 Unit 200 $139 $163 15%
5x15 Unit 300 $179 $211 15%
10x10 Unit 400 $199 $234 15%