Livible is looking for great people to join our growing team. If you have a positive attitude, enjoy working hard and we want to be part of bringing valet storage to the world please send us your information to Here are the key positions we’re recruiting for right now:

City Manager (employee) — Each city has a manager who is responsible for local logistics and local marketing. They recruit, train and manage their local logistics team. They set-up and manage their local storage facilities. They build awareness and goodwill by supporting their channel partners including property management firms, realtors, colleges, corporate HR, professional organizers and military. They set-up and participate in local events to promote livible. The City Manager is always the back-up for logistics needs so you’ll need to be in good physical shape. This is a full-time employee position, salary plus benefits, stock and an incentive plan. Locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles

Full-time Logistics Specialist (employee) — This is the most important responsibility at livible – the people who go into our customers’ homes to provide pickup, delivery and storage. From our customers perspective you are livible. As a result we’re very selective about who we hire with wanting to provide great customer service the single most important trait we look for. Professionalism is another as showing up on time and never losing any of their items is our customer commitment. You’ll be transporting boxes and other items like bikes and skis so you’ll need to be in good physical shape. All our systems are smart phone based so you’ll need to be proficient with them. Experience driving is helpful but not a requirement as it can be taught. Military service is always a positive. Comprehensive background screening is required for bonding. Initial and ongoing training is provided. You will wear livible branded uniforms, carry livible branded photo ID and drive a livible branded van. This is a full-time employee position, $18-22/hour plus benefits, stock and an incentive plan. Locations: Seattle, Portland

Part-time Logistics Contractors (1099) — Supporting our logistics specialists are our part-time logistics contractors. The same standards apply including the comprehensive background screening. The difference with our contractors is we’re looking for part-time, ongoing help, typically 1-2 days a week. That includes some weekends and, during peak times, as many days as you have available. Some contractors have another position and are looking to supplement their income. Others are looking to become logistics specialists. This is a 1099 contractor position, $20/hour with no benefits. Locations: Seattle, Portland.