Valet Storage: A win-win approach to leverage self-storage

After more than two years of doing business in Seattle learning the ins and outs of the self-storage industry, Storrage valet storage service is now taking a page from apps-makers in the taxi industry like Flywheel who are working with cab companies rather than cutting them out of the process. So instead of competing with traditional self-storage, Storrage is partnering with premier self-storage operators in the Seattle area and beyond.

With the evolution from the standard self-storage to a valet style storage, Storrage is leveraging existing self-storage models by adding pick-up and delivery options for customers.

“After two years of operations, we realize it is more efficient to leverage existing self-storage infrastructures and customer acquisition flows instead of spending heavily to build out a market. Instead of competing we are partnering and everyone wins: customers, self-storage companies and Storrage,” said Terry Drayton, Founder and CEO of Storrage Inc.

The leveraged self-storage model allows Storrage to focus on providing customers with a fundamentally better app and web-based scheduling experience with pickup and delivery while maintaining lower price point for those who may not need an entire storage unit.

“Most of our customers are space challenged, but don’t have enough to fill a typical storage unit,” Drayton explains.

Storrage’s valet storage service fills a void for customers who don’t need large amounts of storage space but have seasonal or infrequently used items that clutter their homes. With just a few clicks through your smartphone, having to haul your stuff to your self-storage unit through Storrage app is just a breeze.

Storrage’s valet storage service has always been focused on providing convenience, particularly for Seattle residents who don’t have adequate home storage. Instead of renting their own individual storage unit and paying for a considerable amount of empty space, Storrage customers only pay for the amount of the space they fill.

Storrage has accomplished a great deal in its two years of operation and now looks to share that learning to help existing storage facilities efficiently fill their space while strategically positioning itself for the long haul. The self-storage facility grow their ratio of rented units, while being able to offer customers a convenient and top-of-the-line experience. It’s a true win-win-win, situation for Seattle storage facilities, Storrage and the customers.