Livible CEO Terry Drayton on The Bob Pritchard Radio Show

On Entrepreneurship, Start-ups and Persistence: Storrage founder and CEO, Terry Drayton, guests on The Bob Pritchard Radio Show

When Livible Founder & CEO Terry Drayton and Bob Pritchard chatted Tuesday afternoon, the pair had plenty to talk about – entrepreneurship, success and painful learning over his 29 years doing 9 start-ups.

“You can overcome all the obstacles you’ll face as entrepreneurs by relentlessly working on it until you’re successful,” Terry added, as he talks about the best advice he got as an entrepreneur when he stopped by The Bob Pritchard Radio Show, which airs every Tuesday at 5PM Pacific on

In this wide ranging half hour session, Terry discusses his love of entrepreneurship and why he thinks it’s very important for our society and country, especially as a gateway to upward mobility and overall prosperity for the 99%.

“Persistence is omnipotent!”

Terry says that persistence is very different than being stubborn as it takes a willingness to just keep trying different ideas until you find what works. Finally Bob asks Terry why he thinks Storrage will be a big hit.

You can listen in to the full interview here.