6 Things Better Kept in Storage when Selling your Home

When you place an ad for selling your home, you need to see what
elements does a prospective buyer needs to see in your house which means you have to let go emotional attachment and create a new ‘show home’. To make it appealing, here is a list of six things that are better kept in a temporary storage rather than on display when selling your home.

Selling your Home


The old armchair

In almost every home is one scruffy, old armchair. These armchairs take up some considerable space and gather an awkward position in the room. It is important to create space that can be lived in but all unnecessary items should be put away, including your old armchair.


Old clothes

Buyers like to snoop around the house to see how tidy the seller is. The
problem when selling your home is we all leave clothes hanging in our cupboards that we do not wear and never even plan of wearing again. We think that a complete evacuation is unnecessary, but for the time your property is on the market you will not need more than 50% of the clothes hanging in your cupboard.


Personal Pictures and Souvenirs

To make the place feel welcoming, a few carefully hung pictures or artwork can be put around. However, the buyer might not be interested in seeing your old family photos or pictures of your trips. Instead, clear your place with these items and perhaps replace it with a potted plant or


Some kitchen appliances

There are appliances in the kitchen that are used infrequently and just
keep lying. To give your kitchen some perspective, it is better to have an
uninterrupted working area with only few useful items. It would be ideal
not to stuff your kitchen with unused appliances as the buyer can snoop in
it and may think that the kitchen lacks space.



The type of tools lying around the house depends on the type of household
you live in. Whether it is a well maintained house or not, the fact is that
if there are still things that need to be fixed in your house, then it shouldn’t be on the market. Put away the tools somewhere safe and instead project a spacious and well maintained house.

Selling your Home



Seattle has ever since opened up its streets to people biking and having
one in your house is logical. But having your bike lurking around when a
potential buyer scans your house may not necessarily leave a good
impression. Never let your bike be the first sight that catches the buyer.
Find some place keep your bike to make space in your home’s entrance.

To sum things up, focus on eliminating distractions to make your house more appealing to interested buyers. Put stuff in boxes or garbage bags and stash them under the bed. Or better yet, let Livible help you temporarily store your bulky stuff in an indoor, locked and climate-controlled unit, plus, we’ll get all your items conveniently delivered to your new home.