3 Simple Rules for Small-Space Dweller

Are you a small-space dweller? What do you like best about small spaces and urban living?

We answer, everything! We love how small living make every part of our urban life becomes personalize and intentional – even for Seattle metro renters. How many things you can keep, where is everything placed and the entire flow of your day is greatly affected by your limited space. That’s why here at Storrage, we are on fire to make this year the year Seattleites breathe and live better urban living. After all, we can still create a heavenly haven in Seattle metro and live comfortably and contentedly in 400 square feet – or less.

So to make a quick turn so we can start this year with new rules to live by, here are three to consider.

Rule #1. Identify your real treasures and figure out what’s important to you.

Limited space is every urban-dweller’s foe. Given a small space, you knew you were in to make tough choices – what are the things you’d like to keep and what are the things that should be tossed out. Imagine how much space you allot to less important things. If you allow everything that eats up much of your living space, de-cluttering can be a real pain. Pinpoint the things that you really use every day or the ones that contribute to your daily routine. There may be also some things that you do not regularly use but you really love or enjoy – like books or wall art. Identifying real treasures in your small home will help you create more space for more important things, appreciate the beauty in less, and even make smarter choices when buying stuff in the future.

Rule #2. Let go.

We all own things. But these are just things. While some of them are essential part of your city life, most of them are just stuff which you can eventually boxed out and finally let go.
Of course, this is easier said than done. At some point we all cling to every stuff in our home. But learning the habit of letting go means that we are allowing for stuff that matters – our real treasures (see Rule#1).

After finally deciding which piece you don’t want to keep, you have three options on where to take them – sell, donate, or trash. If you are still unsure whether to let go or keep an item but don’t have a space for it in your home, box it up and send it to Storrage. If for 60 days you don’t miss or need it, then it’s time these items go.

Rule#3. Learn how much is enough.

Our worldly society demands us to crave for more. More shoes, more clothes, more gadgets, more stuff. We are so engrossed at acquiring material possessions that we fail to realize that the stuff we buy are slowly weighing us down. When will you have enough?

We’ve all been there. It’s a fleeting reward that we give ourselves and before we know it, we keep buying more – even we don’t have enough space to fill it in our homes. Figure out how much is enough and learn to limit your buying habits. Buying less means less stuff, less clutter and more space, time and money for purposeful things. Isn’t it liberating?

We feel this quote just says it all:

There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.

Small living does not necessarily mean getting rid of stuff to free space or try to become Martha Stewart or something. It’s about discovering a new way of living urban life – creating meaningful experiences, making smart choices and finding contentment in less. After all, we only have a limited time (and space!) to live. Make each day of this new year a little better than yesterday.