Save and Store More with Automatic Savings Plans

Finally, with our automatic savings plans you get lower rates the more your store.

Save more with Automatic Savings Plans

You have been asking us to give you a price break if you stored more items. Others wanted pricing that compared directly to self-storage. Good news is – we’ve done both! We still offer our item plan for customers needing small amounts of storage but now provide five plans that provide automatic savings. We track all your items (you’ll notice we now show you the typical dimensions and cubic feet of each of your items) and automatically give you savings with each order. And unlike self-storage, we only bill you for what you actually store and give you a comparable price if you are between sizes.

With the new plans we’re also 10-20% less than traditional self-storage:

automatic savings plans


So are you still at the edge of your seat on trying out Livible? With our automatic savings plans, you can store and save more! Sign-up online, pack your boxes and we handle the rest.