How to Store Refrigerators and Chest Freezers

If you are in the middle of the large-scale renovations or is about to move, you cannot keep your freezer or refrigerator at home. Sadly, it is not just as simple as hauling these huge appliances into your unit. If you do, moisture can produce mold, mildew, and rust. To store refrigerators and chest freezers whilst you’re on the move, unplug these appliances one day before you plan to move them. This is enough time to let the ice defrost, take everything out of the cabinets and then clean the trays and shelves. Caustic cleaners are not required to do this. A mixture of water and soap is enough to get rid of any food stuck on it. If in case your fridge has a built-in ice maker, find the water holding tank and discard it. Disconnect the pipes that are connected to the water supply and allow it to dry.

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