Speed Cleaning after the Holidays

Clutters are everywhere after the holidays, apply speed cleaning for time efficient and productive household.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again. During this festive season, your house is hosting series of parties and gatherings. Gifts are all over the living area and spills are messing up your carpets.


Speed cleaning is an easy, time-efficient and productive method to clean households. Only a few can effectively implement this method of cleaning, simply follow these 4 Way methods religiously:

Go Green

Have yourself ready with disposable and biodegradable products during the holidays. You are not only saving yourself from such horrible cleaning but you’re saving Mother Nature as well. All year round, you can store up thrifty and ‘green’ products and start using them; you’ll become a “green warrior” come the holidays.

Stack on Trash

Organize clutter sounds weird but it is effective. Put on waste baskets in key areas of your households to avoid piles of clutter everywhere. You may want to consider the recycling options to make it handier for sorting later. Let go of the stuff you have stored from the previous holidays, you might not need them now.

Bottle Up

Well, there will be a lot of unfinished cans of chips and other food on the counter; pile them up using nice glass jars or bottles and store them up for future use. Rather than throwing it all in the bin, check out the labels to be sure it isn’t expired and store. So before the holidays, make sure you have these nice jars/bottles ready.

Clutter Free

It is always exciting to try and experience new things and go to new places. If you have planned a Holiday to-do list, make sure you included a special place to spend it with the family. Usually, kitchens will be the most dirty and busy place during the holidays, why not try to spend it in new places and experience a once in a lifetime Christmas or new year? You are saving yourself from messy household while creating memories with your loved ones.

Nobody wants a messy house after the holidays. So instead of scratching and squeezing dirt all over, relax and apply speed cleaning.

Organize Your Home With These 6 Great Storage Furniture Options

If you have a big heap of laundry clothes, unsorted mails which are cluttering your house, you can get these 6 types of storage furniture to organize your house.

1. Storage Ottoman

storage furniture

Storage Ottoman from Amazon.com

These versatile types of storage furniture are not only stylish but also functional. It can be easily incorporated into the living spaces, bedrooms and basements. These ottomans look amazing, and can be utilized to stash the extra blankets, bed sheets or the heap of animals which your kids do not wish to leave. Apart from the storage features, these ottomans also serve as an excellent choice for seating too.

2. Re-purposed dresser

Repurposed dresser can be used if you wish to convert an old dresser into the mega storage. It can help you to instantly organize your space. Whether you wish to tidy up your room or bring order in your office, this furniture can prove to be a great bet.

3. Under bed storage

These are great storage furniture option to make use of the space under your bed. You can store your extra pair of shoes, accessories or clothes in these flat plastic boxes. These are not only easy to slide but also maximize the space in your living space or rooms.

4. Mail organizer

storage furniture

Wall Mount Mail Organizer from Amazon.com

It may seem as one of the lesser useful items, but it can be a great way to reduce the mess in your house. These mail organizers can help you organize the mails and papers in your house. You can get these in a variety of styles. But, choosing one which has key hooks with it is better as in that case you can also keep your keys properly.

5. Cloth or Canvas Boxes

storage furniture

Canvas boxes from Amazon.com

The best part about these boxes is that they can be simply incorporated in any space. You can use one in your library to store the books or one on your bedside to keep the magazines. There are a variety of uses these boxes can be put to.

6. Sofa Style dog bed

storage furniture
Dog Bed with Storage from Amazon.com

If you too have a pet, then sofa style dog bed can be a life savior. You definitely need some place to keep your dog’s bone, or chewy toy and not scatter it in your room. These types of furniture can help you eliminate clutter and some have built in storage too. You can get it in a variety of styles and sizes.

Organizing Your Stress-Free Holiday Season

Holiday season technically ranges from the months of November up until the January. It is actually a 3-month fully-occupied schedule for everyone since people are busy doing shopping, cooking, working, decorating, and alike. More often than not, these chores and activities cause a lot of stress and hassles for people causing them to have a tiring season instead of a joyous one and you don’t want that for sure. Celebrating the season is quite challenging and tiring yet if you prepare before hand for these things and circumstances, you will more likely to enjoy and have merry holidays. Organizing is one of the keys in unlocking the secret to obtaining a happy holiday celebration but how to really prepare? Here are some tips to organizing your stress-free holiday season.


Pre-Season Preparations

One of the most primary things to do to prepare before the holidays is to actually have a To Do List because through the list you are about to make, you will have more authority in calculating all the possibilities that could happen within the range of the said season. Moreover, keeping up with your To Do List, enables you to maximize all the time you have and never neglect the essential things you want to happen.

Most of the people who experienced a stress-free celebration say that they always make To Do Lists since it cater more convenience and efficiency in executing these lists. It assists them with their gift shopping, cooking procedures, decorations to buy, and many more. To Do List actually sets a clear scopes and limitations causing to have a very effective and worry-free season.

During the Holidays

There are actually numerous of stress things that usually occur during the holidays such as the losing of time due to errands. The most effective way in omitting this kind of concern is by setting schedules and deadlines. Set a clear time frame of every activity to fully maximize your time in doing chores and activities.

Post-Season Organization

After the holidays, cleaning is one of the common concerns of many since decorations must be removed, as well as for the dirt and stains acquired from celebrations inside your home. Ask and get help if you really need one. You may hire cleaning services and other types of services that cater assistance to your cleaning schedule. There’s nothing wrong in asking help, even from your pals and relatives. Besides, you spent the holiday season with them. A great team work is a very effective tool in arriving to an overall great holiday.

Also, avoid the cluttering by sorting out which of the decorations and holiday stuff you are likely to stock are to be donated or sold.

Clutter: What To Do and When To Let Go

There are things in your home that needs to go and you are aware of that but you don’t want to throw them away or give them to someone else due to the thought of “Just-in-case” – the fact that your things have piled up already for several years, it’s is then already time to let go. But what are really these things? Here are signs and indications that your things and stuff have already turned into clutter:


Clothes and Apparels

Actually, it is a fact that only or almost half of what is in your closet are the only things you wear and use. There are a lot of clothes and garments inside your closet you are aware that you no longer wear and use them – either they are already small or you just don’t have any idea where and when to wear them. Moreover, there are clothes and garments that you are sure not to wear but you find them really pretty and attracting, just waiting for the right just-in-case moment – don’t. Usually, these clothes more often than are the ones that are needed to let go of because these only consume too much space.

Same applies to socks and undergarments, most of the time these are being stocked and piled up. You may want to check over these things because there are a lot to throw away.


Makeup tools and makeup are one of the things that usually turned into clutter for several homes of women today. Undeniably that makeup is really one of the needs and wants of many women today however, you don’t wear a full blast make up on a daily basis. Thus, there are a lot of tools that has already piled up on your shelf. Try to run over these and check what you can no longer use or what you don’t usually use and let these go.

Alongside the makeup, there are the nail polishes and other women’s accessories. Try to sort these things out because there are a lot to throw away since mostly of these things are already old and unusable already, especially the dried nail polishes for years!

Ultimately, these are only some the usual things inside your homes and residential areas that have already turned into clutter without you fully realizing them. There are things as well that you are worried to throw away since they are gifts but take note that it is okay after a quite some time of piling them up inside your closets and drawers. Let go of what you don’t usually use and especially the things that seem to just fill your just-in-case thoughts.

No Space? Create a Household Storage Plan

You look at your closet and what you saw was pile of boxes, crammed cabinets, basement that are bursting with boxes, boxes and boxes. Yes, we know that exact feeling, you want bigger house, larger storage areas, and all you want is to organize everything, and just throw away those things that are piling up. But, we will tell you this, a bigger house is not the answer to this, what you need to do is to have the right household storage plan, and this is easy as ABC.

A for Assessment

To start that household storage plan, you will need to have a pen and a paper. Walk around the house and write all the possible storage areas, at the same time, refresh your mind on what are the things that are stored in those areas. Once that you have listed down the possible storage areas, be specific on what to store on those areas. The next thing that you need to do is to list all the stuff that are still needed to be stored such as out of season clothing, seasonal decorations, household files, keepsake items,
luggage, sporting goods and tools and hardware.

B for Banish and Box

So you are done with listing all the necessary items, now go to each storage areas, know which items are needed to be stored, and those that are needed to be banished and box. Since you have taken down notes on where to put each item, and categorize them in which storage area to store, sort the items and box them if still necessary, however, if needed be, just throw them away or donate them to charity. And do take note that clearing the storage area is a race, slow and steady until you finish it all the way.

C for Corral and Control

You have done a great job there, sorting out items and putting them on the same storage area. Boxing things that are not needed and you are now on the final step, you need to control and make sure that the storage areas remain that way. You will need to have an Inventory Control List, list down everything that are still outside the box, put them in a plastic storage containers and it is best if you put marks on it, like red for Christmas holidays, green for garden equipment, and at the same time, record this as you do it, so that the next time you want to pull out something, you know exactly where they are.

Get your family involved! Keep everyone abreast about the household storage plan that you have in place, so that you will have the convenience or an organized home.

9 Tips on How to Make Your Small Space Studio Apartment Looks Big

Whether you just moved into your first apartment or you just need to transfer in a smaller area, studio apartments display some unique challenges. With just one room to fix and others out on display, separating
your bedroom from your kitchen is a tedious task. It does not matter what is your storage condition, these tips will surely help you design and modernize your studio apartment into the most elegant small area in the building.

1.    Allow the Light to Enter. Do not use heavy curtains and put lots of light fixtures to make the studio look larger, more welcoming and cleaner.

2.    Consider Your Movement. Consider how you will move in the room and place the furniture accordingly. You will feel even more overcrowded if you keep on tripping on the couch before you could reach the closet. Having clear pathways, you will enjoy the apartment even if you are clumsy.

3.    Organize the Furniture. Apply furniture placement to arrange furnishings in smaller groups in the room. Since walls are not available to act as dividers, you can use rugs, lighting and furniture to separate the areas while still keeping the area airy and open.

4.    Use Flexible Furniture. Multipurpose furnishings are preferred and in a smaller area like a studio type apartment, they can be a lifesaver. Heavy duty furniture is a good furnishing to have around.

5.    Organize Everything. If you can organize everything, it is best to do it particularly if you are living in a studio apartment where everything is on display. Look for some storage organizers that look attractive and then place those things that you don’t need at all.

6.    Add Artwork. To added effects and personality in your space, you can display some of your art work on the walls to make the area look unique. There are several ways to hang an art without using a hammer, so even renters can have a gallery wall.

7.    Manage Clutter. Some normally place piles of throw pillow in their sofa, but in smaller spaces, these will provide a chaotic feeling. To prevent the clutter, pick one unique piece to group things based on shape or color.

8.    Create a Pretty Storage. Keep organized, but make sure to do it attractively by placing stuff in colorful boxes and baskets.

9.    Vertical is Good. Since in floor space is limited in a studio apartment, you can use the walls to put some mementos on your floating shelves. These shelves are ideal for rotating displays, and you can change the look of your decorations base on the season and your mood.

Six Ideas To Repurpose Clutter in your Garage

Has your garage become a damping ground? Does everything you do not use, end up in the garage? Since it is near your home, you need to organize the garage and make it more appealing as well as bug-free. Here are few garage organization ideas to repurpose clutter in your garage.

Old kids’ sleds as junk movers

If you have a garden, cleaning tree branches, leaves and other garden clutter, is utterly important to keep it tidy. In most cases, we use wheelbarrows or pushcarts. However, if you cannot afford these equipment, you can move pruned branches to the dumpsite using kids’ sleds. Simply fix a rope at one end and use it to move the waste across the path to the desired destination.

Golf gear as an organizer

Where you have an old golf gear, it can make a good organizer for all your garden or workshop tools. Make use of the multiple pockets, to store most of the tools. This way, you will have an easier time when you are looking for them. If you got some tees in the golf package, they can make great
seed markers in your garden.

Use bottles as bird feeders

Bottles make most of the clutter that is in your garage. Before you call for the recycling people, pick a few of the bottles and cut them out to create feeding troughs for birds and other small animals in your garden.

Repurpose toilet roll tubes

Cardboard tubes from toilet roll may be used as insect trapper. Wrap around a tube with a tape and the flies will certainly fall prey. You can also use the tubes, as pots for seedlings.

Metal cans

If you have plenty of metal cans in your garage, you can use them for various use. For example, you can use metal cans to hold most of your small screws, nails and the like. They can also hold dehumidifying salts for your basement or garage.

Old newspapers

The old newspapers in your garage can be put to great use. First, you could use them as mulch for plants in the garden. Besides, old newspapers can be used to hasten ripening fruits.  Where you have compost in your garden, shredded newspapers can help to alienate the odor.

These are only some tweaks but it’s a good start to achieve an organized garage. Or better yet, make your garage more Livible – your extended closet. Sign-up online, pack your boxes and we handle the rest.

Winter Organizing Tips: Make Room for Winter Fun

Winter Organizing Tips


The cooler weather is upon us and it’s time to start planning on organizing your stuff. Whether you need to unpack your winter wardrobes and sweaters and set aside your warmer clothing for temporary storage,
or you need store summer items such as kayaks, bikes and paddleboards, there is no better time to prepare than before the weather actually makes the change. Here are some winter organizing tips:

Perhaps your apartment is already jammed with overflowing closets and your garage is no different; so how in the world are you going to manage your living space for these items? Good thing there’s Livible – now you can make more room for winter fun!


Move your summer stuff out.

There are many items in your home that you used during summer that won’t have any use at all during the fall
and winter months. Summer items such as golf clubs, sports bag, water skis, wakeboard, scuba tank, container, bike, kayak, and paddle board may be put into temporary storage so you can free up more space for your winter stuff. We’ll keep all your summer belongings in perfect shape until it’s that time of year to get out in the sun again!

Winter Organizing Tips


Set aside all winter items.

Start going through each corner of your home and grab the items that you will need over the course of fall and winter. The most common items include clothing—sweaters, hats, coats, pants—that you will want to replace your summer wardrobe with. With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner you could finally free up more space by getting those decorations out and so you can easily get them when the time comes to have them donned out.


Storing your stuff with Livible ensures that you will have the right items stored in time for the weather change, and frees up the space you will need for the new season. Start making room in your homes for some winter fun today!

Moving Tips for Easing the Process

Moving? You’re looking forward to an exciting new home base, yet dreading the process that takes you there. The cleaning, the planning, the packing…there is just TOO MUCH work to do! Don’t stress – we’ve come up with a list of moving tips to help ease the process!

Label, label, label

Make sure your boxes are labeled correctly! You wouldn’t want to end up putting a heavy box in an upstairs bedroom that was really meant for your basement, and have to relocate it. Save your lower back!

Write it down

You should write down the items that are in each and every box. That will help you out if you need something last minute and haven’t had time to unpack the entire house! We recommend using red duct tape to indicate the most important boxes.


Worried about your breakables? You can use linens or other soft things that you’re already packing to wrap up and safeguard your fragiles from breaking. We don’t however, recommend using your linens to wrap up your furniture just in case they do get stained during the move.

Wrap it up

Plastic wrap is your BFF! Consider covering the top of cosmetic bottles with plastic wrap and an elastic band to avoid spilling your favourite lotions and potions.

Last but not least

Which room to pack last? Make sure to leave the kitchen to the end. That way you can still enjoy the amenities of a home cooked meal during the crazy packing hours!

When it’s time to get packing, remember that Livible is your friend! If you’ve got limited space in your moving van or car, consider packing some things up with us. We’ll deliver the boxes, you pack up using our clever Livible App to help take pictures and label the contents and we can take them from your old home to your new home.

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7 Closet Organizing Apps to Revamp your Style

Don’t you know that you can organize your closet right through your
phone? There are certain apps designed to help you organize your wardrobe and revamp your style, saving you money and time. These apps are like your personal digital wardrobe stylists; they identify trends and develop looks based on the stuff in your closet. Let’s discuss seven closet organizing apps here:

Closet+ is like your own wardrobe assistant. You can import your clothes and categorize and subcategorize them in this app e.g. favorites, out-dated etc. You can also keep a track of when they were last worn and what their price is. It lets you plan your looks for the upcoming week as you can add items in its built-in calendar. Scrambling at the eleventh hour is the last thing it will let you do.

Stylebook App lets you curate your wardrobe, besides organizing it, when new items are put in. This app makes it easy for you to come up with a style when new entries are made in your wardrobe, curing your confusion. If you see something online and want to see how it looks with an existing, planned look of yours, you can now do it with the help of Stylebook App.

Cloth lets you share and categorize your outfits with friends. It is an iPhone app and is really helpful in getting your wardrobe done. What makes it different from other apps is its feature of picking up real-time weather conditions, assisting you to decide your outfit accordingly.

Bib +Tuck is your personal extras seller. Done with organizing and categorizing your wardrobe? What to do with the unwanted items? Not to worry, Bit +Tuck is the closet organizing app at your rescue. You can sell the items or outfits you don’t plan to wear. This app is kind of an online community/market of extra clothes where real fashionistas dwell, so, the better the items the more the money.

Twice app is not as picky as Bib +Tuck but it only works with well-known brands if you are planning to buy and sell clothes on it. Shoes, handbags and other items can be bought and sold on it, too.

Material Wrld is another app which enables you to sell clothes, which you no longer need, upfront. The payment would be upfront and they would instantly come and pick you your clothes and offer you prices for them. The best part of this app is that you can donate those extra clothes to charity, to disadvantaged women.

Livible frees your wardrobe of extra clothes by helping you move and keep them to a safe storage. All this can be done with just a few clicks on your smartphone. You just have to pack your things, they will come pick it up and will redeliver it on your request. Spring cleaning your closet? Pack the winter gear and let them store it safely until November!