How On Demand Storage Makes Living in a Large City Easy

If you are living a large city like Seattle or Portland, you usually have to get used to a small area. This is particularly true if you are living in downtown or in other highly populated neighborhood in the metropolitan area, where you need to pay the area per square foot. In this post we share some tips that will help you with the moving process, either by assisting you to find the perfect place and live easier in large cities using on demand storage.

One of the major problems if you have a limited space in a large metropolitan area is crowded closets and living quarters. Finding the right place to stay is quite difficult. Also, transferring from one place to another is not that easy. But, there is a solution to this problem that will not cost you that much and can give you around 25 square feet of space.

Here are some ways on how on demand storage can help you save some money while living in a big city.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot With On Demand Storage

Use on demand storage instead of looking for a bigger house, loft or apartment to expand the space in your home. It can help you save money. Rather than picking a space based on its size, it lets you pick a space based on location.

It’s Like Having Another Closet

On demand storage is like adding another closet onto your house that is easier to use. Accessing everything whenever necessary is now easy with an electronic access gate storage unit everywhere. Worrying about grabbing your things being a chore is not a problem since you can find storage units near your house.

On Demand Storage is Designed to Fit Your Unique Situation

What’s great with this on demand storage is that you can put everything you need no matter how extraordinary it is. Whether it is a big space or small space, there is an ideal storage option ready for you.

There is lots of great entertainment; career opportunities and your lifestyle are secured when you live in a large city. But, you don’t need to live in an uncomfortable area to experience the big city feels. You can increase the livable space you have at home by using on-demand
storage without exceeding your budget.

Rather than using some valuable space in your home for your excess stuff, you can try Livible‘s on demand storage today to help you free some of the spaces. Through this, you can take advantage of every square foot that you have.

Livible Feature Update: Pay Livible with Apple Pay

Our customers have asked for it, hence we are happy to announce that we have just released new versions of our iPhone and iPad app that allows customers to pay Livible with Apple Pay.

If you have an eligible credit card already added to Apple Pay, you don’t need to enter it again to pay your Livible order. With Apple Pay, paying your Livible order just became even more easier!

Daylight Storage Time: When DST Means More Storage

Don’t you think DST is even more awesome than you think? We do! Because it’s Daylight Storage Time!

So, are you excited about that extra hour of sleep starting this weekend? When most of return to standard time at 2 a.m. Sunday, now’s also a perfect time to store all your summer clothes, shoes, decorations and sports gear until next spring. You won’t be using them anyways so let us take them away and, as our customers say, give you more livible space! You’ll feel like your place got bigger as its Daylight Storage Time!

It’s easy and very affordable so what are you waiting for? Click here to get started!

Livible News: Livible Launches in Portland!

Livible Launches in Portland

Welcome to the Livible Family, Portland!

As Livible launches in Portland, help your Portland friends and family get started by sharing your personal referral code with them! You’ll both get a free delivery, a free pickup, a free month of storage or a free box. That saves you both up to $25.

It’s easy! Go to “Credits” in the web or mobile apps and share it with one click.

Get your credits now

Livible News: Livible Now Serves Portland!

Great news Portland friends! Livible now serves Portland!

We’re really excited to announce that Livible is now serving the Greater Portland region!

“Portland was our first choice to expand as it’s a terrific match for our company and services,” said Livible founder and CEO Terry Drayton. “From savvy urban dwellers who want to use more of their apartment for living space to clever homeowners who need to store seasonal items, we make it incredibly convenient and affordable to store their stuff off-site – we pick it up at their door, store it in a secure facility and then return it back to them whenever they need it.” Starting today, Livible services 29 zip codes in and around Portland.

New customers pay only $1 at sign-up for delivery of an empty box, picking it up after they’ve filled it and their first month of storage. They can do that for up to ten boxes or choose instead to store bulky items like luggage, bikes, skis or even stand-up paddleboards. After the first month, storage costs $4 per month for each box or bulky item. There are no contracts or commitments. Livible can be used on the web or via the free Livible apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

We’ve Changed From Storrage to Livible!

From Storrage to Livible!

We wanted you to be the first to know that we’ve changed our name and brand from Storrage to Livible!

The new name is a result of consistent feedback about what on-demand storage does for you, our customers: we give you more livible space. It’s also a broader name to support the full range of “ecosystem” services you’ve asked for: donate, rent, repair, sell, share and swap your possessions. We’ll be rolling those services out this fall so stay tuned.

We’ll be updating everything to Livible over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

10 Easy Ways to Enjoy Spring

Everything is brightening up and as the winter bids farewell, it’s time to get out and make the most of the much awaited spring season. Spring in Seattle means letting the sun shine into your home with rekindled spirit. So why waste time being stuck inside reorganizing your living space or making long trips to your storage unit when there is a much better way to enjoy the season? Shed your winter coats and let Livible help you store it away so you can get started on this 10 easy ways to enjoy spring!

1. Dress for spring

Prep yourself for the season by adding color and life back into your wardrobe. Bring out your spring clothes and wear some color!

2. Bring in fresh spring flowers

Add a pretty spring flair to your home with fresh tulips, daffodils or other cut spring flowers.

3. Feel the sun on your face

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” said Helen Keller. Welcome the new season with renewed spirit and fresh perspective.

4. Go for a walk

Breathe some fresh air and go for a walk. Bring your loved ones to share good stories with. Sounds simple, but trust me, you’d feel a lot better.

5. Draw pictures on the sidewalk with chalk

What better way to enjoy spring outdoors than to grab some sidewalk chalk and draw!

6. Enjoy seasonal produce

Visit a farmer’s market and shop for seasonal produce, like a bunch of asparagus, spinach or sugar snap peas.

7. Get a new hairstyle

Have your hair cut, or better yet, try on a new hair color! This will surely do wonders on rock this season with a new look.

8. Open the windows

Bring the fresh spring breeze in by leaving your windows open.

9. Get your feet pretty for spring

Be prepared for the sandal season by getting a pretty pedicure! Keep your feet fab and show off your nails with your favorite flip-flops.

10. Kick off the grilling season

The grilling season is upon us! Polish up the tongs and feast with your family and friends into your favorite spring recipe!

So how do you intend to enjoy Spring?