Six Ideas To Repurpose Clutter in your Garage

Has your garage become a damping ground? Does everything you do not use, end up in the garage? Since it is near your home, you need to organize the garage and make it more appealing as well as bug-free. Here are few garage organization ideas to repurpose clutter in your garage.

Old kids’ sleds as junk movers

If you have a garden, cleaning tree branches, leaves and other garden clutter, is utterly important to keep it tidy. In most cases, we use wheelbarrows or pushcarts. However, if you cannot afford these equipment, you can move pruned branches to the dumpsite using kids’ sleds. Simply fix a rope at one end and use it to move the waste across the path to the desired destination.

Golf gear as an organizer

Where you have an old golf gear, it can make a good organizer for all your garden or workshop tools. Make use of the multiple pockets, to store most of the tools. This way, you will have an easier time when you are looking for them. If you got some tees in the golf package, they can make great
seed markers in your garden.

Use bottles as bird feeders

Bottles make most of the clutter that is in your garage. Before you call for the recycling people, pick a few of the bottles and cut them out to create feeding troughs for birds and other small animals in your garden.

Repurpose toilet roll tubes

Cardboard tubes from toilet roll may be used as insect trapper. Wrap around a tube with a tape and the flies will certainly fall prey. You can also use the tubes, as pots for seedlings.

Metal cans

If you have plenty of metal cans in your garage, you can use them for various use. For example, you can use metal cans to hold most of your small screws, nails and the like. They can also hold dehumidifying salts for your basement or garage.

Old newspapers

The old newspapers in your garage can be put to great use. First, you could use them as mulch for plants in the garden. Besides, old newspapers can be used to hasten ripening fruits.  Where you have compost in your garden, shredded newspapers can help to alienate the odor.

These are only some tweaks but it’s a good start to achieve an organized garage. Or better yet, make your garage more Livible – your extended closet. Sign-up online, pack your boxes and we handle the rest.