Fall Fashion: Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Weeks ago and it was a sweltering experience but voilà! Fall is here and you are freezing a great deal. Gearing up for the fall fashion means rearranging your wardrobe to suit the chilling season.

Glamour.com shares a quick list of do’s and don’ts when planning to work on your outfit in this tricky transition from summer to fall.

Fall is a period when you will be feeling too much cold if you don’t dress up well. Instead of the trousers and the pair of shorts that you really love, try the tailored leggings. This together with your fall outfit will prove to be surprisingly fun.

Though you may want to have some little body exposure as you pile up layers to keep warm, it will not be wise to overexpose your skin with sheer fabrics associated with fall. This may look opaque while you are in your bedroom but it might not be proper once you’re on the streets.

Be prepared with a pair of some rain boots in your wardrobe this season. Fall is a time when you will have to keep your sandals on the furthest end of your shoe shelf. To curb the cold weather and the rains, you must have your rain boots for the all rounds of weather transition and the crazy ups and downs that come with it. Keep your knee highs and sandals away during such times.

Feel free to bare your gorgeous legs as long as you can otherwise you will have to do away from bright soles and sandals and do with the dark-shade shoes instead. Also, try adding heavier fabrics on bottom instead of stockings.

As you transition into fall, throw on opaque tights under your pretty dress, and your friends will be too distracted by your put-together ensemble to notice just how familiar it actually is.

A combination of your favorite colors together with white and khaki isn’t a bad idea during such times. Have a neutral jacket that will match with almost all your outfits. Try a neutral scarf as well for this will also update almost all the outfits.

Now that all those summer outfit have been cleaned and laundered, it’s time to figure out where to put them until next year. While it’s only reasonable to throw items into boxes or pushed them at the back of your closet, it’s also important to take the extra step and properly fold, hang and store your clothing so they can last many seasons.

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Here’s to years of a fresh and organized off-season wardrobe!

Images from: Glamour.com