Organize Your Home With These 6 Great Storage Furniture Options

If you have a big heap of laundry clothes, unsorted mails which are cluttering your house, you can get these 6 types of storage furniture to organize your house.

1. Storage Ottoman

storage furniture

Storage Ottoman from

These versatile types of storage furniture are not only stylish but also functional. It can be easily incorporated into the living spaces, bedrooms and basements. These ottomans look amazing, and can be utilized to stash the extra blankets, bed sheets or the heap of animals which your kids do not wish to leave. Apart from the storage features, these ottomans also serve as an excellent choice for seating too.

2. Re-purposed dresser

Repurposed dresser can be used if you wish to convert an old dresser into the mega storage. It can help you to instantly organize your space. Whether you wish to tidy up your room or bring order in your office, this furniture can prove to be a great bet.

3. Under bed storage

These are great storage furniture option to make use of the space under your bed. You can store your extra pair of shoes, accessories or clothes in these flat plastic boxes. These are not only easy to slide but also maximize the space in your living space or rooms.

4. Mail organizer

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Wall Mount Mail Organizer from

It may seem as one of the lesser useful items, but it can be a great way to reduce the mess in your house. These mail organizers can help you organize the mails and papers in your house. You can get these in a variety of styles. But, choosing one which has key hooks with it is better as in that case you can also keep your keys properly.

5. Cloth or Canvas Boxes

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Canvas boxes from

The best part about these boxes is that they can be simply incorporated in any space. You can use one in your library to store the books or one on your bedside to keep the magazines. There are a variety of uses these boxes can be put to.

6. Sofa Style dog bed

storage furniture
Dog Bed with Storage from

If you too have a pet, then sofa style dog bed can be a life savior. You definitely need some place to keep your dog’s bone, or chewy toy and not scatter it in your room. These types of furniture can help you eliminate clutter and some have built in storage too. You can get it in a variety of styles and sizes.

Clutter: What To Do and When To Let Go

There are things in your home that needs to go and you are aware of that but you don’t want to throw them away or give them to someone else due to the thought of “Just-in-case” – the fact that your things have piled up already for several years, it’s is then already time to let go. But what are really these things? Here are signs and indications that your things and stuff have already turned into clutter:


Clothes and Apparels

Actually, it is a fact that only or almost half of what is in your closet are the only things you wear and use. There are a lot of clothes and garments inside your closet you are aware that you no longer wear and use them – either they are already small or you just don’t have any idea where and when to wear them. Moreover, there are clothes and garments that you are sure not to wear but you find them really pretty and attracting, just waiting for the right just-in-case moment – don’t. Usually, these clothes more often than are the ones that are needed to let go of because these only consume too much space.

Same applies to socks and undergarments, most of the time these are being stocked and piled up. You may want to check over these things because there are a lot to throw away.


Makeup tools and makeup are one of the things that usually turned into clutter for several homes of women today. Undeniably that makeup is really one of the needs and wants of many women today however, you don’t wear a full blast make up on a daily basis. Thus, there are a lot of tools that has already piled up on your shelf. Try to run over these and check what you can no longer use or what you don’t usually use and let these go.

Alongside the makeup, there are the nail polishes and other women’s accessories. Try to sort these things out because there are a lot to throw away since mostly of these things are already old and unusable already, especially the dried nail polishes for years!

Ultimately, these are only some the usual things inside your homes and residential areas that have already turned into clutter without you fully realizing them. There are things as well that you are worried to throw away since they are gifts but take note that it is okay after a quite some time of piling them up inside your closets and drawers. Let go of what you don’t usually use and especially the things that seem to just fill your just-in-case thoughts.

Decluttering: Introducing our Livible Ecosystem

Livible is expanding our on demand services and partners to make it easy to do whatever you need with your household items. Introducing the Livible Ecosystem.

Decluttering. No one likes to do it and it’s been on your to-do list for months. One of life’s most satisfying feelings can be found in a freshly organized space, lifting a weight off your shoulders you never knew you had!

When you are decluttering your space, we know just how tedious and overwhelming things can be, so we came up with a few ways to help get you started. We believe that living well begins with a healthy environment, that includes your home and workspace, which is why we’ve created the Livible Ecosystem!

Our Ecosystem is made up of our fantastic customers, local businesses, community partners and more to help you re-organize your space. Let’s get you started today:

Organizing help!

Do you need help packing or sorting through your things? TaskRabbit is an awesome company that helps regular people get through all kinds of tasks and activities with the help of their skilled employees. Big or small, TaskRabbit does it all. To make it even cooler, you name the price and don’t pay until it’s done – TaskRabbit staff are the best! Neighbours helping neighbours, learn more here.

Fix it or throw it away?

That is the question! When searching through the back of your closet or in the garage, you’re sure to find those not-quite-functional items you just can’t throw away! A bike with a popped tire, expensive leather shoes with a worn sole or a shoulder bag with a broken strap, it’s time to take action! There are loads of great repair companies in Seattle to choose from so we’ve narrowed them down with our own list to help you out. Check them out here.

Donate it!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – so stop throwing it away! We know you’re busy, stressed and pushed for time, and donating or recycling is an extra step you’re not always willing to take. We’re confident that our newest partners will make life easier and help you to be more environmentally conscious. Our friends at Seattle’s Value Village are accepting your donations with the help of Storrage. During any scheduled delivery or pickup, you can donate straight to Value Village. No car, no extra time needed – it’s that easy! Living Green Technology takes old electronics and safely recycles and disposes of the parts with our Earth in mind.

Remember, before throwing things out you can repair, share, donate, rent, sell, or organize and of course store!

We are looking for great partners! Please contact us at


Beat The Clutter – Marie Kondo style

We’ve been pondering over a decluttering craze by a Japanese tidying expert, Marie Kondo. Her take on the topic, briefly, is that everything that has to do with our interests and feelings should be kept in company; these objects may be furniture, utensils, books, gadgets or anything that helps. The rest is clutter and should be taken out immediately.

I want to believe in this for two reasons, the first is obvious, Marie Kondo is not a local Japanese closet organizer, but she’s a renowned guru. The second has to do with happiness and peace – a simple tidying code to help us declutter not only our small spaces but also our lives as a whole. Kondo further adds that maintaining this behavior not only nurtures harmony in you but also the inanimate things in your life; yes, and it means your bed, your spoons and your socks will also live happier.

No matter how civilized we are, if it is a family, it makes a house a “home” with the “homely mess.” Get it? Each of us is still living a disorganized and we all deserve a fair share of the struggle against that never-ending clutter tidying process. Reality check:

  • Suitcases under every bed
  • Photo frames beneath couches
  • Wires in that ‘extra’ drawer
  • Old phones and gadgets plus never-ending cables and wires

We all don’t want to live in a clutter, so why don’t we sort things out? That is solely because we have to seek the motivation to do it. To live as Kondo suggests requires a conviction in a continuing abundance and prosperity that most of us was raised not to have.

Food for thought: “A house is not built in a day; it takes hundreds and thousands of bricks to be put together in months and years.” Do not think about straightening the whole chaos in a day, even if it takes a year, it is still better than stranding, isn’t it? While this is an important tip, it is also important to understand how storage works. If something doesn’t serve its purpose anymore, throw it out. That is what Kondo’s theory teaches us. We don’t have to store things that do not contribute to our happiness anymore. Keep only the things that spark joy in your home. (But if you still have something in between, let Livible help!)

In a nutshell, the two things you have to realize are:

  1. You have to wage a war against the clutter, be slow, but announce the war.
  2. You have to find the courage to throw away that sweater your grandma gifted you on your twelfth birthday; I mean it does not even fit you anymore.

If we have the motivation to start and the courage to let go of things that are not needed, it will automatically clean the muddle. What Kondo made us realize is the possibility of throwing things away, and the knowledge that some people discard belongings more easily than we do. This is liberating. We could clean our closets if we wanted to — and maybe we will — but keeping stuff has fulfillment of its own.

Beat the clutter – Marie Kondo style. Start today.