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Home Cleaning Hacks 101

Everybody wants a comfortable and tidy safe zones but home cleaning probably is not everyone’s forte. It is usually assigned to anyone with the given task and painfully does the job heartlessly. You can change the way how cleaning is done. Learn the fast and effective home cleaning hacks 101 and be an expert anytime […]

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Organize Your Home With These 6 Great Storage Furniture Options

If you have a big heap of laundry clothes, unsorted mails which are cluttering your house, you can get these 6 types of storage furniture to organize your house. 1. Storage Ottoman Storage Ottoman from These versatile types of storage furniture are not only stylish but also functional. It can be easily incorporated into […]

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Clutter: What To Do and When To Let Go

There are things in your home that needs to go and you are aware of that but you don’t want to throw them away or give them to someone else due to the thought of “Just-in-case” – the fact that your things have piled up already for several years, it’s is then already time to […]

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Decluttering: Introducing our Livible Ecosystem

Livible is expanding our on demand services and partners to make it easy to do whatever you need with your household items. Introducing the Livible Ecosystem. Decluttering. No one likes to do it and it’s been on your to-do list for months. One of life’s most satisfying feelings can be found in a freshly organized […]

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Beat The Clutter – Marie Kondo style

We’ve been pondering over a decluttering craze by a Japanese tidying expert, Marie Kondo. Her take on the topic, briefly, is that everything that has to do with our interests and feelings should be kept in company; these objects may be furniture, utensils, books, gadgets or anything that helps. The rest is clutter and should […]

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