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Refrigerator – Clean it out and live a healthy life

  So the holidays are already over, news and headlines are now showing how to lose weight after attending several parties and dining all out. Others are showing how to save a little after spending too much after the holidays. Now that holiday decorations are already stowed in the attic, we are now thinking about starting the year […]

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Six Ideas To Repurpose Clutter in your Garage

Has your garage become a damping ground? Does everything you do not use, end up in the garage? Since it is near your home, you need to organize the garage and make it more appealing as well as bug-free. Here are few garage organization ideas to repurpose clutter in your garage. Old kids’ sleds as […]

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Beat The Clutter – Marie Kondo style

We’ve been pondering over a decluttering craze by a Japanese tidying expert, Marie Kondo. Her take on the topic, briefly, is that everything that has to do with our interests and feelings should be kept in company; these objects may be furniture, utensils, books, gadgets or anything that helps. The rest is clutter and should […]

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Only 2 more days of Un-Deck the Halls

2 more days to go and it’s Un-deck the Halls! We’re down to the last two days of our Un-Deck the Halls promo! Holiday decorations are the usual item that you should keep in storage in your home for most of the year and ensure that they are still in mint condition next Christmas. What […]

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Declutter Your Home In Just One Click: PSBJ

Ask anyone, especially women, if they have enough closet space and they will almost always say “no.” That’s particularly true for people living in apartments and condos — a growing segment of the population here in the Puget Sound area. About 10 percent of households use self-storage facilities when they need extra space, but, let’s […]

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Clutter in America

Clutter in America I’m not a hoarder, I’m a collector of fine things! just surveyed over 1000 people about how cluttered they are in their homes. The survey results are consistent with other research showing that only about one person in 20 people has a major clutter problem. Less than half of respondents said […]

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