Speed Cleaning after the Holidays

Clutters are everywhere after the holidays, apply speed cleaning for time efficient and productive household.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again. During this festive season, your house is hosting series of parties and gatherings. Gifts are all over the living area and spills are messing up your carpets.


Speed cleaning is an easy, time-efficient and productive method to clean households. Only a few can effectively implement this method of cleaning, simply follow these 4 Way methods religiously:

Go Green

Have yourself ready with disposable and biodegradable products during the holidays. You are not only saving yourself from such horrible cleaning but you’re saving Mother Nature as well. All year round, you can store up thrifty and ‘green’ products and start using them; you’ll become a “green warrior” come the holidays.

Stack on Trash

Organize clutter sounds weird but it is effective. Put on waste baskets in key areas of your households to avoid piles of clutter everywhere. You may want to consider the recycling options to make it handier for sorting later. Let go of the stuff you have stored from the previous holidays, you might not need them now.

Bottle Up

Well, there will be a lot of unfinished cans of chips and other food on the counter; pile them up using nice glass jars or bottles and store them up for future use. Rather than throwing it all in the bin, check out the labels to be sure it isn’t expired and store. So before the holidays, make sure you have these nice jars/bottles ready.

Clutter Free

It is always exciting to try and experience new things and go to new places. If you have planned a Holiday to-do list, make sure you included a special place to spend it with the family. Usually, kitchens will be the most dirty and busy place during the holidays, why not try to spend it in new places and experience a once in a lifetime Christmas or new year? You are saving yourself from messy household while creating memories with your loved ones.

Nobody wants a messy house after the holidays. So instead of scratching and squeezing dirt all over, relax and apply speed cleaning.

Perfect Christmas Gifts That Surely Won’t Go To Waste

Holiday season is fast approaching and undoubtedly many people today find challenging times to secure the perfect Christmas gifts for their friends and loved ones. More often than not, because of rushing and cramming, people tend to buy gifts that are inappropriate or things that most of the times aren’t much of a use on a daily basis. Usually these gifts are just crowding the homes of the receiver, although the thought and the spirit of Christmas are there, still there are other things that are much more efficient and perfect to give during the said season.

Holiday Getaway

One of the most perfect gifts for your loved ones is a free holiday getaway. Whether you are included or not, the getaway will allow your friends and loved ones to enjoy relaxing and calming surroundings outside the stressful city. Not thinking of any works, chores, or any of the like, they will surely include this holiday getaway to their memorable experiences.

Salons and Spas

A salon and spa treatment for your friends and loved ones is a much needed thing to do especially there are a lot of recurring stresses and tiring moments during the holiday season. Alongside the massage and spa treatments, better to include the manis and pedis for a total package of stress-free season.

Event Tickets

Whether theater tickets or concerts, or even sports games – your friends will truly enjoy and appreciate these because it is so rare for people nowadays to be given a free passes or tickets to such big events. Also, instead of you going with your friends, insist them to be with their own special and loves ones.


This one is very appropriate for the upcoming Christmas season due to the fact that during this season, food goes side by side with the gift giving. Offer your friends and family cooking classes or baking classes as your holiday gift for them. Not only that it will help them enhance their skills, it will also allow them to learn new set of skills that will be very useful not only the holiday season.

Ultimately, these are only some of the best gifts you could give or request to receive since these things are very much more useful and really create memories that could last a lifetime. A gift that is able to teach minds, touch hearts, or even possible transform lives is the best you could ever give in Christmas season.

Clutter: What To Do and When To Let Go

There are things in your home that needs to go and you are aware of that but you don’t want to throw them away or give them to someone else due to the thought of “Just-in-case” – the fact that your things have piled up already for several years, it’s is then already time to let go. But what are really these things? Here are signs and indications that your things and stuff have already turned into clutter:


Clothes and Apparels

Actually, it is a fact that only or almost half of what is in your closet are the only things you wear and use. There are a lot of clothes and garments inside your closet you are aware that you no longer wear and use them – either they are already small or you just don’t have any idea where and when to wear them. Moreover, there are clothes and garments that you are sure not to wear but you find them really pretty and attracting, just waiting for the right just-in-case moment – don’t. Usually, these clothes more often than are the ones that are needed to let go of because these only consume too much space.

Same applies to socks and undergarments, most of the time these are being stocked and piled up. You may want to check over these things because there are a lot to throw away.


Makeup tools and makeup are one of the things that usually turned into clutter for several homes of women today. Undeniably that makeup is really one of the needs and wants of many women today however, you don’t wear a full blast make up on a daily basis. Thus, there are a lot of tools that has already piled up on your shelf. Try to run over these and check what you can no longer use or what you don’t usually use and let these go.

Alongside the makeup, there are the nail polishes and other women’s accessories. Try to sort these things out because there are a lot to throw away since mostly of these things are already old and unusable already, especially the dried nail polishes for years!

Ultimately, these are only some the usual things inside your homes and residential areas that have already turned into clutter without you fully realizing them. There are things as well that you are worried to throw away since they are gifts but take note that it is okay after a quite some time of piling them up inside your closets and drawers. Let go of what you don’t usually use and especially the things that seem to just fill your just-in-case thoughts.

Decluttering: Introducing our Livible Ecosystem

Livible is expanding our on demand services and partners to make it easy to do whatever you need with your household items. Introducing the Livible Ecosystem.

Decluttering. No one likes to do it and it’s been on your to-do list for months. One of life’s most satisfying feelings can be found in a freshly organized space, lifting a weight off your shoulders you never knew you had!

When you are decluttering your space, we know just how tedious and overwhelming things can be, so we came up with a few ways to help get you started. We believe that living well begins with a healthy environment, that includes your home and workspace, which is why we’ve created the Livible Ecosystem!

Our Ecosystem is made up of our fantastic customers, local businesses, community partners and more to help you re-organize your space. Let’s get you started today:

Organizing help!

Do you need help packing or sorting through your things? TaskRabbit is an awesome company that helps regular people get through all kinds of tasks and activities with the help of their skilled employees. Big or small, TaskRabbit does it all. To make it even cooler, you name the price and don’t pay until it’s done – TaskRabbit staff are the best! Neighbours helping neighbours, learn more here.

Fix it or throw it away?

That is the question! When searching through the back of your closet or in the garage, you’re sure to find those not-quite-functional items you just can’t throw away! A bike with a popped tire, expensive leather shoes with a worn sole or a shoulder bag with a broken strap, it’s time to take action! There are loads of great repair companies in Seattle to choose from so we’ve narrowed them down with our own list to help you out. Check them out here.

Donate it!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – so stop throwing it away! We know you’re busy, stressed and pushed for time, and donating or recycling is an extra step you’re not always willing to take. We’re confident that our newest partners will make life easier and help you to be more environmentally conscious. Our friends at Seattle’s Value Village are accepting your donations with the help of Storrage. During any scheduled delivery or pickup, you can donate straight to Value Village. No car, no extra time needed – it’s that easy! Living Green Technology takes old electronics and safely recycles and disposes of the parts with our Earth in mind.

Remember, before throwing things out you can repair, share, donate, rent, sell, or organize and of course store!

We are looking for great partners! Please contact us at ecosystem@livible.com.


9 Tips on How to Make Your Small Space Studio Apartment Looks Big

Whether you just moved into your first apartment or you just need to transfer in a smaller area, studio apartments display some unique challenges. With just one room to fix and others out on display, separating
your bedroom from your kitchen is a tedious task. It does not matter what is your storage condition, these tips will surely help you design and modernize your studio apartment into the most elegant small area in the building.

1.    Allow the Light to Enter. Do not use heavy curtains and put lots of light fixtures to make the studio look larger, more welcoming and cleaner.

2.    Consider Your Movement. Consider how you will move in the room and place the furniture accordingly. You will feel even more overcrowded if you keep on tripping on the couch before you could reach the closet. Having clear pathways, you will enjoy the apartment even if you are clumsy.

3.    Organize the Furniture. Apply furniture placement to arrange furnishings in smaller groups in the room. Since walls are not available to act as dividers, you can use rugs, lighting and furniture to separate the areas while still keeping the area airy and open.

4.    Use Flexible Furniture. Multipurpose furnishings are preferred and in a smaller area like a studio type apartment, they can be a lifesaver. Heavy duty furniture is a good furnishing to have around.

5.    Organize Everything. If you can organize everything, it is best to do it particularly if you are living in a studio apartment where everything is on display. Look for some storage organizers that look attractive and then place those things that you don’t need at all.

6.    Add Artwork. To added effects and personality in your space, you can display some of your art work on the walls to make the area look unique. There are several ways to hang an art without using a hammer, so even renters can have a gallery wall.

7.    Manage Clutter. Some normally place piles of throw pillow in their sofa, but in smaller spaces, these will provide a chaotic feeling. To prevent the clutter, pick one unique piece to group things based on shape or color.

8.    Create a Pretty Storage. Keep organized, but make sure to do it attractively by placing stuff in colorful boxes and baskets.

9.    Vertical is Good. Since in floor space is limited in a studio apartment, you can use the walls to put some mementos on your floating shelves. These shelves are ideal for rotating displays, and you can change the look of your decorations base on the season and your mood.

How to Store Refrigerators and Chest Freezers

If you are in the middle of the large-scale renovations or is about to move, you cannot keep your freezer or refrigerator at home. Sadly, it is not just as simple as hauling these huge appliances into your unit. If you do, moisture can produce mold, mildew, and rust. To store refrigerators and chest freezers whilst you’re on the move, unplug these appliances one day before you plan to move them. This is enough time to let the ice defrost, take everything out of the cabinets and then clean the trays and shelves. Caustic cleaners are not required to do this. A mixture of water and soap is enough to get rid of any food stuck on it. If in case your fridge has a built-in ice maker, find the water holding tank and discard it. Disconnect the pipes that are connected to the water supply and allow it to dry.

When it’s time to get packing, remember that Livible is your friend! If you’ve got limited space in to store refrigerators, consider packing some things up with us. We’ll deliver the boxes, you pack up using our clever Livible App to help take pictures and label the contents and we can take them from your old home to your new home.

Dealing with Keepsakes: 7 Tips to Preserve Old Photos

Similar to old clothes, toys and books, the boxes of printed photos can also eat up a valuable space in your home. Worse, if you store these photos in a damp basement or in the warm attic, you take the risk of ruining your precious prints and memoirs. You may have already discarded some boxes of photographs, but for the rest that matters, we share below 7 tips to organize and preserve old photos so you can enjoy and share them with family and friends.

Do not store the photos in the basement or in the attic

Photographs should be store in a stable temperature room, dry and cool room. The basement is too damp that will cause the pictures to become moldy and stick to each other. The attic on the other hand is too warm that could cause the pictures to degrade.

Protect the pictures from light

Too much exposure to light causes pictures to fade, so when keeping pictures in frame, it is best to maybe put the high quality copy instead of the original one.

Write who’s who at the back of the picture, but do not use pen

Use either pencil, or maybe use something that you can stick into the pictures, but never write directly into the pictures, with this, you may also invest with photo enclosures so you may write down special memories in them and not in the picture.

Buy picture enclosures to preserve old photos

If you need to keep those pictures somewhere, it is best to keep them either in picture enclosures or photo albums so that they will never stick together or become moldy. If you choose to put all your photos in a photo album, make sure that they lay flat and are not stacked together as it may case the pictures to stick together and cause damage.

Do not use supplies like fasteners, clips and rubber bands to store photos

Clipping pictures, using fasteners or rubber bands to keep them all together is not a bad idea, however, once you forgot about it, it may cause bent and leave markings on the photos which cannot be restored anymore.

Have a safe workspace

When working on with your old photos, it is best not to have any food or drinks near. And when holding photos, do have the option to wear gloves, and if you do not have, then just hold the pictures on the edges to avoid putting oil in the pictures that could cause damage.

For the most precious photographs, digitize them

Pick those precious photos that you want to cherish, scan them and save them either on a flash drive, in your computer, or upload them in photo applications so that you will never lose that moment.

Need more storage to preserve old photos and keepsakes? Now it’s more convenient and affordable if you just need to store some boxes of your old photos and prints through Livible. Feel free to contact us!

Quick Fixes for an Organized Closet

Have you ever wondered why your closet seems to always be disarranged even if you just fixed it the other night? Us too! For some, fixing a closet could be an easy task but for many, it could be a nightmare! But here are a few tips on how you can keep your closets neatly arranged and clean.

Take out your huge obstacles to an organized closet

If your shoes are too space-consuming, you can take them out and buy a
shoe-rack where you can place them all on. You can also buy thinner hangers for you clothes.

Ask you family to get involved

Why don’t you make this boring task a fun bonding for you and your
family. Help each other in folding clothes and hanging dresses. That will bring you closer for sure!

Throw Old Stuff

You can throw whatever it is that you don’t need, like the overgrown
shirts and small pants. Or give it away if it still looks okay. It would save
you a lot of space.

Organize in Sections

You can try buying small boxes for the underwear and hanger where you can hang your bras. You can also arrange your closet according to colors, so it wouldn’t be hard for you to sort thing out.

These are only some of the tweaks but it’s a good start to achieve an organized closet. Or better yet, extend your closet with Livible! Sign-up online, pack your boxes and we handle the rest.

Image by: Shantrice16 via Wikimedia Commons

Are there books you can live without?

Are there books you can live without?

If you feel your books are already eating up your living space, then perhaps it’s time to declutter. Three quick things you can do:

1. Let go of any book you haven’t read yet that has been on your shelves for more than six months.

2. Pick books off your shelves that you’d love to share with someone else, and then send them off.

3. Or better yet, download the Livible app to get started.

Refrigerator – Clean it out and live a healthy life


So the holidays are already over, news and headlines are now
showing how to lose weight after attending several parties and dining all out. Others are showing how to save a little after spending too much after the holidays. Now that holiday decorations are already stowed in the attic, we are now thinking about starting the year with a healthier and wealthier life. But how do we start? Perhaps, just take a look at the big white box that stores all your food, yes, your fridge.

Did you notice, that refrigerator is holding it all for you, the food, finance, well-being, and organization. Give that one hour of your time, dive in to clean up that refrigerator, and check which foods that can be cooked or foods that needs to be thrown away. We all know how our fridge looks
like after the holidays – plastic containers piling up, bottles of sauces and
spices, and bowls and bowls of food. So to begin, turn off and unplug that
refrigerator, and start from the top. Prepare clean cloths, sink with soapy water to clean, degreaser spray, your garbage can and pen and notepad. Remove all the containers and lay them in the kitchen table, clean the sides and spray the degreaser, and finish all the way down. And now, do not forget about the sides. Put all the shelves in the sink with the soapy water and wash them well and let them dry a little bit before putting it back.

Now, looking at all the containers, left overs, bottles of sauces, and vegetables, first, throw away those leftover, or if you can think of anything out from those leftovers, then you might be able to pull out one
great dinner. Throw all those foods that are in the plastic containers. And
check those bottles of anything, it might be that they have already expired, might as well throw them away. And, did you saw those vegetables and fruits that were not eaten at all, maybe just throw them away. And have you checked that margarine and butter?

Now, check those foods that were not consumed at all, write it in your notepad, so that the next time that you go buying things in the
grocery store, you may cut your expenses by buying less. And have write down those vegetables and fruits that you have thrown away. So the next time that you buy those apples, place it in the basket where you can see it every day. To cut down expenses on soda, just replace it with fruit juices and iced tea. And for those vegetables, maybe you can print a menu planner so you know what to buy and when to cook it.

By having a thorough check and clean-up on your refrigerator, you will be able to cut down expenses, and live a healthier new year ahead.