Need a Closet Makeover?

Julie, lives in a modest one bedroom apartment. Her 6 foot by 6 foot closet was stuffed to the max – countless shoes on the top shelf alongside numerous jeans and t-shirts, work and play clothes intertwined and you couldn’t tell a shirt from a dress from a jacket. She was, in her words, “in a desperate need of a closet makeover, even an intervention”.

closet makeover


Like Julie, organizing your closet may be one of the challenges especially if you have a small space. From the right placement of everything inside your closet to the appropriate tools to use in keeping your closet neat, organized, and well accommodating. Apparently today, there are actually a lot of closet makeover ideas that are very much helpful in creating a better look and a more organized overall closet. Here are some tips to make your closet less cluttered.

Separate clothes accordingly

In ensuring a more organized closet, make sure that the hangers and clips are very much delicate and appropriate for your clothes since these hangers affect as well the overall look of the closet and the clothes. Also, separation of clothes according to its uses and forms is a much better idea. Separate the formal clothes from the casual ones, as well as the undergarments and other clothing apparels. In addition, you may add baskets or separate reservoirs for shoes and accessories allowing you to have a more convenient and easy-pick moments inside your closet.

Remove the spare stuff

One of the best ways to de-clutter your home is to start with removing the additional stuff from your house –  be it clothes, shoes, accessories or any other household item. If you have not used it from long time trust me you are never going to use that again.

Donate old things

Seattle-area residents have an easier way to tackle closet organization through new partnership with Value VillageLivible customers who schedule a pick-up or delivery can now easily give donations of gently used clothing and household items for delivery to a local Value Village. All donations benefit Seattle-area Value Village nonprofit partners including, Northwest CenterSightConnection and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound.


Make a habit

Check wardrobes at least once in 3 months: This habit will help you in many ways if you segregate your stuff every 3 months’ possibilities of getting stressed due to unwanted stuff are very little and you can live a healthy and hassle free lifestyle. A healthy home not only leads to healthy lifestyle but it has also described in our holy books that a healthy home leads to healthy and close knitted family.

Organizing your closet requires time and effort, alongside the creative and artistic ideas. It may be minimalistic in look for a much neat and refreshing vibe or it may be rustic and vintage for a more stylish finish. These mainly depends on your personal preferences. Need a closet makeover? Perhaps Livible can help!

Quick Fixes for an Organized Closet

Have you ever wondered why your closet seems to always be disarranged even if you just fixed it the other night? Us too! For some, fixing a closet could be an easy task but for many, it could be a nightmare! But here are a few tips on how you can keep your closets neatly arranged and clean.

Take out your huge obstacles to an organized closet

If your shoes are too space-consuming, you can take them out and buy a
shoe-rack where you can place them all on. You can also buy thinner hangers for you clothes.

Ask you family to get involved

Why don’t you make this boring task a fun bonding for you and your
family. Help each other in folding clothes and hanging dresses. That will bring you closer for sure!

Throw Old Stuff

You can throw whatever it is that you don’t need, like the overgrown
shirts and small pants. Or give it away if it still looks okay. It would save
you a lot of space.

Organize in Sections

You can try buying small boxes for the underwear and hanger where you can hang your bras. You can also arrange your closet according to colors, so it wouldn’t be hard for you to sort thing out.

These are only some of the tweaks but it’s a good start to achieve an organized closet. Or better yet, extend your closet with Livible! Sign-up online, pack your boxes and we handle the rest.

Image by: Shantrice16 via Wikimedia Commons