Refrigerator – Clean it out and live a healthy life


So the holidays are already over, news and headlines are now
showing how to lose weight after attending several parties and dining all out. Others are showing how to save a little after spending too much after the holidays. Now that holiday decorations are already stowed in the attic, we are now thinking about starting the year with a healthier and wealthier life. But how do we start? Perhaps, just take a look at the big white box that stores all your food, yes, your fridge.

Did you notice, that refrigerator is holding it all for you, the food, finance, well-being, and organization. Give that one hour of your time, dive in to clean up that refrigerator, and check which foods that can be cooked or foods that needs to be thrown away. We all know how our fridge looks
like after the holidays – plastic containers piling up, bottles of sauces and
spices, and bowls and bowls of food. So to begin, turn off and unplug that
refrigerator, and start from the top. Prepare clean cloths, sink with soapy water to clean, degreaser spray, your garbage can and pen and notepad. Remove all the containers and lay them in the kitchen table, clean the sides and spray the degreaser, and finish all the way down. And now, do not forget about the sides. Put all the shelves in the sink with the soapy water and wash them well and let them dry a little bit before putting it back.

Now, looking at all the containers, left overs, bottles of sauces, and vegetables, first, throw away those leftover, or if you can think of anything out from those leftovers, then you might be able to pull out one
great dinner. Throw all those foods that are in the plastic containers. And
check those bottles of anything, it might be that they have already expired, might as well throw them away. And, did you saw those vegetables and fruits that were not eaten at all, maybe just throw them away. And have you checked that margarine and butter?

Now, check those foods that were not consumed at all, write it in your notepad, so that the next time that you go buying things in the
grocery store, you may cut your expenses by buying less. And have write down those vegetables and fruits that you have thrown away. So the next time that you buy those apples, place it in the basket where you can see it every day. To cut down expenses on soda, just replace it with fruit juices and iced tea. And for those vegetables, maybe you can print a menu planner so you know what to buy and when to cook it.

By having a thorough check and clean-up on your refrigerator, you will be able to cut down expenses, and live a healthier new year ahead.