Apartment renter lifestyle matters to more and more people

It’s the apartment renters lifestyle that matters to more and more people.

The American dream of owning a house is shared by fewer people. That’s one observation from a recent poll of 2500 renters by Apartments.com. Driven by Millennials on the young end and downsizing baby boomers on the other who are both choosing a lifestyle with more experiences than stuff. You don’t often hear of similarities between the two groups but in many apartment communities that’s exactly what you see: people of both age groups choosing to live where they can walk to restaurants, enjoy live music and all the urban amenities.

The level of home ownership has been declining for a number of years. Certainly some of that is financial as the recovery from the Great Recession has been slow and getting a mortgage is nearly impossible. With 9M homeowners still owing more than their homes are worth there are undoubtedly a lot more people who will likely chose to rent an apartments when they escape from their current situation. But the bigger shift looks to be an attitude that’s broadly shared across age groups.

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Halloween: I’m going as a unicorn? How about you?

Halloween: I’m going as a unicorn? How about you?

It’s amazing how creative some people are. Or maybe it’s how much free time they have? You have to admit a very large guy in a bunny suit holding a duster AKA “dust bunny” is pretty clever. Ditto for the college student wearing both a lampshade and end table AKA “one night stand”. And these people can also turn their house into a full Game of Thrones set, complete with a fire breathing dragon/BBQ. That just wouldn’t end well for most people!

But now it’s all about their pets. And that’s where it really gets crazy! Dogs as another animal or your favorite superhero are done and done well. Harry Potter and Star Wars themes, check. Elvis or Lady Gaga, check. So who will have a better costume this Halloween, you or your pet?

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Why isn’t Oktoberfest in October?

Why isn’t Oktoberfest in October?

That has always seemed strange so we consulted Wikipedia – of course – to find out why. It turns out that it was celebrated in October for the first hundred or so years, that being the anniversary of the marriage of King Ludwig I to Princess Therese on October 12, 1810 who started it to celebrate their nuptials. Held in Munich it involved a parade in traditional attire plus a horse race that persisted until 1960. It turns out that as Oktoberfest grew more popular and lasted longer the weather was better in September so they moved the date back – something Seattleites can totally relate to. While it’s great fun to drink lots of beer – 7 million liters were consumed at the Munich Oktoberfest last year – it tastes better out of the rain. Oktoberfest now officially starts mid-September and usually runs 17 days until the first Sunday in October.

And why were there almost as many dogs as people at both the Fremont and Kirkland Oktoberfest’s? Certainly some were there to drink beer with their owners and came dressed in matching lederhosen and stockings. One very happy fellow proudly announced that he’d trained his dog to take him home if he was drunk. A few minutes later he sat down and fell over with his dog licking his face without effect.

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Storrage and Value Village Partnership Featured on KOMO 4 News!

Storrage Featured on KOMO 4 News!

Storrage was recently featured on KOMO 4 News discussing it’s newest partnership with Value Village. Learn more about the partnership and how you can donate to Value Village when using Storrage!

Donated items can include anything from clothing, shoes, and household goods!

Learn more about this great way to donate by watching the feature here!

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Customer Story: Meet Terry Drayton and Learn About his Recent Move!

We are very excited to share our most recent interview! It’s with one of our own, Storrage CEO, Terry Drayton, who recently moved. We wanted to learn a little bit more about how he found the moving experience to be – and what better than to ask a true expert in storage!

Terry Drayton is a pioneer in seeing what’s possible and turning that into world class businesses. He has a particular interest in technology, including the latest and greatest in mobile apps and cloud services. When asked about what motivated him to start Storrage, he mentioned products and services which his very own family could use. And that is just what he did in his recent move!

Tell us a little bit about your recent move! Why were you moving and what was the most exciting and most difficult part about moving?

One of the reasons we originally started Storrage was to allow us to downsize. We wanted a smaller, simpler house – without formal living and dining rooms that we never used, fewer bedrooms and a smaller, lower maintenance yard. Of course we appreciated that a smaller house also had lower property taxes, utility payments, etc. so our cost and complexity went way down. After talking about it since our youngest went away to college two years ago, we finally made the decision to move this summer when our eldest graduated from college and got a job in San Francisco. With no chance for the millennial move back, it was time! We sold our great family house quickly and then got lucky finding our new place in the neighborhood!

What items did you pack first? Why?

First up was the “decluttering” process orchestrated by our fantastic realtor, Wendy Lister and her team. That was removing all the personal items to make our house easier to sell. We also removed a lot of items from our storage room and garage including decorations (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) and some sports equipment (skis and snowboards). We ended up with 28 containers and 6 oversized items, mainly for snow sports!

What items did you pack last? Why?

Last was after we’d sold our house and before the movers came when we cleaned out the attic and the garage. It’s the items we’d forget about and haven’t touched since our last move 12 years ago. We ended up donating a lot of stuff to our partners at Value Village. We did it last as we wanted to get the house ready for the cleaners.

Explain how you used Storrage to assist you in your move?

We couldn’t have done it without Storrage. Some of that was knowing we didn’t have to deal with all our items right away. A great example is our library, where we didn’t have time to sort through all the items, so we packed hundreds of books into 15 containers. In a few months we’ll get them delivered to our new place and sort through them then!

Another was knowing we have a permanent, inexpensive “store room” that we can have delivered at any time. We have 97 items in storage that’s costing us about $200/month, which is less than renting a self-storage unit. Plus we can get next day pickup and delivery! That allowed us to purchase a smaller place that we would otherwise have needed.

Any tips you could offer fellow movers?

If you use Storrage, and our mobile application, take pictures of the items before you put them into the containers, use folders and do one room at a time. Folders are an easy way to organize groups of similar items. It’s particularly easy to get them redelivered as you can just click on the “all” button. The key is to complete one room at a time instead of spreading yourself all over the place. There is a great feeling of satisfaction as you empty a room. We did multiple pickups of 15-20 containers, which helped us see what was left.

Do you have a Storrage testimonial? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at storries@storrage.com.

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The wisdom of Mark Twain

The wisdom of Mark Twain

What are you plans this August? Be sure to get outside, after all your life, and your space, is for living.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Customer Story: Meet Taylor who is Living in his Very Own Floating Home!

What a great time we had learning about Taylor, a project management and business analytics consultant based in Seattle! Taylor has lived all over the place – Kansas, Chicago and Toronto – but is enjoying the Pacific Northwest’s vibrant technology community and amazing weekend adventures! What’s most interesting about Taylor? He recently moved from his loft in Lower Queen Anne to a floating home!

Here is what he had to say about using Storrage:

Tell us about yourself: Your interests, activities, and how you first heard about Storrage?

I’m a certified SCUBA Divemaster and dive for fun off Alki, Mukilteo, Edmonds or the Hood Canal. I moved from a ~1000 square feet loft in Lower Queen Anne (where I started using Storrage), to a floating home in Lake Union. It’s a 1920s 600 sq. foot house on a beautiful and peaceful dock, which is a unique experience, but I couldn’t do it without a little assistance in organizing!

What do you think are the key benefits of using Storrage?

The extra storage on a floating home is crucial given the limited footprint. I love the ability to do this without the pain of renting a storage unit and driving back and forth, and shuffling seasonal items from front to back like a cardboard Rubik’s cube. Also, when moving in the city from apartment to apartment, a super bonus I didn’t even think of– I don’t have to do anything to move my storage!

In a few sentences, could you describe your experience using the Storrage boxes, the app and the driver?

The stackable nature of the blue Storrage boxes and packing materials help in the game of apartment Tetris. Having the app organize my stuff through short descriptions is helpful, the pictures I take even more helpful and what is probably the most useful feature – categories or labels to classify boxes in groups.

The categories make my goal “deliver Christmas decorations” a speedy process. Think, click and there it is. Other groups I have are for summer activities. I love SCUBA, I even don’t mind the cold water but I have little love for December diving in Puget Sound even with a dry suit. So I keep some of my SCUBA gear (my 7mm wetsuit) in a box waiting for brighter days. Also, instead of letting my bike rust in the rain it stayed dry in Storrage.

The Storrage drivers (Eugene has been my primary) have been on time every time and very excellent communicators, especially in welcome fashion, by text. They’ve been flexible and accommodating on scheduling. They’re really friendly guys and do their job well. I trust them to take care of my stuff and I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know as an innovative solution to the apartment woes of the urban and mobile.

– Do you have a Storrage testimonial? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at storries@storrage.com.

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Customer Story: Meet Joni, a Storrage User Mom Who Loves Yoga

Meet Joni, a Mom who Loves Yoga and a Storrage User

We recently spoke to Joni, a working mom who has a particular interest in meditation, yoga, healthy eating, and hiking on her experience with Storrage Seattle!

In a few sentences, could you describe your experience using the Storrage boxes, the app and the driver?

At first I had a few of issues with the app, but I finally ordered the boxes. They arrived and actually sat unused for at least 4 weeks because we had just moved and it took us forever to unpack. When I finally got around to scheduling a pickup, the driver was really cool, a super nice guy. I sent him to the wrong address and he texted me, found the right address and even worked with our concierge to get the boxes picked up!

What items did you put into Storrage?

We moved into a 2 bed, 2 bath condo downtown. We had no office and no garage, so we put files, back taxes and tools into Storrage.

Would you recommend Storrage to your friends and family?

Yes, I would recommend Storrage for anyone downsizing. It gives you the freedom to live with less stuff in smaller places without having to give up things you need.

Editor’s note: Since the time Joni used our Storrage App we have updated it several times based on her feedback and others. Thanks Joni for your help with making our products just right!

– Do you have a Storrage testimonial? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at storries@storrage.com.

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Value Village Partners with Storrage to Make Donations More Convenient for Seattle Residents

Seattle-area residents now have an easier way to tackle home organization through our new partnership with Value Village. Storrage customers who schedule a pick-up or delivery can now easily give donations of gently used clothing and household items for delivery to a local Value Village. All donations benefit Seattle-area Value Village nonprofit partners including, Northwest Center, SightConnection and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound.

“Convenience is often times the number one factor for people who donate clothing and household goods, and we continue to look for new ways to make the process easier,” Ken Alterman, president and CEO, Savers.

In fact, each year Value Village diverts more than 650 million pounds of goods from landfills each year, making the company one of the largest recyclers of used clothing in the world.

“We are focused on creating an ecosystem that makes it easier for people to care for their belongings – whether it’s through our unique storage solution or through partnerships like this with Value Village that remove barriers to the donation process,” Terry Drayton, CEO and Founder, Storrage.

Value Village and their nonprofit partners have a long heritage in the community of giving residents multiple options to donate their belongings – whether through free home pick-up or on-site drop-off at Value Village stores. This new option for the Seattle area extends these options. Storrage provides an easy, safe and secure means to storing items not always needed in the home – and now adds free donation home pick-up to their offerings as well.

Learn more about our Ecosystem and get started with Storrage today!

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