On-Demand Storage Versus Traditional Self Storage – Livible Releases Recent Survey Results

Livible Releases Recent Survey Results on On-Demand Storage Versus Traditional Self Storage

With 50,000+ self-storage facilities in the United States it
is pretty clear that Americans love having ample storage space at affordable rates. But before investing, developers may want to review a recent consumer survey conducted by Livible, an on-demand storage company. The nationwide survey asked consumers what they wanted when it came to self-storage.

The survey comes in response to some interesting performance
in the self-storage industry over the last decade. Investors were surprised
with how well the industry performed during the economic downturn. That surprise increased as the industry continued to perform well as the economy improved. Now developers are not just looking to provide consumers with more storage space—they are trying to give consumers exactly what they want.

“The self-storage industry is booming — with record revenues
and a true ‘space race’ to build more facilities to meet the seemingly
insatiable consumer demand,” Terry Drayton, CEO of Livible, said in a recent press release. Thus, the nationwide survey. And, many of the results are not surprising.

According to the survey, there is an ongoing need for more self-storage. Of the respondents. 55 percent of them said they wished they had more storage space in general, and 17 percent said they wished they had a whole lot more.

When asked whether they would prefer traditional self-storage or on-demand storage, the majority responded in favor of on-demand. This is a new trend, as Livible had once before conducted this survey and at the time found 42 percent of respondents preferred on-demand; this time that number was 63 percent.

On-demand storage has changed the self-storage landscape a
bit as it allows for the storage company to pick up the required storage,
rather than for the consumer to deliver it to a personalized, self-storage
unit. Most survey respondents said the convenience of on-demand and time saved was a primary reason (62 percent). Many liked not having to transport what they want stored (42 percent).

“What our latest survey reveals is the rapidly growing preference and need for more convenient on-demand storage alternatives. Millennials and downsizing boomers — who are increasingly living urban lifestyles — are driving this,” Drayton explained.

As convincing as the survey results may be, it may help to
have more details before drawing conclusions. The sample size was 522
respondents over a three-day span in January when the survey was made
available. Livible did have a good cross section of the population represented as the age range was between 18-65 with an equal split between men and women. Most lived in single family houses (56 percent) with the rest calling an apartment home (44 percent). Only three tenths of a percent had ever used on-demand self-storage before.

Respondents were all located in cities that currently have on-demand self-storage available (New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles).

Be Happy: Quick Guide to Living Within Your Means

Living within your means and knowing the difference between things you need and things you want is quite challenging. Finding ways of spending that makes you happy, and not your friends or neighbors, is easier said than done. Listed below are three tips to live happily within your means.

Maintain a balanced budget

Create a list of essentials, things you cannot do without like clothes and groceries etc. Estimate your monthly salary and think about how much you have got in your hand, this way you will be more careful about dividing the money evenly. Recording expenditures will never let you slip away, a list of what you bought and how much it cost you will always be helpful in managing money. Compare your income to your expenditures and decide if they are in accordance with each other. If not, work on spending less on things you need less. Categorize the things you spend on,
like “essentials” and “food” etc, doing this will also help you keep track of your money and you will be able to cut the fat from a particular category you are spending excessively on. If the ends still don’t meet, work on increasing your income by taking extra hours at work or doing another part-time job. Also,work on saving some money for the rainy day, hard times don’t ring bells. Start with throwing your change in an “emergency jar” at the end of the day.

Adjust your mindset about spending

Keep on telling yourself that you do not need luxuries you cannot afford with your current salary. For example, if a TV of smaller size would suffice in your little apartment, better gave up your dream for a big HD TV at the moment. It is okay to splurge on your ‘wants’ once in a while but do not make it a habit. Do not look at what your friends and neighbors are buying; they do not have the same income as you. Pay more attention to what can keep you from drowning in debts. Because being happy does
not always mean owning expensive stuff, a happy life can be lived by just
managing your means the right way. Be grateful for what you have already and know that spending less will not affect your quality of life at all if you are contented.

Save money

Eat at home whenever you can, it is never less exciting than eating out, it will also make you a better cook. Go out to eat once in a weak or two, this way you will be saving money for an unexpected dinner, like a coworker’s party etc. Wait for great deals to shop for things you like, it will make a huge difference. Cancel the subscriptions you don’t need. Borrow things that you can borrow, like a book from library instead of buying one.

Living within your means is being mindful of the difference between what you need and what you want. If you do it properly, you won’t
actually be depriving yourself of the things you really need in order to be
happy.  Do you have any tips for living within your means? We’d love to hear them, feel free to leave a comment below!

Moving Soon? Try Livible Labels!

livible labels

Moving is inevitable and undoubtedly crazy at its peak. Even though we can afford a professional mover, the mere thought of packing and moving your things can sometimes drive us nuts. Good thing technology is catching up – fast. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Livible Labels.

Livible Labels are printable codes that can be put on the outside of any box or container so they can be easily found moving forward. It catalogues everything we packed and organizing it in the best possible way, so in future it’ll be easier to remember where and what stuff were packed.

Customers can take pictures of what’s going into each box,
and add details such as a list of the items and where the box is stored. When it’s time to put everything in the right places, they can easily use the app to quickly and effortlessly find it. The most popular feature – “What’s in this box?” – allows customers to see what’s in a box without opening it. You wouldn’t want to end up putting a heavy box in an upstairs bedroom that was really meant for your basement, and have to relocate it. Save your lower back!

Customers can purchase additional labels in the app to print themselves for immediate use. Pre-printed labels can also be purchased from Extra Space Storage locations across the United States at a retail price of
$9.99 for 20 labels.

When it’s time to get packed and moving, remember that Livible Labels is your friend!

Refrigerator – Clean it out and live a healthy life


So the holidays are already over, news and headlines are now
showing how to lose weight after attending several parties and dining all out. Others are showing how to save a little after spending too much after the holidays. Now that holiday decorations are already stowed in the attic, we are now thinking about starting the year with a healthier and wealthier life. But how do we start? Perhaps, just take a look at the big white box that stores all your food, yes, your fridge.

Did you notice, that refrigerator is holding it all for you, the food, finance, well-being, and organization. Give that one hour of your time, dive in to clean up that refrigerator, and check which foods that can be cooked or foods that needs to be thrown away. We all know how our fridge looks
like after the holidays – plastic containers piling up, bottles of sauces and
spices, and bowls and bowls of food. So to begin, turn off and unplug that
refrigerator, and start from the top. Prepare clean cloths, sink with soapy water to clean, degreaser spray, your garbage can and pen and notepad. Remove all the containers and lay them in the kitchen table, clean the sides and spray the degreaser, and finish all the way down. And now, do not forget about the sides. Put all the shelves in the sink with the soapy water and wash them well and let them dry a little bit before putting it back.

Now, looking at all the containers, left overs, bottles of sauces, and vegetables, first, throw away those leftover, or if you can think of anything out from those leftovers, then you might be able to pull out one
great dinner. Throw all those foods that are in the plastic containers. And
check those bottles of anything, it might be that they have already expired, might as well throw them away. And, did you saw those vegetables and fruits that were not eaten at all, maybe just throw them away. And have you checked that margarine and butter?

Now, check those foods that were not consumed at all, write it in your notepad, so that the next time that you go buying things in the
grocery store, you may cut your expenses by buying less. And have write down those vegetables and fruits that you have thrown away. So the next time that you buy those apples, place it in the basket where you can see it every day. To cut down expenses on soda, just replace it with fruit juices and iced tea. And for those vegetables, maybe you can print a menu planner so you know what to buy and when to cook it.

By having a thorough check and clean-up on your refrigerator, you will be able to cut down expenses, and live a healthier new year ahead.

New Livible Labels App Makes Finding Stored Items Easier

livible labels


We are happy to announce the launch of our new Livible Labels app that makes it easier than ever to find personal items stored by most households.

“We all have personal items stored in cardboard and plastic boxes – from holiday decorations to tax records, summer clothes and keepsakes,” said Livible founder and CEO Terry Drayton. “The boxes are in our attics, basements, crawlspaces, garages and self-storage facilities. When you need a specific item, it’s frustrating and time consuming trying to figure out which box you stored it in or where you put it. The Livible Labels app
eliminates that headache.”

Here’s how it works:

Customers can download the free Livible Labels mobile app or use the web version and receive two free labels to try out the service. Once the labels are printed, they can be put on the outside of any box or container so they can be easily found moving forward. Customers can take pictures of what’s going into each box, and add details such as a list of the items and where the box is stored. When they need any item, they use the app to quickly and effortlessly find it. The most popular feature – “What’s in
this box?” – allows customers to see what’s in a box without opening it.
Another popular feature allows customers to find their closest Extra Space
Storage location, including maps and driving directions.

Here’s a quick video to show how it works.

Customers can purchase additional labels in the app to print themselves for immediate use. Pre-printed labels can also be purchased from Extra Space Storage locations across the United States at a retail price of $9.99 for 20 labels. Many Extra Space Storage customers will receive free labels as a complimentary introduction.

“We’re always looking for new products and services that make storage easier and more convenient for our customers,” said Extra Space’s Senior Director of Business Development Jan Pretorius. “We think that the Livible
app has potential to do that.”

About Livible, Inc.

Based in Seattle, Livible, Inc. was founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur Terry Drayton to meet the need for convenient, affordable off-site storage for consumers, especially urban residents. For about $25 a month, Livible valet storage comes right to the customer’s door to pick up and deliver boxes and items like bikes and skis that are stored in secure, climate-controlled Extra Space Storage facilities. Livible also provides valet services to help customers move items in and out of their own Extra Space Storage unit. More information on the company can be viewed at www.livible.com or www.liviblelabels.com.


Livible Feature Update: Pay for Livible with PayPal

Pay for Livible with PayPal
Pay for Livible with PayPal.

Update alert! iPhone, iPad, Android and web customers can now pay for Livible with PayPal!

Simply tap “Payment” then choose “PayPal” then follow the prompts to confirm you’d like to use PayPal and login to your account.

Trust you enjoy this new feature of paying with Paypal. Expect more as we continue to roll out handy features to make your Livible experience more wonderful!

Six Ideas To Repurpose Clutter in your Garage

Has your garage become a damping ground? Does everything you do not use, end up in the garage? Since it is near your home, you need to organize the garage and make it more appealing as well as bug-free. Here are few garage organization ideas to repurpose clutter in your garage.

Old kids’ sleds as junk movers

If you have a garden, cleaning tree branches, leaves and other garden clutter, is utterly important to keep it tidy. In most cases, we use wheelbarrows or pushcarts. However, if you cannot afford these equipment, you can move pruned branches to the dumpsite using kids’ sleds. Simply fix a rope at one end and use it to move the waste across the path to the desired destination.

Golf gear as an organizer

Where you have an old golf gear, it can make a good organizer for all your garden or workshop tools. Make use of the multiple pockets, to store most of the tools. This way, you will have an easier time when you are looking for them. If you got some tees in the golf package, they can make great
seed markers in your garden.

Use bottles as bird feeders

Bottles make most of the clutter that is in your garage. Before you call for the recycling people, pick a few of the bottles and cut them out to create feeding troughs for birds and other small animals in your garden.

Repurpose toilet roll tubes

Cardboard tubes from toilet roll may be used as insect trapper. Wrap around a tube with a tape and the flies will certainly fall prey. You can also use the tubes, as pots for seedlings.

Metal cans

If you have plenty of metal cans in your garage, you can use them for various use. For example, you can use metal cans to hold most of your small screws, nails and the like. They can also hold dehumidifying salts for your basement or garage.

Old newspapers

The old newspapers in your garage can be put to great use. First, you could use them as mulch for plants in the garden. Besides, old newspapers can be used to hasten ripening fruits.  Where you have compost in your garden, shredded newspapers can help to alienate the odor.

These are only some tweaks but it’s a good start to achieve an organized garage. Or better yet, make your garage more Livible – your extended closet. Sign-up online, pack your boxes and we handle the rest.

Livible Feature Update: Pay Livible with Apple Pay

Our customers have asked for it, hence we are happy to announce that we have just released new versions of our iPhone and iPad app that allows customers to pay Livible with Apple Pay.

If you have an eligible credit card already added to Apple Pay, you don’t need to enter it again to pay your Livible order. With Apple Pay, paying your Livible order just became even more easier!

Winter Organizing Tips: Make Room for Winter Fun

Winter Organizing Tips


The cooler weather is upon us and it’s time to start planning on organizing your stuff. Whether you need to unpack your winter wardrobes and sweaters and set aside your warmer clothing for temporary storage,
or you need store summer items such as kayaks, bikes and paddleboards, there is no better time to prepare than before the weather actually makes the change. Here are some winter organizing tips:

Perhaps your apartment is already jammed with overflowing closets and your garage is no different; so how in the world are you going to manage your living space for these items? Good thing there’s Livible – now you can make more room for winter fun!


Move your summer stuff out.

There are many items in your home that you used during summer that won’t have any use at all during the fall
and winter months. Summer items such as golf clubs, sports bag, water skis, wakeboard, scuba tank, container, bike, kayak, and paddle board may be put into temporary storage so you can free up more space for your winter stuff. We’ll keep all your summer belongings in perfect shape until it’s that time of year to get out in the sun again!

Winter Organizing Tips


Set aside all winter items.

Start going through each corner of your home and grab the items that you will need over the course of fall and winter. The most common items include clothing—sweaters, hats, coats, pants—that you will want to replace your summer wardrobe with. With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner you could finally free up more space by getting those decorations out and so you can easily get them when the time comes to have them donned out.


Storing your stuff with Livible ensures that you will have the right items stored in time for the weather change, and frees up the space you will need for the new season. Start making room in your homes for some winter fun today!

Daylight Storage Time: When DST Means More Storage

Don’t you think DST is even more awesome than you think? We do! Because it’s Daylight Storage Time!

So, are you excited about that extra hour of sleep starting this weekend? When most of return to standard time at 2 a.m. Sunday, now’s also a perfect time to store all your summer clothes, shoes, decorations and sports gear until next spring. You won’t be using them anyways so let us take them away and, as our customers say, give you more livible space! You’ll feel like your place got bigger as its Daylight Storage Time!

It’s easy and very affordable so what are you waiting for? Click here to get started!