Speed Cleaning after the Holidays

Clutters are everywhere after the holidays, apply speed cleaning for time efficient and productive household.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again. During this festive season, your house is hosting series of parties and gatherings. Gifts are all over the living area and spills are messing up your carpets.


Speed cleaning is an easy, time-efficient and productive method to clean households. Only a few can effectively implement this method of cleaning, simply follow these 4 Way methods religiously:

Go Green

Have yourself ready with disposable and biodegradable products during the holidays. You are not only saving yourself from such horrible cleaning but you’re saving Mother Nature as well. All year round, you can store up thrifty and ‘green’ products and start using them; you’ll become a “green warrior” come the holidays.

Stack on Trash

Organize clutter sounds weird but it is effective. Put on waste baskets in key areas of your households to avoid piles of clutter everywhere. You may want to consider the recycling options to make it handier for sorting later. Let go of the stuff you have stored from the previous holidays, you might not need them now.

Bottle Up

Well, there will be a lot of unfinished cans of chips and other food on the counter; pile them up using nice glass jars or bottles and store them up for future use. Rather than throwing it all in the bin, check out the labels to be sure it isn’t expired and store. So before the holidays, make sure you have these nice jars/bottles ready.

Clutter Free

It is always exciting to try and experience new things and go to new places. If you have planned a Holiday to-do list, make sure you included a special place to spend it with the family. Usually, kitchens will be the most dirty and busy place during the holidays, why not try to spend it in new places and experience a once in a lifetime Christmas or new year? You are saving yourself from messy household while creating memories with your loved ones.

Nobody wants a messy house after the holidays. So instead of scratching and squeezing dirt all over, relax and apply speed cleaning.

Need a Closet Makeover?

Julie, lives in a modest one bedroom apartment. Her 6 foot by 6 foot closet was stuffed to the max – countless shoes on the top shelf alongside numerous jeans and t-shirts, work and play clothes intertwined and you couldn’t tell a shirt from a dress from a jacket. She was, in her words, “in a desperate need of a closet makeover, even an intervention”.

closet makeover


Like Julie, organizing your closet may be one of the challenges especially if you have a small space. From the right placement of everything inside your closet to the appropriate tools to use in keeping your closet neat, organized, and well accommodating. Apparently today, there are actually a lot of closet makeover ideas that are very much helpful in creating a better look and a more organized overall closet. Here are some tips to make your closet less cluttered.

Separate clothes accordingly

In ensuring a more organized closet, make sure that the hangers and clips are very much delicate and appropriate for your clothes since these hangers affect as well the overall look of the closet and the clothes. Also, separation of clothes according to its uses and forms is a much better idea. Separate the formal clothes from the casual ones, as well as the undergarments and other clothing apparels. In addition, you may add baskets or separate reservoirs for shoes and accessories allowing you to have a more convenient and easy-pick moments inside your closet.

Remove the spare stuff

One of the best ways to de-clutter your home is to start with removing the additional stuff from your house –  be it clothes, shoes, accessories or any other household item. If you have not used it from long time trust me you are never going to use that again.

Donate old things

Seattle-area residents have an easier way to tackle closet organization through new partnership with Value VillageLivible customers who schedule a pick-up or delivery can now easily give donations of gently used clothing and household items for delivery to a local Value Village. All donations benefit Seattle-area Value Village nonprofit partners including, Northwest CenterSightConnection and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound.


Make a habit

Check wardrobes at least once in 3 months: This habit will help you in many ways if you segregate your stuff every 3 months’ possibilities of getting stressed due to unwanted stuff are very little and you can live a healthy and hassle free lifestyle. A healthy home not only leads to healthy lifestyle but it has also described in our holy books that a healthy home leads to healthy and close knitted family.

Organizing your closet requires time and effort, alongside the creative and artistic ideas. It may be minimalistic in look for a much neat and refreshing vibe or it may be rustic and vintage for a more stylish finish. These mainly depends on your personal preferences. Need a closet makeover? Perhaps Livible can help!

On-Demand Storage: What exactly is it?

On-demand storage service is a simple, painless solution to your storage problem. The service includes picking up the items you need to store and safely stores them for you. When you need your items back, these will have redelivered them right to your doorstep. Easy peasy..

on-demand storage

How it works

An evolution from the typical self-storage service, on-demand storage at Livible makes organization easy with these three steps:

  1. Schedule A Pickup – We’ll come to your door and pickup whatever you need.
  2. We Pickup Your Stuff – You don’t have to do any lifting or hard work.
  3. Re-delivery On Demand – Typically next day, including nights and weekends.

How much does it cost?

At Livible, you can store your items for only $1/item during your first month! Our new customer special includes free pickup and your first month of storage for just $1/item.

Storage is based on the total cubic feet of what you actually store each month. We measure each item so you know the size and provide automatic savings for higher volumes so the more you store the more you save. The customer average is one room with 35 items and a total of 200 cubic ft. With the new customer special that costs $35 for the first month and then $139/month thereafter. Pickup or delivery costs $15 plus a per item handling fee of $1 to $9 depending on the size and weight of the item. The per item handling fee for pickup and delivery is $1 for boxes and most items and up to $9 for very large items like couches and fridges. See our website for our pricing.

How does On-Demand Storage compare to traditional self-storage?

It’s easier, more convenient and less expensive than traditional self-storage. A few taps on our web version or mobile apps and we come right to your door to pickup or deliver your items. From a customer perspective, on demand storage looks like a way better experience and costs less.

Eventually, we believe on-demand storage will become the preferred and dominant choice of consumers. What our customers often mention as a parallel is what happened to Blockbuster and other video rental companies once Netflix and on demand services became available and $25B industry largely disappeared. It’s similar to what’s happening with Uber and traditional taxis where smart consumers vote with their wallets and feet for a better experience at a lower cost.

On-demand storage with Livible is easier, more convenient, and saves you 15% when compared to self-storage. Visit our website to get started!

New Livible Labels App Makes Finding Stored Items Easier

livible labels


We are happy to announce the launch of our new Livible Labels app that makes it easier than ever to find personal items stored by most households.

“We all have personal items stored in cardboard and plastic boxes – from holiday decorations to tax records, summer clothes and keepsakes,” said Livible founder and CEO Terry Drayton. “The boxes are in our attics, basements, crawlspaces, garages and self-storage facilities. When you need a specific item, it’s frustrating and time consuming trying to figure out which box you stored it in or where you put it. The Livible Labels app
eliminates that headache.”

Here’s how it works:

Customers can download the free Livible Labels mobile app or use the web version and receive two free labels to try out the service. Once the labels are printed, they can be put on the outside of any box or container so they can be easily found moving forward. Customers can take pictures of what’s going into each box, and add details such as a list of the items and where the box is stored. When they need any item, they use the app to quickly and effortlessly find it. The most popular feature – “What’s in
this box?” – allows customers to see what’s in a box without opening it.
Another popular feature allows customers to find their closest Extra Space
Storage location, including maps and driving directions.

Here’s a quick video to show how it works.

Customers can purchase additional labels in the app to print themselves for immediate use. Pre-printed labels can also be purchased from Extra Space Storage locations across the United States at a retail price of $9.99 for 20 labels. Many Extra Space Storage customers will receive free labels as a complimentary introduction.

“We’re always looking for new products and services that make storage easier and more convenient for our customers,” said Extra Space’s Senior Director of Business Development Jan Pretorius. “We think that the Livible
app has potential to do that.”

About Livible, Inc.

Based in Seattle, Livible, Inc. was founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur Terry Drayton to meet the need for convenient, affordable off-site storage for consumers, especially urban residents. For about $25 a month, Livible valet storage comes right to the customer’s door to pick up and deliver boxes and items like bikes and skis that are stored in secure, climate-controlled Extra Space Storage facilities. Livible also provides valet services to help customers move items in and out of their own Extra Space Storage unit. More information on the company can be viewed at www.livible.com or www.liviblelabels.com.


Six Ideas To Repurpose Clutter in your Garage

Has your garage become a damping ground? Does everything you do not use, end up in the garage? Since it is near your home, you need to organize the garage and make it more appealing as well as bug-free. Here are few garage organization ideas to repurpose clutter in your garage.

Old kids’ sleds as junk movers

If you have a garden, cleaning tree branches, leaves and other garden clutter, is utterly important to keep it tidy. In most cases, we use wheelbarrows or pushcarts. However, if you cannot afford these equipment, you can move pruned branches to the dumpsite using kids’ sleds. Simply fix a rope at one end and use it to move the waste across the path to the desired destination.

Golf gear as an organizer

Where you have an old golf gear, it can make a good organizer for all your garden or workshop tools. Make use of the multiple pockets, to store most of the tools. This way, you will have an easier time when you are looking for them. If you got some tees in the golf package, they can make great
seed markers in your garden.

Use bottles as bird feeders

Bottles make most of the clutter that is in your garage. Before you call for the recycling people, pick a few of the bottles and cut them out to create feeding troughs for birds and other small animals in your garden.

Repurpose toilet roll tubes

Cardboard tubes from toilet roll may be used as insect trapper. Wrap around a tube with a tape and the flies will certainly fall prey. You can also use the tubes, as pots for seedlings.

Metal cans

If you have plenty of metal cans in your garage, you can use them for various use. For example, you can use metal cans to hold most of your small screws, nails and the like. They can also hold dehumidifying salts for your basement or garage.

Old newspapers

The old newspapers in your garage can be put to great use. First, you could use them as mulch for plants in the garden. Besides, old newspapers can be used to hasten ripening fruits.  Where you have compost in your garden, shredded newspapers can help to alienate the odor.

These are only some tweaks but it’s a good start to achieve an organized garage. Or better yet, make your garage more Livible – your extended closet. Sign-up online, pack your boxes and we handle the rest.

How to Efficiently Use Space in Your Home and Office

Efficiently Use Space


There are a few neat advantages in smaller living or work spaces, but they usually come along with a reduced cost of maintenance and living as compared to the large spaces accommodated by some. You have to admit, that most of these places do not have enough space to work.Even if you don’t have many errands to work with, you would still feel too short on space to store things. Here are a few tips to help you efficiently use space in your home and office.

Downsizing is fun

It’s always better to keep things to a minimum amount when you have limited space. Live more effectively by creating an extra space for yourself by storing away all the things you won’t need for a while. In the same way, take a look at what you have around and decide what things could need a new loving master who needs them more than you do. Instead of leaving these items in the forgotten vaults of your house, donate these things to charity that would do even better in making it available for others who would actually enjoy using them.

Add some shelving

Every home or working cubicles has cabinets in it. However, first and foremost, we simply don’t use enough of this space to justify its existence. Empty spaces gaze at us with sad eyes while our poor possessions end up forgotten in a drawer somewhere. You can make use of the space by using various compartments, as this will help manage and organize things as you want. It will take a bit of efforts, but after that you will have a sort out space and a peaceful mind.

Efficiently Use Space

Multi-purposed furniture

You will likely have to keep your furniture to a minimum if you are having small spaces to work with. For an example, if you have a bench in your entrance, you could have one that acts as storage to efficiently use space. Another better way of creating extra storage around the house is to use storage stools that easily fit into each other when not in use. Instead of coffee tables, trunks and chests can be used as well as there are other multipurpose solutions, so you can hide your collections of interesting reading materials that simply fall off from your bookshelves.

Hanging space

Are there any empty spaces on your walls that you are not using to hang your family photos? That is awesome! This means you can put them in use for a practical purpose and efficiently use space. Just make sure that there is plenty of hanging space around, whether they are the equipments in your kitchen, the tools in your garage or other office materials. The use of large boxes will also help more than it would be able to otherwise.

7 Closet Organizing Apps to Revamp your Style

Don’t you know that you can organize your closet right through your
phone? There are certain apps designed to help you organize your wardrobe and revamp your style, saving you money and time. These apps are like your personal digital wardrobe stylists; they identify trends and develop looks based on the stuff in your closet. Let’s discuss seven closet organizing apps here:

Closet+ is like your own wardrobe assistant. You can import your clothes and categorize and subcategorize them in this app e.g. favorites, out-dated etc. You can also keep a track of when they were last worn and what their price is. It lets you plan your looks for the upcoming week as you can add items in its built-in calendar. Scrambling at the eleventh hour is the last thing it will let you do.

Stylebook App lets you curate your wardrobe, besides organizing it, when new items are put in. This app makes it easy for you to come up with a style when new entries are made in your wardrobe, curing your confusion. If you see something online and want to see how it looks with an existing, planned look of yours, you can now do it with the help of Stylebook App.

Cloth lets you share and categorize your outfits with friends. It is an iPhone app and is really helpful in getting your wardrobe done. What makes it different from other apps is its feature of picking up real-time weather conditions, assisting you to decide your outfit accordingly.

Bib +Tuck is your personal extras seller. Done with organizing and categorizing your wardrobe? What to do with the unwanted items? Not to worry, Bit +Tuck is the closet organizing app at your rescue. You can sell the items or outfits you don’t plan to wear. This app is kind of an online community/market of extra clothes where real fashionistas dwell, so, the better the items the more the money.

Twice app is not as picky as Bib +Tuck but it only works with well-known brands if you are planning to buy and sell clothes on it. Shoes, handbags and other items can be bought and sold on it, too.

Material Wrld is another app which enables you to sell clothes, which you no longer need, upfront. The payment would be upfront and they would instantly come and pick you your clothes and offer you prices for them. The best part of this app is that you can donate those extra clothes to charity, to disadvantaged women.

Livible frees your wardrobe of extra clothes by helping you move and keep them to a safe storage. All this can be done with just a few clicks on your smartphone. You just have to pack your things, they will come pick it up and will redeliver it on your request. Spring cleaning your closet? Pack the winter gear and let them store it safely until November!

4 Quick Tips to Spring Cleaning your Closet

Spring is officially here – it’s time to clean the closets. Wardrobes
and closets are always messy with useless things and with the passage of
time they get ever messier because of us not paying any attention to them.
So as we welcome spring, let’s us sort all the mess out of our closets.
Here are a few tips to spring cleaning your closet:

1. Do It All At Once

The only reason we don’t get our closets cleaned in time is because
procrastination gets the best of us. We try to clean our closets little by
little, which is highly ineffective. Schedule a good time to do it all at
once and tidy it all in one huge haul.

2. Pull Everything Out

Pull everything out of the closet when you begin to tidy it up. Put
everything onto the floor, don’t keep anything in the closet. Once you are
done with this, cull all the useless clothes you don’t wear because you
need to make some space. Keep the ones you like to wear and throw the ones
you don’t need.

3. Divide Items into Categories

Ever heard of the proverb, “Divide and Conquer”? If yes, then this is
what you need to do with your clothes. Divide them into categories and
subcategories because this is the most efficient way of organizing your
clothes. Shirts, pants, dresses, scarves, sweaters, footwear, etc. Do this
so you can see how much of each category you have.

4. Decide Which Clothes You Want To Keep

In each category you’ve identified, decide which items you want to hold
onto and don’t forget to keep the season in mind. For spring, introduce
light colors in your wardrobe to give it a bright touch, and store the
winter clothes in a box or a suitcase (or better yet, Livible).
Once you have decided which clothes you want to keep for the season, fold
them up so they can be accessed easily.

Beat The Clutter – Marie Kondo style

We’ve been pondering over a decluttering craze by a Japanese tidying expert, Marie Kondo. Her take on the topic, briefly, is that everything that has to do with our interests and feelings should be kept in company; these objects may be furniture, utensils, books, gadgets or anything that helps. The rest is clutter and should be taken out immediately.

I want to believe in this for two reasons, the first is obvious, Marie Kondo is not a local Japanese closet organizer, but she’s a renowned guru. The second has to do with happiness and peace – a simple tidying code to help us declutter not only our small spaces but also our lives as a whole. Kondo further adds that maintaining this behavior not only nurtures harmony in you but also the inanimate things in your life; yes, and it means your bed, your spoons and your socks will also live happier.

No matter how civilized we are, if it is a family, it makes a house a “home” with the “homely mess.” Get it? Each of us is still living a disorganized and we all deserve a fair share of the struggle against that never-ending clutter tidying process. Reality check:

  • Suitcases under every bed
  • Photo frames beneath couches
  • Wires in that ‘extra’ drawer
  • Old phones and gadgets plus never-ending cables and wires

We all don’t want to live in a clutter, so why don’t we sort things out? That is solely because we have to seek the motivation to do it. To live as Kondo suggests requires a conviction in a continuing abundance and prosperity that most of us was raised not to have.

Food for thought: “A house is not built in a day; it takes hundreds and thousands of bricks to be put together in months and years.” Do not think about straightening the whole chaos in a day, even if it takes a year, it is still better than stranding, isn’t it? While this is an important tip, it is also important to understand how storage works. If something doesn’t serve its purpose anymore, throw it out. That is what Kondo’s theory teaches us. We don’t have to store things that do not contribute to our happiness anymore. Keep only the things that spark joy in your home. (But if you still have something in between, let Livible help!)

In a nutshell, the two things you have to realize are:

  1. You have to wage a war against the clutter, be slow, but announce the war.
  2. You have to find the courage to throw away that sweater your grandma gifted you on your twelfth birthday; I mean it does not even fit you anymore.

If we have the motivation to start and the courage to let go of things that are not needed, it will automatically clean the muddle. What Kondo made us realize is the possibility of throwing things away, and the knowledge that some people discard belongings more easily than we do. This is liberating. We could clean our closets if we wanted to — and maybe we will — but keeping stuff has fulfillment of its own.

Beat the clutter – Marie Kondo style. Start today.